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Comments for Herman I. VINOGRADOV
Biography Herman I. VINOGRADOV
1957 born in Moscow
1976-83 studied at the Moscow Institute of Land Management Engineers (Architectural Department)
1984-86 member of the 'Kindergarten' (A. Ivanov D. Vinogradov, N. Filatov, A. Reuter)
1987 party l / o 'The Hermitage'
1987-89 member of the 'suffix Cheka' (with B. Yuhananovym)
1989 with the creation of H. Pshenichnikova group 'Wine and Bread'
1990-91 founder and curator of the gallery 'Gribond'
1994 creation of the group 'KWAKUUM' (in conjunction with. Melnikov A. Kravchenko)
. 1986 member of the Municipal Committee of graphs
. since 1991 member of the International Federation of Artists (IFA)
. Collections where works
. Collection of Contemporary Art State Museum Tsaritsino, Moscow
. Art Museum of Tomsk, Tomsk
. A. Pugacheva, Moscow
. P. Pakesch, I. Dittrich, Vienna, Austria
. T. Weser, Munich, Germany
. JFBisot, Paris, France
. A. and M. Alchuk Ryklin, Moscow
. Participation in exhibitions and auctions

. 1979 Exhibition of collages, drawings and designs
. Moscow Institute of Engineers land, Moscow
1983 Exhibition of collages. Center for psychological care at the hospital N20, Moscow
1988 'Three: D. Vinogradov and. Zatulovskaya, Cedric '. Art Museum, Tomsk
1988 'If you kill a banana from the ceiling, then the child is born'. Apartment Irene Dittrich, Doblingerhauptstrasse, 71, Vienna, Austria
1989 'Angina-89'. Apartment author, Moscow
1989 'Russian mind'. Nibelungengasse, 27, Graz, Austria
1990-91 Exhibitions in the gallery 'Gribond' st. Soljanka, 3, Moscow
1993 'Hunters of the world' (with P. Leela). Petrovsky Boulevard, 12, Moscow
1994 'On the ruins of Sretenka' (with T. Spasolomskoy and Yu Ustinov). Yard d.19, B. Sergievsky Lane., Moscow
1995 "Introspection: ke-ke bezsahara!". Cultural Center of Phoenix, Moscow
1996 Exhibition of photographs (with E. Spasolomskoy). MOT "Third Way", Moscow
1996 "Introspection: Ke-Ke without sugar!". Cultural Center of Phoenix, Moscow


1980 Exhibition of collages. Central House of Architects, Moscow
1985-86 Exhibitions in 'kindergarten'. Khokhlovskiy Lane., 4, Moscow
1986 One-day exhibition at the House of Artists in Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
1986 XVII Exhibition of Young Artists. Artist's House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
1986 'Autumn Exhibition of paintings'. M., 28, Moscow
1987 'Object-I'. M., 28, Moscow
1987 XVIII Exhibition of Young Artists. Manege, Moscow
1987 'Representation'. l / o 'The Hermitage', Profsoyuznaya st., q. 100, Moscow
1987 'Real Estate'. l / o 'The Hermitage', Profsoyuznaya st., q. 100, Moscow
1987 'Retrospective of Moscow Artists. 1957-1987 '. l / o 'The Hermitage', Profsoyuznaya st., q. 100, Moscow
1988 'Hermitage in Holland'. Technische Universiteit, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
1988 'IMATRA-88' (festival of the new Soviet art). Municipal Theater, Imatra, Finland
1988 'Graz 1988'. Steirischer Herbst `88. Grazer Kunstverein - Stadtmuseum Graz, Graz, Austria
1989 'Art contemporain Sovietique' (auction of paintings and sculptures). Versailles, Palais des Congress, France
1990 'line, a spot color'. M. , 28, Moscow
1990 'Acht Kunstler aus Moskau'. Dampfzentrale, Bern, Switzerland
1990 'Zvukstruk Popfon + + Bicapo' (with V. Koleychuk and B. Stuchebryukovym). Youth Palace, Moscow
1990 'Zoo-DeBiMoMoo'. Cinema Center, Moscow
1990 'Towards the Object'. 'Kashirka', Moscow
1991 'ART MIF 2'. Manege, Moscow
1990 'V izbah / In the rooms'. Dom kultury, Bratislava, Slovakia
1992 'Waste'. National Center for Contemporary Art. Museum Plastova, Moscow
1992 'Moscow romanticism'. Central House of Artists, Moscow
1994 'square-squared'. M., 28, Moscow
1994 'Polygon-4'. Central House of Artists, Moscow
1994 'Wandering through the darkness at midnight'. Petrovsky Boulevard, 12, Moscow
1994 Pool 'Moscow', Moscow
1994 'The Spirit and the soil'. Petrovsky Boulevard, 12, Moscow
1994 'Was is es, das euch hier haltN'. Petrovsky Boulevard, 12, Moscow, Graz, Austria
1995 Cetinjski Bienale II. Cetinje, Montenegro
1995 'Kunst im verborgenen. Nonkonformisten Russland 1957-1995 '. Wilhelm-Hack Museum, Ludwigshafen am Rhein; Documenta-Halle, Kassel; Staatliches Lindenau Museum, Altenburg, Germany
1995 'The Spirit and soil-2'. 'Kashirka', Moscow
1995 'On the ruins of Sretenka-2' (with T. Spasolomskoy, K. Spasolomskoy, SW. Ustinov, I. Gansovskaya, IN. Serebrovsky). Courtyard Dr. 19 Sergievskij Lane., Moscow
1995 'heavy-spinning'. Cinema Center, Moscow
1996 "Apocalypse". State Humanitarian University, Moscow
1996 "The Last Day of Life" (with P. Leela, V. Koshlyakov, etc.). Low, 28, Moscow
1997 "Svetopredstavlenie" (with V. Koleychuk, B. Stuchebryukovym, etc.). Profsoyuznaya 100, Moscow
1997 "Bleeding Spring or Sacred Spring or Dzhauss!" - Exhibitions, festivals and extreme performance poetry. Malaya.Gruzinskaya 28. Moscow (curator and participant)
1997 "Images of Moscow," paintings and drawings of Moscow artists. Gallery A-3 ", Moscow
1997 "Die Woche der Erotik", festival eroticheskogoiskusstva. Vienna, Austria
1997 "Hero of Our Time. Cultural Center of Phoenix, Moscow


. 1983, two guitar concert at the Center for psychological care at the hospital N20, Moscow
. 1986 Scenic and poezomuzykalnye shares (joint with O. Mingaleva)
. 1988 'Guignol' (dir
. R. Smirnov) (videoaktsiya). Cinema Center, Moscow
1988 'Orchestra Rehearsal' (dir. R. Smirnov) (videoaktsiya). Cinema Center, Moscow
1,989 'Awakening Casimir' (jointly with N. Pshenichnikova). The action on the alleged tomb of Malevich, Nemchinovka, Moscow Region.
1989 "Rhapsody in autumn arrival" (with N. Pshenichnikova). Mansion Shuvalova, Moscow
1989-95 "Street guitarist-singer". Streets of Moscow, Graz, Vienna
1990 "AlternativaN" (festival). Museum. Glinka, Moscow
1990 "I paint" (videoaktsiya). Cinema Center, Moscow
1991 "Seven Songs of New York" (installation and kaguudi on the roof of World Trade Center, Empire State Building, in Times Square, in Central Park, near the Seagram Building, on the roof of the house on Canal Street, at Washington Square). New York, USA
1991 "Great Song to Pacific Ocean" (with Laurie Amat). Headline Marine Tunnels, San Francisco, USA
1992 "Whale Songs". Open Ocean near St. John's, Canada
1995 "Bananas to Malevich" (with A. Vinogradov). The action on the alleged tomb of Malevich, Nemchinovka, Moscow Region.
1995 "I caught trout in the river" (with K. Spasolomskoy). Pos. "Precepts of Ilyich", Moscow Region. 1995 "Ontology". Contemporary Art Center, Moscow
1995 "Beasts against atrocities". Tverskaya., Moscow
1995 "Karachun", a collective ritual performance (together with a group of "Blind", etc.). Mayakovsky Theater, Moscow
. January 1996 - December 1997 107 performances of "Wine and Soot in Moscow (Bicapo Foundation, Club" Master "club" Yamskoe field, radio 106,8 FM, Radio "Perspective") and Lviv "center" Dziga ")
. "Monday: Arctic Frog Song"
. Five poetry-fructose performances in the hole in the Moskva river, Filevsky Park, Moscow
1996 "summer solstice". Mysterial performance (with E. Kozlova, E. Golovashov, Katarina Spiringen (FRG), Sazhin, and A. Yu Nechiporenko Kolyasovym). Burned workshop A. Kolosova, ul.Nemirovicha-Danchenko Moscow
1996 "Ivan Kupala" - "songs delighted toads" - pond Neskuchnyi Garden, Moscow
1996 "Nayntin-nayntins/ke-ke" - a musical performance together with Jeanne Aguzarova. Club "Pilot", Moscow
1996 Festival of "Alternativa". Bicapo Foundation, Moscow
1996 "Cinderella: Ke-Ke/Kiki Party" (a joint campaign concert with Joan Aguzarova). Club "Pilot", Moscow
1996 "Monday", five poezokontsertov in the hole. Filevsky Park, Moscow
1996 Establishment radioskulptur live on Radio 106.8 FM. Moscow
1996 The "Wine and Soot" (with In. Sazhinov). Moscow
1997 "Three Songs Arctic Frog" - poetry-fructose performances ice-hole on the Moscow River. Filevsky Park. Moscow
1997 "Artist Vechnokrasny (HV), kvazipolitichesky performance. Yard workshop of Gansovskaya, Moscow
1997 7-hour radiomiksov the radio station "Substance" (with O. Kostrov).
1997 With "Kwakuum" on the Internet. The live broadcast of the performance group "Kwakuum" from Internet cafes, ul.Novocherkasskaya, 19a, Moscow


1987 performance of "Romeo and Juliet". Youth Theater Khabarovsk, Khabarovsk
1987 performance of "Music Lessons" (dir. S. Artsibashev). Old Stage Taganka Theater, Moscow
1987 performance of "Speed at the Time of Cholera" (dir. B. Yukhananov) 1987-88 performance "Observer" (dir. B. Yukhananov). Theater School of Dramatic Art, Moscow
1993 performance of "Witch Mountain" (directed. N. Kolyakanova). Drama Theater. Stanislavsky, Moscow

. POETRY AND POEZOKONTSERTY (alias "MTY" and "Neboded Vinogradov)

. The main collections of poetry (published limited edition):
. "Love flourishes" (1976)
. "Autumn Tea" (1977)
. "Last DzoiNGI" (1980-86)
. "Suffix Cheka" (with B. Yuhananovym) (1987-88)
. "Past" (1987-92)
. "Pyrotechnic Kate" (1993)
. "March 8", "NIKEGDA ..."," On izvyve laugh "," Charokadilie I, II, III "," Kali Krishna "," My melodies "," From Solikamsk "," Berry "(" Yagagodki " ) (1994)
. "Witch of the South", "Day of body temperature," "Kate", "DRDYG re-re" (1995)

. Basic magnetic ALBUMS

. "Kindergarten" (1986)
. "Mondial", "Sky Forest Sounds"; "November 7, 1987" (1987)
. Lira Heavenly Forest "," Postrock Music "(1987-88)
. "Chryse (Goldilocks)" (mystery) (jointly with N. Klimenko) (1988)
. "Voice of BICAPO", "The last parade 7/11/1989" (1988-89)
. "Wine and bread," I, II, III, "The Face of the World", "Guitar to Irene", "Bathing Barsikaturiya", "VINOTEGIN", "Fire", "Tatyana's Day" (1989)
. "Kaguudi", "Fish Yakovlev" (with V. Eremeev) (1990) "Ha-Yooo" (1991)
. "Easter", "Last day of the Lion - V.T.N." (1992) "My melodies", "Sindant" (1993)
. "Theory of Systems" (jointly with Vinogradov IP), "Inal" (1994)
. "Invocations" for Guitar (1994-95)
. "Invocations" for voice and synthesizer, "Love Story" (1995)
. "" Oh yes "cartridge" (1989-present)


. 1997 "T + TS, 14 min., Hi8 Joint
. with Katarina Spiringen
. Kaleidoscope TV ", 25 minutes, VHS
. "Anya and Led Zeppelin", 18 min., VHS
. "Body", 12 min., VHS
. "Macrobody", 18 min., VHS
. "Anya and crocodile, 11 min., VHS
. "Game of words is dangerous for children, 9 min., VHS
. "I love you", 3 min., VHS
. Magic cucumber, 21 min., VHS
. "Iuputer", 17 min., Hi8 VIDEOART 1997 "T + TS, 14 min., Hi8 Joint
. with Katarina Spiringen Kaleidoscope TV ", . 25 min, . VHS "Anya and Led Zeppelin", . 18 min., . VHS "Body", . 12 min., . VHS "Macrobody", . 18 min., . VHS "Anya and crocodile, . 11 min., . VHS "word game is dangerous for children", . 9 min., . VHS "I love you", . 3 min., . VHS "Magic cucumber", . 21 min., . VHS "Iuputer", . 17 min., . Hi8,
. Criticism
. What etoN music concerts, performances, magic effect, misteriyaN Probably, both at the same time
. When prisutstvuesh at such a concert and see all these fine, . sparkling, . vibrating, . swinging and rotating structures, . somnambulistic movement, and his shaman dance with tambourine, . understood, primarily mystical aspect of what is happening,
. Fantastic lighting enhances this effect.
. In the context created by Vinogradov pipes, iron sheets, metal parts of machinery and turbine engines with the loss funtsionalnogo lose their affiliation to the technical world and suddenly acquire the quality of naturalness and spontaneity
. This metal Ituri (a huge rain-forest in Equatorial Africa), living by its laws. However, the beginning of this law is an artist, he is a priest where he established the world.

A. Alchuk. 'On Bicapo and Bikaponia. " - "Paradigm", 1987, N 1

* * *

Some of the artists represented here for many years are influential figures on the stage of Moscow youth culture.
In the early 80's Herman Vinogradov was a member of the 'Kindergarten'. This artistic collective lived in an empty kindergarten has not had to get out there in 1986. The action 'music room' Vinogradov brought in an unusual orchestra form a wide variety of discarded objects that he made the music to the public. The simplest means, he managed to put a highly poetic representation of the type 'Son et Lumiere', . where he used, . example, . long iron strips as a gong, . baby bath - like a drum, . and pocket torches, . directed through the rotating kitchen sieve, . and hissing fires - for the ghost light,
. In Bern he gave clearance for its multimidia happening from the grass, reeds and gravel from the river Aare, which flows near.

C. Jolles. From the article "Eight Artists - Eight Positions" Catalog of the exhibition 'Acht Kunstler aus Moskau' Dampfzentrale, Bern, Switzerland, 1990

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Herman I. VINOGRADOV, photo, biography
Herman I. VINOGRADOV, photo, biography Herman I. VINOGRADOV  Artist, photo, biography
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