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Valuev Svetlana

( Artist)

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Biography Valuev Svetlana
Born in Moscow on October 24, 1966.
From 1978 to 1985 - studied at the Moscow Art School of. At Tomsk Institute. VISurikova.
From 1987 to 1993 - study in MGHI them. VISurikova.
1991 - Internships in Germany, in Stuttgart Academy of Fine Arts, class of professor Shafrata.

Collections where works

His works are in private collections in Belgium, Germany, Japan, the United States, Britain, France.

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1993 Personal exhibition. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1994-1995 three personal exhibitions. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1995 Exhibition in Japan, in Germany;
1996 collection of works written for the State Academic Bolshoi Theater of Russia for permanent display in the theater. Moscow;
1997 Personal exhibition. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1997 Moscow International Art Fair ARTMANEZH 97 ". Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow;
1998 Exhibition in Japan. Kagoshima;
1998 Exhibition Gallery 'Albatross'. Moscow.

Autobiographical notes

I was born on October 24, probably it was a very ordinary day, about which no memory is left, except a nasty cold but infinitely drizzling rain. How come after the Carnival weekdays with his weariness, sadness and pain, and after a long opyanyayusche hot summer days comes some light sedation, a sort of nostalgia for the departed. This time is imbued with poetry, so both my accidental 'fall' pattern. They are born as a reflection of my feelings, they come into this world in the autumn, as I came into it. We did not even remember when I started my passion for the 'Art Nouveau' - a style in art, appeared at the turn 19 and 20 centuries, but I think that I was doomed from birth to this love. All, . he lived and breathed this elegant, . sophisticated, . truly aristocratic style, . everything in it penetrated some poignant sadness, . certain aesthetic teak dying, . as a reminder of the fragility and short-lived all eternity on this earth, . whether summer, . youth, . feeling ..,
. How has it been like for my fall experience as close to me was 'decadence', and, perhaps, quite by chance it echoes in my paintings, born on the same turn of the century ...
Academic school and institute, in which I have been studying as much as 13 years have given me the foundation of painting and drawing, but the path that begins with the artist, who is unknown or. Nostalgia for the sublimely beautiful times forced me to constantly look back to the past, during the 'silver' age in Russia, called the West 'arnovo', 'yugentstil', 'Liberty'. It was there that was destined to live characters in my paintings. My heroes - are women, some of the fruit of my imagination, others - real people. Each new person singular and unique - a world that arises in the imagination, and then falls to the canvas. Very often in my paintings they live in a mystical fantasy world, surrounded by bizarre forms, signs and objects, but for them this world is real, they take it too seriously. My first collection was called 'Mirror of Art Nouveau'. Twelve paintings about love, about life, about beauty. Prototypes of my heroines have served three of my friends - an actress, fashion designer and photographer. To work with the models I have sewn costumes, . made many preliminary drawings and six months before the audience brought my lady, . but so different in their real, . They lost their earthly problems and modern efficiency, . and, . maybe, . I looked in their spiritual worlds, and they told me their stories,
. In fact a series of paintings devoted to the spring and the mysteries of life, with its bright vivid colors pleasing to the eye, it was a joyous time, lay down some flying swiftly and irrevocably, leaving a rainbow-colored inflorescences paintings ... Why I write zhenschinN Because it's interesting to me, I care about beauty, its modifications, its diversity, its metamorphosis. Sometimes this pearl skin layers covering the helpless pallor women's hands, soft matte sheen of flesh shining from under cadmium yellow light gas, which served on naked body. Sometimes ultramarine night sky and white stars, sometimes, emerald river grass misty morning in the Japanese Garden ... droplets of water on the sedge, how many times I saw it. Siberian Weasel subtle tongue touches the canvas, creating an illusory moisture, no, the hand does not move on the surface, she gently intrudes into the space of another world, she passes the border that exists for all. For this fine line as the mirror is the space and life, I talk about it every day of her working days and holidays and its inhabitants were women.

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Valuev Svetlana, photo, biography
Valuev Svetlana, photo, biography Valuev Svetlana  Artist, photo, biography
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