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Bobrov Eleonora Mikhailovna

( Artist)

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Biography Bobrov Eleonora Mikhailovna
Born in 1948 in the village Shumkova Soviet district of Krasnoyarsk Krai. Seriously started to paint and graphics since 1968. In 1977 he was admitted to the youth section at MOSH. Lives and works in Moscow.
E-mail: nedbailo@mtu-net.ru

Collections where works

Works are in museum "Zolotonozhka" in Ukraine, in private collections in France.

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1974 "Glory to Labor". Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow;
1975 Exhibition at the Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1982 "Problems of creativity of young artists". Kuznetsk bridge 11. Moscow;
1989 Personal exhibition in the magazine "worker". Moscow;
1995 Home Health Professionals. Street. Herzen. Moscow;
1996 Gallery "Soyuz-Creation". Moscow;
1997 Folk Art Gallery;
1998 Nude and nude. M. Georgian. Moscow;
1998 Golden Brush. Moscow;
1998 Gardens of Eden. M. Georgian. Moscow;
1999 Gardens of Eden. M. Georgian. Moscow;
1999 Personal exhibition. All-Russia museum of naive art. Moscow;
2000 Road to the XXI century. Exhibition and Sale. People Gallery. Moscow;
2000 Pushkin. 200 years of the poet. People Gallery. Moscow;
2000 glorious sons of the fatherland. National Dog Show. Moscow.

Autobiographical notes

In the 20 years I married, moved to Moscow and began to seriously pursue graphics. My pictures, stories came out of the city life, and I tried many details to keep in memory and put them in their work. I was also attracted by the beauty and wonder of nature, women's faces, animals. How much in my life, so much and admire the divine diversity of plants, colors of the wings of butterflies, transparent purity of a flower. This was the credo of my creativity - Welcome to multiply and beauty in this world.


Eleanor Bobrov has no artistic education. She was born in Siberia, as a child engaged in music and even graduated from music college and has a special choir. Another passion was collecting art reproductions of famous artists. Many of them tried to copy Elia. But perhaps the most exciting occupation was the contemplation. She could watch to look at a maple leaf veins, the wing of a butterfly, found quill. For many years almost bessoznatelnopovtori harmony of nature in their works. According to current professional standards, she began painting seriously fairly late - at 20 years. But the beginning, as if already passed the period of apprenticeship, thoroughly and powerfully. The first 11 graphic works were exhibited at the famous apartment in the capital bibliofilki OV. Mamet-Svarichevskoy. In this bohemian house assembled well-known collector of paintings, writers, artists, who commended the debutante. And Elly became a frequent visitor to the house of Olga Vladimirovna. To be able to show off, she joined a group of amateur artists at the House of amateur. And in 1974, took part in the exhibition at the Manege "Glory to Labor". Four genre scenes no one famous artist did not get lost among the hundreds of works of venerable professionals. Among the best work they were sent from a mobile exhibition in Czechoslovakia, Poland, East Germany, West Germany and the Union.
Laureatstvo exhibition opened a few possibilities artist. She has participated in exhibitions at the Kuznetsk bridge in the Central House of Arts, was exhibited at the institutes, saloons, editorial. Printed in a special art magazines and publications such as "Week". In 1977 he was admitted to the youth section at MOSH. Moreover, in the history of MOSKh it was only the sixth case of recognition an artist without a diploma. The fact that Eleanor okozalas like aside from fellow creative workshop, that it is not forced to participate in artistic hangouts, and brought its good fruit. She, like no original. Now Eleanor Bobrov working on a new cycle of "Apocalypse". Now in its working folders about 30 charming portraits of women and the same genre of graphic works.


Newspaper "Russia's conduct", N 9, 14.01.94;
Magazine "Catering", N 3, p.45, 1990;
The newspaper "Week", N 12, P.16, 21-27 March 1977;
Magazine Project, smolna 10, 00-375 Warsaw, Poland, N 4, 1975, p.59.

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Bobrov Eleonora Mikhailovna, photo, biography
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