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Bashlyk Vladimir

( Artist)

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Biography Bashlyk Vladimir
1943 born in the village of Kamenka Khmelnitsky region, Ukraine
. 1961-62 studied at the Moscow Art School In memory of 1905 (Theater and The Set Department)
. 1970 Graduated from the Moscow Textile Institute (Faculty of Applied Arts)
. since 1977 member of the USSR Union of Artists
. Collections where works
. The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
. State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow
. Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts, Ekaterinburg
. Kemerovo Regional Museum of Fine Arts, Kemerovo
. Gallery, Sayan
. Ryazan Regional Art Museum, Ryazan
. Gallery "Moscow Palette", Moscow
. V. Orlov, VA D'yakov, E. Manevich, V. Meyland, G. Elshevskaya, V. Silaev, A. Zavolokin, EV Ulanova, P. Kiselev, M. Tukacheva, Moscow
. A. Zinshtein, St. Petersburg
. M. Geiko, Kiev
. E. Peshler, Zurich, Switzerland
. K. Novikov, Vienna, Austria
. E. Fine, New York, USA
. Lee Soo Kane, Seoul, South Korea
. E. Degov, Paris, France
. Private collections in USA, Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Britain, Italy, Israel, Denmark, Poland, Bulgaria

. Participation in exhibitions and auctions

. 1981 One-day vystavka.Tvorchesky evening
. Artist's House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
1990 "100 sheets of graphs". Central House of Artists, Moscow
1993 "In the Bible series. Bashlykova ". Moscow Collection Gallery, Moscow
1995 "Paraphrase. Relic space ". Gallery "A 3", Moscow
1995 "Vladimir Bashlykov. Graphics. Gallery "Moscow Palette", Moscow
1995 "Independent Arts". "Le Chat" Gallery. Central House of Artists, Moscow
1996 "Kaliningrad - Koenigsberg." Third International Biennial of Easel grafiki.Kaliningradskaya Art Gallery, Kaliningrad
1996 "Gallery in the Gallery. State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
1996 "Artoteka, NCCA. Central House of Artists, Moscow

VIII 1968 Youth Exhibition. Moscow
1987 "Retrospective of Moscow Artists.
1957-1987 ". l of the "Hermitage", Profsoyuznaya st., q. 100, Moscow
1989 "Nuova Realta". Pinacoteca Communale Loggetta Lombardesca, Ravenna, Italy
1989 "Rassegna Grafica di Artisti Sovietici". Associazione Italia-URSS, Trieste, Italy
1989 "28 Moscow Artists". Riverside Artists' Group, Riverside Studios, London, United Kingdom
In 1989, together with. Sveshnikov. Ost-West Galerie, Zurich, Switzerland
1989 "Drawings, paintings, decorative art". Exhibition Hall of Moscow Artists Union Street. Vavilova, Moscow
1990 Exhibition from the collection of the cultural center "Art Nouveau". Istanbul, Turkey; Zurich, Switzerland
1990 "The Russian / Swiss Touring Exhibition and Sale of Modern Russian Art". Jerusalem, Paris, London, Zurich, Antwerp, New York, Tokyo
1991 "ART/London-91". Culing Gallery, London, United Kingdom
1991 "ART MIF 2". Manege, Moscow
1991 "Figure-91". Central House of Artists, Moscow
1992 "Letter to Bulgakov". Central House of Artists, Moscow
1992 "Kennen Sie diese NamenN". Galerie Raissa, Erfurt, Germany
1992 "Le Printemps de Moscou". Espace du temps. Brussels, Belgium
1993 "ART MIF 3". Manege, Moscow
1993 "Contemporary chart of Russia. Central House of Artists, Moscow
1994 III International Triennial of Graphic (Young Adults). Chatelier, France
1995 "Independent Arts". "Le Chat" Gallery. Central House of Artists, Moscow
1997 "V. Bashlykov. Painting ". Gallery Manege, Moscow
1997 "Human space". Gallery A-3 ", Moscow
1998 "Fragments". Velta Gallery, Moscow
Autobiographical notes

Can you believe that questions about the merits of creativity can be any satisfactory otvetyN
Something there. Can it be obyasnenoN version perceiver emerged captures and captivates in accordance with the presence and degree of his mental-poetic talent, . and she, . in turn, . as a result of the creative act, . represents another new appearance.,
. Is not the product of the artist's expression of only certain, . perhaps, . important part of his being, . deeply controversial, . lonely, . wandering in the dark and mysterious depths of internal nepostigaemogo - expression, . given to the need to maintain a certain harmony in the space of human relations soobscheniyaN And what are the signs of hidden conditionalities and evidence piercing otkroveniyN,

. * * *
. Filled with beauty is an approximation to its source
. Eternal inexhaustible source of this - in the fathomless depth of just filled it and outside of itself contain all the fullness.
. Creator in his involvement in the appearance of harmony in every moment of touch his heart to her - close to everything and to himself nascent

* * *
V. Bashlykov, 21 issues

1. Can I work for a short time to gain freedom, cleansed of evil, raised to gornemuN Are we in the works slaves strasteyN 2. If real life in the spirit, then does that mean that in a projection of it on the visible visible through the artist perceives nezrimoeN
3. How much effort in drawing, and then can be avoided by following the natural movement miraN
4. Not the same laws arises drawing that tree, a sea wave, oblakoN
5. Is natural pattern, if it has a trace of violence on his suschestvomN
6. Is the artist so insensible to impute a merit rare relative of luck, being in the creative dvizheniiN Is not sent him daryN
7. How much should you wander blindly chasing ghosts, to finally return to sebeN
8. Does art really tselN - samovyrazhenieN is not whether the purpose of art spiritual ascension, or is it a spontaneous movement, not a reasoned tselyuN
9. Is it possible to realize the artist to his vision, or design - a glass barrier in the way of a flying bird, breaking glass in krovN
10. Is it possible to finally overcome the inertia indifferent plane bumagiN
11. Is it easy to abandon the "skills" to draw, to start over again, returning to ignorance, learn videtN
12. Moves if the artist painting on the way LyubviN
13. Prayer and work of freeing the spirit. Is etoN
14. Is it possible to achieve perfection in drawing and whether etoN
15. Are the drawings as a means of trust obscheniyaN
16. Freedom of choice in the works. Is it big this vyborN be responsive to the voice of the heart, conscience - that escheN And that there rassudokN interference or assistant, or a drugoeN
17. Is the artist may have a different driving force than LyubviN
18. Not dead, I figure, if it is not enclosed taynaN
19. If creativity is not a revelation, that - that onoN
20. Is all bessmyslennoN Why, then, there is an escape plant source, wind noise, the movement of mothers and children meet each druguN
21. Can a great save mirN


Vladimir Bashlykov - one of the most valued in the present "clean" graphs. Not avant-gardist, not radical, not party-goer, but simply - paints, and drawing is the holistic art space.
. A working definition of psychological differences between postmodernists and modernists: the first "select strategy", whereas the latter are "hearing the call" and "are the world"
. Creativity Bashlykova, of course, belongs to the modernist paradigm. Meanwhile, a strange way the world approved by him as true, all built on doubt - to doubt his actual existence, the inability to signify vaguely felt him take a hard line in the skeleton. Status of this world - the loneliness and sadness, lack of freedom and piecemeal. Irrational life, random gesture - only passively surrendering to the flow, you have the chance to discover the essence. Vibrating circuit, sandy color, shapes neugadannost - snovidcheskaya VISIONARY or reality: the other is not given. Biblical stories are not allocated among other, . figuratively speaking, . full-scale - the same mute people set to "no" persons, . here called the Christ or Judas, . in their "performance" sacred history is devoid of whatever source of cultural veil.,
. Pastels and drawings in this series, as well as "paraphrases" (for poluugadannym explanation Velц¦zquez, Cranach, and so on) have appeared in recent Bashlykova
. It would seem - still small voice "quotational time", but in these sheets revealed quite modernistic type of creativity: a strong-willed approach to the chosen material, self-expression through "work with the sources". Sources lose clarity, dissolved in self-motion graphics matter, becoming vague traces of some unconscious existential drama. Perhaps it's a drama nedovoploschennosti: the thought expressed is known to lie.

G. Elshevskaya. - Art Journal, 1996, N8


"New album charts, Moscow, 1991, p.. 90-91, 148-149;
E. Peshler "Images of the Moscow workshop, Paris, 1989, p.. 25-33;
Catalog "Russian artists in the gallery" Raissa ", Erfurt, 1993, p.. 32-33;
Collection "Soviet Graphics", Moscow, 1984, p.. 78-84;
Journal "Creativity", N7, 1989, p. 21-22;
Magazine Literary Review ", N11, 1991, p. 103;
Catholic Gazette truth and the life ", N10, 1993, p. 63-64;
Journal "Wolgan misool", N11, 1990, Seoul, pp. 106-109;
The booklet "Biblical cycle of B. Bashlykova", Moscow, 1993.

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  • Vladimir please call the phone # 702 400 7978 this is in Las Vegas. This is Polina from Street Shevchenko 27 / 8 I am trying to get in touch with Zinaida Blazhkova, if she is still present. With regards. Polia Teshel
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