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Biography VOROBJOV Alexey
Alexey Vorobyov (ARTodoksalny) was born in 1953.
He studied at the Penza. After graduating from art school in 1972, worked in an art gallery.
From 1973 to 1975 he served in the Army.
From 1975 to 1980 he studied at the Moscow Higher School of Industrial Art of. Stroganoff.
The following ten years he worked in Novorossiysk.
1980-establishment and work of the group "Echo" (Vorobiev, Kozmovsky, Tereshchenko, Shchekina).
Since 1989 he lives and works in Moscow
. Collections where works
. Works are in the State Tretyakov Gallery, museums of Novorossiysk,
. Gallery Velta in Moscow
. galleries in Sweden and Germany,
. in private collections in Russia, Sweden, Germany, France, Australia and the U.S.

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1981 "The first exhibition of" ECHO ". Painting, photo, installation "Self-tears. Novorossiysk;
1982 "The second exhibition" ECHO ". Painting, photo, installation "My favorite cat," action "naked sculpture". g. Novorossiysk
1986 "The concept and intuition". Painting, photo. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1988 "Nameless artists in Moscow". Painting, graphics. Showroom zhuranala "Youth", an exhibition hall of the journal Ogonyok. Moscow;
1989 Versailles auction. France;
1990 "Painting and illusion". Painting. Gallery Hannay Bakker, Frankfurt am Main. Germany;
1991 "Three generations of Russian artists". Painting. Gallery Lara. Vizingostrov. Sweden;
1993 "Trends" Russia art exhibition. Painting. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1993 International Art Fair "ART-MIF-93". Gallery "AGC", gallery "EURO-ART. Moscow;
1994 "50 Moscow Artists". Painting. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1994 "Exhibition of Russian Artists". Painting. Al-Bustan Palass, under the auspices of the Embassy of Russia. Muscat. Oman
1994 "Contemporary Russian Art 1990-1994". Painting. Gallery Eberhard. Stuttgart. Germany;
1994 Festival of Contemporary Art "The border zone of art" Installation "Holstrim". Sochi;
1996 "Art Moscow 1996". Painting. L-gallery. Moscow;
1996 Sotheby's charity auction in favor of "Operation Smile". Russia's modern paintings and drawings. Hotel Baltschug Kempinski. Moscow;

1991 "Tatiana and Alexei ARTodoksy". Paintings, graphics, action "Fierce hair". Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1991 "Art in general". Paintings, graphics, photos, action "Butterfly Transformations". Gallery in Shtadthauze. Bad Homburg. Germany;
1993 "ARTodoksalnoe prostukivanie myth of Van Goga". Painting, installation of "our daily bread". Velta Gallery. Moscow;
1993 "The black hole no hair". Installation "Rusk Malevich". Velta Gallery. Moscow;
1994 "ARTodoksalnaya expansion". Painting, installation of "Golden cal galaxies," performance "Walking in a spiral". Velta Gallery. Moscow;
1994 "consumerism". Installation "Smells Arts. Velta Gallery. Moscow;
1994 "I'm Van Gogh. Painting, installation "Sandwiches for Kant," action "Psevdoprezentatsiya". Velta Gallery. Moscow;
1995 "The Non-freedom and style". Painting, installation Pyramid for Olga, "performance" Restoring Justice ". "Art-Design". Burgfelden. Germany;
1995 "platonic-extremist" action: "Love me", "ART". Members: log ART, Germany; artist Alexei ARTodoksalny, the Criminal Code of the USSR. Venue shares: Burgfelden. Germany. Hamburg. Germany, the editors of "ART";
1995 "80 works by Alexei ARTodoksalnogo". Painting, drawing, collage, installation "Blue Dream". Action "slaughter blue dream". Ulm. Germany;
1996 "Holiday Van Gogh". Painting, graphics. Gallery -3 ". Sternberg. Austria;
1996 "The Reincarnation of Van Gogh". Gallery -3 ". Austria;
1997 "Vinsentoterapiya". Painting. Velta Gallery. Moscow;
1997 "Ten Muses Alexei ARTodoksalnogo". Painting. Moscow.

Installation project:
The "Video art 21 st century.
Latest generation of TVs hang on the walls of the gallery, on the screens to paint a picture in a naive style.

Project ARTodoksalnaya expansion.
The ceiling of the gallery okleit photograph of the earth (as seen from space), to the ceiling hang rope ladders.

Action "Swan Song".
On the walls of the gallery hang a blank canvas. Author of the project, hung with explosives, reading his will a volume of 5 thousand. pages.

Installation "Augean stables".
Exhibition space flunk printed materials of artistic works. The instructions show how to get rid of dandruff.

The "Flowers of Evil".
Shovels, brooms, forks, mine detectors, brooms, crutches, etc.. wrapped copies of paintings by Rubens, El Greco, Giorgione, and others. Each giperbuketu attached price list and the seller.

The "useful arts."
Sex galleries lined with massage pads for the feet, on the walls hang the same mats, but in bagetovyh Framed.

Project installation "Love me," ART ".
On the floor of the gallery to arrange in random order bowls. From each as a mouthpiece in a different tone should sound the words: "Love me, love me ",... ART," ART "...

The "Last Supper"
Of the 13 tables in length and 6 m. For each table to put on one apostle (apo-table), but each to his seat as if it were one table. (Place of implementation - the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the time - May-June 1996) Apostles, close to the president.

Autobiographical notes

All my creative activity is reduced to one principle: the maximum and accurately describe the elegance of immersion in his own personal UTOPIA. As ballast to use sarcasm, . dialogue with their fate, . lost property imagination, . taking control of other areas in art, . mimicry and camouflage for the expression of his own thoughts on behalf of existing and imaginary characters and styles.,
. Method ARTodoksizma, which I use, is most relevant to the chosen method of immersion.
. ART - a kind of cancer cells, embedded in a sick body orthodoxy.
. The end-point ARTodoksalnogo dives I chose the project "Museum of itself", which I intend to build on the bottom of the Mariana Trench
. It should be kept my body and CD-ROM with the full amount of information about my life and work.
. Objective of this project, like all of my work, put an equal sign between reality and utopia and scarce opportunities for all to reconcile dreams with unlimited potentiality of madness.
. The main purpose of my work:
. 1) Lay the database in the Internet photos of all the marble slabs, on which golden letters will list all projects Alexei ARTodoksalnogo.
. 2) All kinds of human debris cast in silver and gold, and replace the contents of all the museums of modern art

. Criticism
. For the artist Alexei Vorobyov Van Gogh is important not as a real cultural hero, . model for infantile mimesis, . but as a historical mark special modality of creative consciousness, . salt as valid for modern art, . a retrospective point of similarity stylistic innovations of heterogeneous, . now included in the post-modern artistic canon,
. Exploring the hidden horizons of historical habitat and internal limits, . Inspired by Van Gogh expressionist tradition, . Vorob'ev skillfully keeps the interval, . with the melancholy irony evaluating its modern role and immediate prospects, . free terms in the series of his paintings of historical and contemporary quote, . imposed on his late ornamental clinical stroke, . skeptical about turning it into a colored noise on the black and white screen, . a pattern on the Moscow frosty window, . a vykladyvaya as 'dead end', . concentric spirals, . topped with a handful of golden feces - the last refuge sarcastic author's identity, . grotesque united 'McMurdo' Madzoni and 'Golden Brush' Jasper Johns.,
. He meticulously calculates an ingenious formula for irresponsibility, making kalloristicheskie table vangogovskoy palette.
. 'Genuine' expression today in the best case might look like a stimulant itself
. 'Aesthetics of madness' has long been a familiar and respectable type of rhetoric, while the real pathological effect, in contrast, can take refuge in cold stressed, 'academic' forms. And, both co-exist in the actual art space, in innumerable and sometimes almost indistinguishable constellation is joined together in a picture of chronic and generally externally secure pandemic. In relation to her Vorob'ev acts as a kind of doctor - diagnostician, . methodically 'rattling' of its most illustrative symptoms, . Acknowledging painful comfortable being suspended for Contemporary Art m / y radicalism and academic manner, . trying to grope in the framework of this elusive alternative to personal aesthetic balance,

Epihin Sergey

A. Dvornikov Gathering Strength, "Creativity", N8, 1986, page. 32, Moscow;
And. Podshivalov "Synthesis of Time", "Culture and Life", N6, 1987, p. 32, Moscow;
In. Lebedev, "On the group of" Synthesis "," Youth ", N5, 1988, Moscow;
About. Shishkin "ARTodoksalnaya Expansion", "Art Magazine", N4, 1994, p. 60, Moscow;
A. Vorobyov "Body - ART", Journal of the style of "Asteria", N1, 1995, p. 45, Moscow;
G. Inglerayt, A. Vorobyov, magazine "ART", N7, 1996, p. 10, Germany.

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VOROBJOV Alexey, photo, biography
VOROBJOV Alexey, photo, biography VOROBJOV Alexey  Artist, photo, biography
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