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BOGDALOV Farid Yahyaevich

( Artist)

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Biography BOGDALOV Farid Yahyaevich
Born in 1963, Mr.. Luhovicy Moscow region.
1980-84 studied at MHPU them. Kalinin (artist Tapestry).
1984-86 studied at MGHI them. Surikov (Faculty of Painting, since 1989 member of the Municipal Committee of graphs
1990-92 worked in a group "PAIN" (Bogdalov-Litichevsky)
1994 member of ICCA
1995 creates together with O. Mavromatti "Sects absolute love"
. Collections where works
. Kolodzei Art Foundation, USA
. Christian Keesee, USA
. Sam Herrell, USA
. Boris Dorofeev, USA
. Pierre-Christian Brochet, France
. Julian of Gori, Italy
. Paolo Sprovieri, Rome, Italy
. Bern Yollis, Sweden

. Participation in exhibitions and auctions

. 1979 group exhibition
. Urban Exhibition Hall, Kolomna
1989 "Exhibition of unfinished work". Workshop Zvezdochetova K.. Furmanniy Lane., Moscow
1989 "Furmanny zaulek". Dawne Zaklady Norblina, Warsaw, Poland
1990 "Les ateliers de la rue Furmann". Zurich
1990 "The quest for selfexpression. Painting in Moscow and Leningrad 1965-90 ". Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, USA
1990 "Traditions of Russian Painting". Museum of History and Reconstruction of Moscow, Moscow
1990 "13 Positionen zur Zeit". Stadtmuseum Linz-Nordico, Galerie Maerz, Linz, Austria
1990 "Chistoprudny Boulevard". Exposicion inaugural de Galeria XXI, Madrid, Spain
1990 "Art of repentance" (exhibition-action). Moscow Zoo, Moscow
1991 "Festival of Russian Art". The Lab, San Francisco, USA
1991 "Aesthetic Experiences". Kuskovo Museum, Moscow
1991 "Passion". First Gallery, Moscow
1991 "Milano-poesia". Festival 7 capitals of the world, Milan, Italy
1991 "Novecento". L Gallery. Tsenralny House of Artists, Moscow
1991 "Lectures at the Museum" Prato ". Prato, Italy
1992 "3rd International Istanbul Biennale". The Greater Istanbul Municipality Nejat F. Eczacibasi Art Museum, Istanbul, Turkey
1992 "Stilleven". Galepeya Velta, Moscow
1992 "a Mosca ... a Mosca ... ". Villa Campoleto, Ercolano; Galleria Comunale d'Arte Moderna, Bologna, Italy
1992-93 "Batalha and Idyll". Velta Gallery, Moscow
1993 "Through the walls and boundaries". Cultural Foundation, Moscow
1993 "ART MIF 3". Yakut Gallery. Manege, Moscow
1993 "Monuments: Transformation for the Future", ICA, New York, ICI, Moscow.
1993 Central House of Artists, Moscow
1994 "May Exhibition". "Moscow Gallery, Kuznetsk Bridge, 20, Moscow
1994 "Works On Paper". Selections from The Kolodzei Collection of Contemporary Russian Art. City Arts Center, Oklahoma, USA
1994 "Black stairs" (exhibition-action). Staircase house on ul.Krylenko, Moscow
1995 "Ice-cream - Art" (exhibition-action). Moscow Khladokombinat "Ice-Fili, Moscow
1995 "The Spirit and the soil II". Kashirka, Moscow
1995 "Time to get up". TV Gallery, Moscow
1995 "From the collection of Tanya and Natasha Kolodzei". Gallery Seven nails, "Russo-American Press Information Center, Moscow
1995 "New Russian Art: Paintings from the Christian Keesee Collection". City Art Center, Oklahoma City, USA
1995 "in Moskau ... in Moskau ... ". Badischer Kunstverein. Karlsruhe, Germany
1995 "The Spirit and the soil II". Kashirka, Moscow
1995 "Time to get up". TV Gallery, Moscow
1996 "From the collection of Tanya and Natasha Kolodzei". Gallery Seven nails, "Russo-American Press Information Center, Moscow
1997 "New Russian Art: Paintings from the Christian Keesee Collection". City Art Center, Oklahoma City, USA
1997 "in Moskau ... in Moskau ... ". Badischer Kunstverein. Karlsruhe, Germany
1997 "Reflection Time" (from the collection of Tatiana and Natalia Kolodzei). House of Europe, Moscow

1990 "White action" (a gesture of renunciation of the Moscow noma). Chistoprudny Boulevard, Moscow
1990 "Cubes" (group "BOLI"). Gallery "PE", Moscow
1990 "Opening Litichevsky" (group "BOLI"). Gallery "PE", Moscow
1990 "Mother of Pinocchio" (group "BOLI"). Gallery "PE", Moscow
1990 "Ravioli" (group "BOLI"). Cafe pelmennaya on ul.Chernyshevskogo, Moscow
1990 "The Collector" (group "BOLI"). Gallery "PE", Moscow
1990-91 "Kuboterapiya" (group "BOLI"). Gallery "PE", Moscow; "The Lab", San Francisco; Juliano Gori Museum, Florence; Museo Poesia, Milan
1992 "Fish of the Moscow avant-garde". Chistoprudny Boulevard, Moscow
1995 shares of "Sects Absolute Love" "Mirror's disease". Kutafiya Tower, Kremlin, Moscow
1995 "A Life for a cat". Garden Triumph Street, Moscow
1995 "Suicide Angels". Butler Quay (on the site of the demolished school), Moscow
1995 "The Lord of the Flies". Moscow
1995 "Love Triangle". Gagarinskaya square (monument to Gagarin), Savvinskaya embankment, Oktyabrskaya Square, Moscow
1995 "Popkorm. Durova's Corner ". Corner Durova, Moscow
1995 "Sunstroke". Garden CDSA Moscow
1995 "Gomorrah". Water Dynamo Stadium, Moscow

. Autobiographical notes
. Creative credo

. "Do not make a graven statues and pillars and do not put at home, and stones with images do not put in your land, to bow down before them ..."

. The Bible, Leviticus, Chapter
. 26, I

On the stylistic confusion of quotations "Domino" Farida Bogdalova (1992) more obviously belongs to post-modernism. Since this area is typical of Egalitarianism, . or pluralism, . Bogdalov usurps and Marilyn Monroe, Warhol, . and a fragment of Pollock's paintings, . and suprematistsky square Malevich, . and a broken violin a la Arman, . all this "integrated" through minimalist serial production,
. Additionally, all noted by some suffering, bolyuiskusstva, unable to choose priorities, to establish a hierarchy of values
. The end result comes out strong and elegant concept through the creation of a number of intractable contrasts, . like, . example, . between the black square of Malevich and the golden square Warhol (black anarchist flag, . Gold - capitalism) or, . that only skilled, . linearity between the dark lines of Pollock and Russian text,
. All together is a particular kind of visual poetry, created from images that have become prosaic. Connotations capriciously breed, but most important of them, as well as denotation, transferred the title: the art of building has a domino where one piece catches the other, and everything will collapse.
In other words, Bogdalov passes with great intellectual irony of the whole nihilism of post-modernism. Create art - it is not just a game, . is still running a race, . where each artist is trying to overtake, . outdo the other, . but in the end no one is getting ahead, . then there is not any better quality, . no more intellectually meaningful, . than other,
. Job Bogdalova brilliantly entropichna and absurd: it accurately expresses the apparent deadlock, but at the same time, and never-ending mnozhenie, that frighteningly hopeless maze, which turned out to be the art of post-modernism. Bogdalov creates a system where the parts can be interchanged at any moment, nothing in this did not significantly change either in itself or in parts: they are all similar ironic suprematistskim squares. An image of modernist no worse than any other, indeed, any traditional way, too, is no worse. There is an abundance of art, . Bogdalov, . perhaps, . assigns all these avant-garde in the past, images of American and Russian art with the fact, . showing, . that Russia could become as rich capitalist society, . as America, . and that art can become in Russia as an essential commodity, . in America, . but not clear, . what it all means,
. Or maybe it just symbolizes the success of art, as well as its mass (pereN) production in a capitalist society, as many other works might be just to compare. Job Bogdalova, this tour de force of borrowing in the art, and the author seems to be more aware of the irony of many other postmodern.

D. Kuspit. "The New Russian Art". Catalog of the exhibition "New Russian Art: Paintings from the Christian Keesee Collection". City Art Center, Oklahoma City, USA, 1994

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  • Farid rascal! He stole the work from Akulshin Oleg! He's a crook!
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  • FARID Turn ! Portfolio Domino and Broken violin he drew Oleg Akulshin and Farid appropriated them to yourself ! And of MHPU them. Kalinina threw him out! A Surikovku he did not see a trace !
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  • Farid Bogdalov professional artist!
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    BOGDALOV Farid Yahyaevich, photo, biography
    BOGDALOV Farid Yahyaevich, photo, biography BOGDALOV Farid Yahyaevich  Artist, photo, biography
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