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Louis de Broglie

( One of the founders of quantum mechanics)

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Biography Louis de Broglie
One of the founders of quantum mechanics by Louis de Broglie - world-famous scientist, . whose work in theoretical physics, . as well as an outstanding literary talent profoundly changed modern physics, and set it on a par with the most outstanding scientists of our time.,

. De Broglie was born in Dieppe (France) in 1892
. in one of the most aristocratic families. He graduated from school in Paris and in 1909. received a bachelor's degree in the history of the University of Paris. However, showing a tendency to exact sciences, he gave up a career historian and paleontologist, and in 1913. received in the same Paris University Bachelor of exact sciences.

. After serving in the Army during World War II he worked in the laboratory, . founded by his brother Maurice de Broglie, . where he focused on experimental study of the most high-frequency radiation, . have only been available spectroscopic investigation and where the problem of choosing between the corpuscular and the wave interpretation of optical phenomena was particularly acute,
. In 1924, Mr.. Louis de Broglie defended his doctoral thesis on 'Studies in the field of quantum theory', in which he attempted to build a bridge between these opposing theories. De Broglie connected with each moving particle is a certain wavelength. However, in the case of particles with large mass, which deals with classical mechanics, almost completely dominated by particle properties. The wave properties are decisive for particles of atomic size. Stepped back at the beginning of a profound revolutionary content of his theory, de Broglie tried to keep with the various hypotheses traditional deterministic interpretation of classical physics. However, faced with the enormous mathematical difficulties, he was forced to agree with the probability and indeterministskoy interpretation, in which the classical mechanics becomes just a special case of more general wave mechanics.

. Experimental confirmation of these theories was obtained four years later, American physicists, . laboratory staff 'Bell Telephone', . who discovered, . that the atomic particles, . such, . as electrons and protons, . with related wave can, . like light and X-rays, . experience diffraction,
. Later these ideas were practical implementation of the development of magnetic lenses to underpin the electron microscope.

Nobel Prize in Physics 1929. Louis de Broglie in the same year received from the French Academy of Sciences established the first medal of Henri Poincare. In 1933. He was elected a member of the French Academy of Sciences, and in 1942, replacing Emily Picard, became one of its permanent secretaries.

Finally, in 1926. he is much concerned with education and scientific management. In 1928, after reading several lectures and courses at the Sorbonne, Paris and the University of Hamburg, de Broglie received the chair of theoretical physics at the Institute named after Henri Poincarц╘, which organized the Center for the Study of modern theoretical physics. In 1943, engaged in solving problems that have arisen due to the lack of communication between science and production, he founded the Institute named the Poincarц╘ Research Section of Applied Mechanics. This interest in the practical application of science is reflected in his recent work on particle accelerators, waveguides, nuclear energy and cybernetics.

. Louis de Broglie, together with his brother, has published important scientific papers on physics of atomic particles and optics, . adjacent to his early work, . and, . in connection with basic research on wave mechanics, . work on the physics of X-ray and нЁ-rays.,

. In his lectures and popular books, he discusses the philosophical side problems in these new theories
. The most recent of his work in this area - 'The history of modern physics from the First Congress of physicists Solveevskogo 1911. far '.

For his literary work he was awarded the election in 1945. the French Academy. He is honorary president of the French Association of Writers and scholars in 1952. Kalinga was awarded first prize for the quality of scientific publications.

When in 1945. French government established a High Commission on Atomic Energy, Louis de Broglie was appointed as its technical advisor, and after the reorganization of the Commission in 1951. He became a member of its Scientific Council.

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Louis de Broglie, photo, biography
Louis de Broglie, photo, biography Louis de Broglie  One of the founders of quantum mechanics, photo, biography
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