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BELYAEV (Gintovt) Alexey Yu

( Artist)

Comments for BELYAEV (Gintovt) Alexey Yu
Biography BELYAEV (Gintovt) Alexey Yu
1965 born in Moscow
. 1985 graduated from Moscow Architectural and Civil Engineering (Department of residential and public buildings)
. 1985-88 studied at the Moscow Institute of Architecture (Faculty of Urban Development)
. 1988-90 member of the Free Academy, Moscow - St. Petersburg
. 1990-94 member of the "Laboratory of permafrost" (hereinafter "LM", together with C
. Kuskov, K. Preobrazhensky)
. 1992-93 Artist magazine interpretive art "Place Print
. Collections where works
. Regina Gallery, Moscow
. XL Gallery, Moscow
. Participation in exhibitions and auctions

. 1991 "Op" (with K. Preobrazhensky)
. ( "LW"). Gallery-greenhouse, Moscow
1991 "OyN" (with K. Preobrazhensky). ( "LW"). Museum of the Revolution, Moscow
1991 "It" (with K. Preobrazhensky). ( "LW"). Shkola Gallery, Moscow
1991 "Or" (with K. Preobrazhensky). ( "LW"). Kalinin Museum, Moscow
1992 "Oh" ( "Box") (jointly with K. Preobrazhensky). ( "LW"). Museum of Paleontology, Moscow
1993 "Easter" ( "Box"). ( "LW"). Gallery 10 x 10 ", Saint-Petersburg
1994 "U-87" (with K. Preobrazhensky). Regina Gallery. Moscow
1994 "It is spirit. XL Gallery, Moscow
1994 "Sterilization of substance". Gallery "Obscuri viri", Moscow
1995 "Jaws 2". XL Gallery, Moscow
1995 "Jaws 3". XL Gallery, Moscow
1996 "Nijinsky. Platinum Age. Argentine, Paris, France
1996 "Platina Aetas - 1" (with A. Molodkin). Galerie de la Cite, Internationale des Arts, Paris, France
1996 "Platina Aetas -2" (with A. Molodkin). Salle d `expositions a` la Chapelle saint-Louis, Paris, France
1996 "Platina Aetas -111" (with A. Molodkin).
1996 Galerie "Nast a` Paris ", Paris, France
1996 "Horsemen. Platinum Age "(with I. Dmitriev). Museum of New Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg
1997 "La Lance de Wotan" (with A. Molodkin). "AB" Galeries, Paris, France
1997 "850". XL Gallery, Moscow
1997 "The Night" (with K. Preobrazhensky). TV Gallery, Moscow
1997 "Platinum Age. Fancy Dress Ball "(svomestno with K. Preobrazhensky). Contemporary Art Center, Moscow

1987 Exhibition of "Iris". Peresvetov Lane., Moscow
The exhibition in the magazine "Technics, of Youth, Moscow
1990 "SAINT-PARADIZE". The exhibition hall on the lines of Peter's, Moscow
1990 "Individual mythology - the new CL". Palase Youth, Moscow
1990 "From lubok before installing". Palace of Art, Minsk
1990 "Lines of soft and hard". The exhibition hall on the lines of Peter's, Moscow
1991 "Monohpom". Kashirka, Moscow
1991 "Wandering Jew". ( "LW"). Youth Palace, Moscow
1991 "ART MIF 2". ( "LW"). Manege, Moscow
1991 "Novecento". ( "LW"). L Gallery. Central House of Artists, Moscow
1992 "Diaspora". ( "LW"). Central House of Artists, Moscow
1992 Projects. The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
1992 "In a healthy body - healthy mind". Festival of Contemporary Art. The Central Exhibition Hall, Smolensk
1992 "Art of the One family puk, apology or embarrassment". Regina Gallery, Moscow
1993 "Art as a power, the power of art". Central House of Artists, Moscow
1993 Presentation of "Place of the press" (with K. Preobrazhensky). Contemporary Art Center, Moscow
1993 "White Nights". Yakut Gallery, Moscow
1993 "New Territories of Art. State Art Museum, Krasnoyarsk
1993 "Two Museums". Sala Communale, Rome, Ciampino, Viletra, Italy
1993 "Local Time". Petrovsky Boulevard, Moscow 1994 "Chicago International Art Expo". XL Gallery. Chicago, USA
1994 "Victory and defeat". Gallery "Obscuri viri", Moscow
1994 "Night of Art". Night club "Pilot", Moscow
1994 "Free Zone". TIRS. Regional Museum, Art Museum, Odessa
1994 "EUROPA-94. Munich Order Center (MOC), Munich, Germany
1994 "The border zone of Art. Festival of Contemporary Art. Art Museum, Sochi
1995 "The Spirit and the soil II". Kashirka, Moscow
1995 "Kyiv Art Meeting". XL Gallery. Center "Ukrainian House", Kiev, Ukraine
1995 "Kyiv Art Meeting". XL Gallery. Center "Ukrainian House", Kiev, Ukraine
1995 "Interregnum". Modern Kunst Verlag fyr. Nyurenberg, Germany
1995 "The Artist and His Model. Gallery "Moscow Fine Art", Moscow
1995 "Animation" (from the collection of the Museum of Modern Art Tsaritsino). Kashirka, Moscow
1996 "Russische und Ukrainishe Kunstlerbucher". Munich, Germany
1996 "Secrets". Patriarch's Ponds. Moscow
1996 Moscow Forum of Art Initiatives. New Manege, Moscow
1996 International art fair ART-MOSCOW. Central House of Artists, Moscow
1996 First Moscow Festival photos. Artist's House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
1996 "L` Exposition ". Galerie de la Cite Internationale des Arts. Paris, France
1996 "Visiting the tale" (curator A. Sargsyan). Contemporary Art Center, Moscow (catalog)
1996 "Art Studios of Moscow. Berlin, Germany
1997 "Trends and bases". Manege, Moscow
1997 "The world of sensible things in the pictures - the end of the twentieth century", Gallery M'ARS. Pushkin Museum of. Pushkin, Moscow

1990 "Lukomorye" (performance). ( "LW"). Moscow
1990 Draft cable. ( "LW"). Moscow
1990 Project Workshop audiovisual experiments ". ( "LW"). Free Academy, Moscow
1991 "Bridge" (performance. ( "LW"). Crimean Bridge, Moscow
1991 Participation in the International Video Symposium. St.Petersburg
1993 "Shop". Shop "Constantine". Olympic Complex, Moscow
1994 "Swimming Pool" Moscow "(in conjunction with the Association of Art end of the century"). Pool "Moscow", Moscow
1994 "Artists Against AIDS". Club "Mayakovsky", Moscow
1995 "Ice-cream - Art" (exhibition-action). Moscow Khladokombinat "Ice-Fili, Moscow
1995 "Artists Against Sex". Night club "Manhattan Express", Moscow
1995 "Killed - to voice - I". Ptuch Club, Moscow
1995 "Killed - to voice - II". Ptuch Club, Moscow
Project "Platinum Age. Media in Russia "(with K. Preobrazhensky). Kunsthalle, Nurnberg; Academy of Fine Arts, Berlin; Ptyuchklub, ORT, Moscow

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BELYAEV (Gintovt) Alexey Yu, photo, biography
BELYAEV (Gintovt) Alexey Yu, photo, biography BELYAEV (Gintovt) Alexey Yu  Artist, photo, biography
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