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Victor Bockarie

( Artist)

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Biography Victor Bockarie
Born in 1948, Mr.. Moscow. After graduating from Moscow State Art-Industrial University. S.G. Stroganov in 1976, designs and design of public interiors.
. Since 1982, member of the International Federation of Artists, Artists' Union of Russia and the International Art Foundation.
. Since 1985, almost entirely devoted himself to creative work

. Collections where works
. His works are in collections of the State Museum of Contemporary Art, . Ministra culture of Russia Shvydkoy, . State Institute of Art, . private and corporate collections in Russia, . United States, . Sweden, . Germany, . France, . Spain, . Taiwan etc.,
Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1985-1988 participation in Moscow, regional, all exhibitions;
1989 avant-garde traditions. Sture Gallery. Stockholm;
1990 Vanguard 90. Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow;
1991 Personal exhibition in the International Music Festival. Murcia. Spain;
1991 Solo exhibition "Moscow - a modern view '. Museum of History and Reconstruction of Moscow. Moscow;
1992 Personal exhibition. Friendship House. Madrid;
1992 Personal exhibition. Gallery 'Neo step'. Moscow;
1994 Exhibition of Moscow Artists. Los Angeles. U.S.
1996 Personal exhibition. Russo-German cultural center. Moscow;
1999 Exhibition of Watercolors. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
2000 Moscow International Art Fair ARTMANEZH 2000 ". Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow;
2001 Personal exhibition 'Diving into the myth'. Gallery 'Y' Ravine '. Moscow;
2001 Art Salon. Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow;
2001 Exhibition "Russia. Space and spirit "(with A. Slepyshevym). Gallery at the Iara. Moscow;
2001 Personal exhibition "Space Harmony" in the International Festival of Arts. State Institute of Art. Moscow;
2001 Moscow International Art Fair ARTMANEZH 2001 ". Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow
. Autobiographical notes
. I love watercolor for its understatement:
. What does the artist:
. My goal - not to copy reality, and to give something special in the fact that I see - funny or sad, beautiful or strange, sometimes even mystical
. Send an impression or create a new reality. In any case, most importantly, to provoke in the audience the feelings, emotions, make it rpzdelit me world of colors and sensations.
Why akvarelN
This is - pure substance. Between it and the artist there is always a dialogue, sometimes - the dispute, even fight - there is always a challenge, and so nice to win!
The challenge also in the fact that Russia has practically no tradition of watercolor, ie. Many artists worked in watercolor, but he never treated her like a painting, while in China, Japan and other countries in the east it existed as the main form of painting, and created real masterpieces. But I'm not only watercolorist. I am much attracted by: oil painting, design, weaving ..

. What the critics say:
. "The border zone between the skill and creativity, . lively impression, and artistic form - the space of conflict and merger, . doubt and reconciliation, . Search and solutions - Border sharpness and clarity of all terms of creativity gives watercolors Victor Bokareva drama of genuine art. ",
. A. Safarova (Journal of Decorative Art, 2001).

. "Watercolor - this, in general, not technology
. It's - state of mind. You must be a person who really deeply devoted to her, "for self-realization in this form of art. V. Bokarev succeeded after several years of severities design practices apply to the most poetic, very helpful visual, but the most complicated technical method of painting - using water.
He chose only one of the four elements. But the degree of its penetration into the world of this element - its credibility at the level of unconditional ..
. Just for the art of Victor suitable notion of "wet road" in the spiritual practice means almost the most complicated way of internal search and knowledge. "
. Popov (newspaper "Culture", 2001)

. Bright cheerful fluid watercolors bribe the audience by its elegance and expressiveness
Decorative abstract harmony demonstrate metamorfoznoe, ringing, unpredictable space. V. Bokareva world of imagery, as a reflection of his poetic conception of life, philosophical reflection, shows subtlety and sophistication of this artist.


The very name carries information about the man, his life and character.
Victor - winner. And it's true. Canvas, a sheet of paper, frame a tapestry - all these fields of battle. Win a victory here can not always, and even udavshayasya, it seems the artist, the work - only the first stage. Next - the battle for viewers. Those who managed to touch the works of Victor Bokareva, in this battle do not come voluntarily giving their hearts and souls of his works.
Apart from a cheap farce and scandalous advertising he is doing his job professionally, safely and beautifully. The charm of his works are discreet, clean, almost childish. It is impossible not to surrender. Typically, his paintings there is no display of personalities. The audience itself becomes a character of his works. Entering into the world, seen by the artist, we begin to breathe its air, feel and see with him. Maybe, though, is triggered more delicate matter. Author polurealisticheskih, . semi-abstract, . polumisticheskih paintings, . he manages to keep the same gap in the reading of his works, . which come into force the viewer's own associations, . causing his own experienced moments of almost podkorochnoy memory,
. Even if you have not been in New York or do not breathe the magic air of Venice in your memories can find amazing pictures and feelings that are very similar to the bright pages of this magic artist.
Fauvism - probably from all directions in painting, namely it is the most precise term of art, in the works of Victor Bokareva. It is not a normal job watercolor-open flowers on a full sheet. Watercolor - machinery complex. The most complicated of all. She attributed it to the painting, then to schedule. Rarely, very rarely does a contemporary artist working in it so many facets, boldly, without the use of other materials and tools. Each work - this is a splash of energy, good and constructive. Emotional delight in the world is transmitted on a single breath. Major musical attitude creates a feeling of celebration and purification, so do not get tired from work. Instead, they want to see again and again. They fit perfectly into the interior, creating an atmosphere of goodwill and animating it.
And another important point. The artist lives, while developing. I am familiar with the works of Victor Bokareva long. Every time it for me - opening. It appears that as the original designer, as an intelligent installer, how thin the schedule, how exquisite painter. Talented person is talented in all. Now Victor is located in the active stage of their lives, and knowing his hard work, I am sure that it is not just surprise us with their works and that an increasing number of true connoisseurs of modern art draw attention to his work.
Uspekhi you, Winner!

Svetlana Chernysheva
December, 2000.

Exhibition Victor Bokareva "Immersion in the myth of" Gallery "The Ravine" (Excerpt from article)

Watercolor - this, in general, not technology. It's - state of mind. You must be a person who really deeply devoted to her, namely that "sunk" - for self-realization in this form of art.
A graduate of Stroganov School Victor Bokarev succeeded after ten years of rigorous design practices apply to the most poetic, very helpful visual, but the most complicated technical method of painting - using water.
He chose only one of the four elements. But the degree of its penetration into the world of this element - its credibility at the level of the unconditional: the exhibition is the sixth personal over the past few years (one of which was held in the Gallery Neo-Step ", . changed his name to "New Collection", . which is now - among the city's best galleries),
. He sees the whole of our world through the prism of water colors, and even the sun - especially as a reflection on the surface of the unsteady water.
How to time for the art of Victor suitable notion of "wet road" in the spiritual practice means perhaps the most complex way of internal search and knowledge. Water creates a myth - a rule at this exhibition confirmed by the author in its entirety. But the water - this space is primarily emotional, and creates a truly Bokarev heartily. His handwriting of the artist as a fast and sweeping, and at the same time infallible. One wrong brush stroke, the only obstacle - and a list of "bungle". The ease with accountability - these are usually not for our rights. have to be "too" Far Eastern calligraphy,
to a combination of strengthened so that the picture feels like the already completed the "first breath". At the same time watercolor Bokareva picturesque all the rules of the European
classical canon. And if the impact on his method hudonikov-Venetians, neprevzoydnnyh colorists, you can argue that Venice itself - as a city, as a myth, as the world - was struck by Victor Bokareva a few days for life. Venetian impressions are "the lion's share" of this exhibition, and it is there Bokarev "immersed in the myth" to the maximum depth. This city on the water - truly a sacred covenant to the artist's watercolors. The air is impregnated with moisture, a special beauty, where dreams, ghosts appear more real than reality. Send it so that the viewer has experienced even the sounds of water - for this need and the creator with the gift of empathy, authenticity. This requires a watercolor.
But a true artist in Bokareva issue still is not. And the ability to subordinate his vision very opposite impression. Color portray Venice logical, like touching hands "dilute" rosiyskie spaces (one of the important early series was devoted to a journey along the Volga). But see the same "casual specter of New York - it definitely breaks the stereotypes of the genre. Series, posvyaschnnaya this city, "New Babylon", surprising variety of methods used are plastic in a single technology. Watercolor is a dense, opaque, graphically, the space of flows in the plane, but the main metropolis of the Earth is still in lyrical jazz and home-cozy.
Bokarev demonstrates not superficial style palette. In his arsenal is still an organic abstraction - a whole series, . in the name of one of them - "elusive peace" - uhvachena essence and watercolor techniques, . and pointless poetics; expressionism, . Fauvism - ardor, . mad rhythms of other works would have amounted to honor the artist in the period of "storm and stress" of these areas, and constructivism - an ideal testing ground for serznyh, . almost philosophical facets of painting,
. But all this unobtrusively put into a new matter, almost intangible, but it is a sensual, a bright. And immersion in the myth of water in the works of Victor Bokareva turns really steaming over this water, and depth - in his own sense of mission.

Sergei Popov, "Just Add Water", newspaper "Culture" 1-7 February 2001


Catalog, Victor Bokarev, Publishing. 'Amipress', 2000;
Sergei Popov, "Just Add Water", newspaper "Culture" 1-7 February 2001

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Victor Bockarie, photo, biography
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