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Benedicto Concepcion

( Artist-painter)

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Biography Benedicto Concepcion
Born in Valencia, Spain, the French nationality.
. Lives and works in Paris since 1960.
. President Salon Young Painting from 1979 to 1983.
. Founder and president of the IAC 2000 (Manifestason d `Art Kontanporen) since 1985.
. Member of the Federation of Associations of graphic and plastic arts, which is responsible for liaison with the authorities

. Collections where works
. Works are in museum in Tuzla, Yugoslavia
. Museum in Skopje, Yugoslavia,
. Museum of the City of Paris
. Museum Estrada in Barcelona,
. Museum of the City Hall in Valencia,
. Museum Arte Kontenporaneo in Villafames, Spain,
. State Center for Contemporary Art in Paris,
. Museum of Contemporary Art in Rouen
Participation in exhibitions and auctions


1960 Cercle de Bose Ap. Valencia;
1973 Gallery St Michel. Madrid;
1974 Hastings Gallery. New York;
1976 Artis Gallery. Valencia;
1977 Gallery Zen. Molina de Segura;
1978 Diputasio General. Barcelona;
1979 Retrospective Casa de Espana. Paris;
1981 Club Internacional de la Prensa. Madrid;
1983 Cercle de Bose Ap. Valencia;
1986 Gallery M. E. Wagner. Thionville;
1986 Gallery Geiger. Stuttgart
1986 Altshtadtgalerie. Saarbrц+cken;
1988 Gallery Pente. Paris;
1988 Gallery Bouvier. Saint-Emilion;
1988 Gallery M. T. Wagner. Thionville;
1989 Galerie P. Persons. Angers;
1989 Galerie Pierre et Marie Vitu. Paris;
1989 Galerie Jacqueline Storm. Lille;
1990 Gallery M. T. Wagner. Thionville;
1990 Gallery Flegan. Strasbourg;
1990 Gallery Gal `Ar. Annemasse;
1990 Gallery Noor-Al. Monaco
1991 Gallery of the Aisne-Ar. Brussels;
1991 Amilieya Art Gallery. Brussels;
1991 Gallery Pierre Michel D... Paris;
1991 Gallery of the Greek. Barcelona;
1991 Gallery Ann-Marie Galland. Paris;
1992 Galerie l'Arbitrer. Dole;
1992 Galerie "aa". Paris;
1992 Galerie Holland. Granville;
1992 Galerie Dimmers. Brussels;
1992 Galerie M. T. Wagner. Thionville;
1992 Goya Gallery. Saragossa;
1993 Gallery Castano. Luxembourg;
1993 Gallery Montmarte. Bilbao;
1993 Centro de Arte. Leon;
1993 Gallery of Pierre and Marie Vitu. Paris;
1993 Espace Suisse. Strasbourg;
1993 Gallery Septantrion. Marc-en-Barel;
1993 Gallery Fligan. Monaco
1994 Goya Gallery. Saragossa;
1995 Gallery Ami. Seoul.


1975 May in La DцLfense quarter. Paris;
1978 In honor of Pao Casals;
1979 20 th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution;
1980 1st Biennale in Brest;
1986 Figyurason. Museums: Chц-teauroux, Besanц¬on, Cannes, Carcassonne, Dunkirk;
1986-1994 IAC 2000. Grand Palais. Paris;
1987 French-Korean Meeting. Museums in cities: Nimes, Seth, Carcassonne, and then in Korea;
1987 Fair Lц-nea Ap. Ghent. Belgium;
1988 Interart. Fair. Valencia. Spain;
1989 Art-Fair. Fair. Stockholm;
1990 BIAF. Barcelona;
1992 Fair in Geneva.
Autobiographical notes

Inspiration comes from my everyday reality, first I wash it, destroy, and then slowly slowly recovering, discarding all the unnecessary to achieve the maximum significant effect. Getting the picture, I am always very worried: if I can convey my thoughts. Of course, when I write I am happy, I unoshus somewhere in another world. But then came a doubt, I go back to reality: a dramatic and yet gives a wonderful charge. With all my feelings I want to capture this disturbing life, where everything is fragile, all the flies away, where injustice coexists with boundless self-sacrifice, where hope always rests on the doubt and denial.


Concha Benedito lights the fire of life in his paintings, where there is a rhythm and action. Paint and forms, she said her impatience to live. Lines are pulled out from the center, taking with him the box. This woman screams her art. The desire to write is coming out of her as roaring lions. Satisfies himself in muted silence. Painting it speaks for itself.

Claude Liber

Nothing hurts the eye, does not get out parade. Images are merged with the mother, she gave them birth, she keeps them. Breaking out of it - higher exemption. Bogged down in it - a tragedy. Only the artist knows. Unique female images - self-portraits. They talk about a pessimistic vision of the author and the proportion of female herself. Her latest work has a strange flavor elevated gait. Go daleeN Perhaps liN

. Michelle Faucher
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Benedicto Concepcion, photo, biography
Benedicto Concepcion, photo, biography Benedicto Concepcion  Artist-painter, photo, biography
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