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Galatenko Vladimir

( Artist)

Comments for Galatenko Vladimir
Biography Galatenko Vladimir
Born in 1949 in the Astrakhan region.
In 1972 he graduated from the Astrakhan Art School
. C 1975 lives in Moscow.
. In 1983 he graduated from Moscow Textile Institute.
. Since 1986 - Member of the Union of Artists of Russia.
. C 1993 - Member of the International Arts Fund.
. Personal Page http://galatenko.artinfo.ru
. Collections where works
. Works are in the Museum of History of Moscow,
. Management of the exhibition Artists' Union of Russia,
. Moscow Union of Artists,
. Exhibition Association "Central House of Artists"
. Committee for Culture of Moscow in the Central Exhibition Hall Manege in Moscow,
. Museum of Fine Arts of Karelia in Petrozavodsk
. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Museum of Art,
. Kurgan Regional Art Museum,
. Tobolsk Museum of Art,
. Russia's International Cultural Foundation,
. Museum Simeonstift, in Trier, Germany,
. The Bradford Exchange, in Baar, Switzerland,
. The Hafnarfjordur Institute of culture and fine art, in Reykjavik, Iceland,
. the Embassy of Russia in Luxembourg,
. Cultural Center of Russia
. Pushkin in Luxembourg,
World Mercy Fund Bhaktivedanta Institute, Bombay, India,
Shifskommerz, Dresden, Germany,
in private collections in Russia, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Turkey, Switzerland, France, India, Austria and the U.S..

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1980 Exhibition of Young Artists Moscow. Artists House. Moscow;
1981 XIII exhibition of young artists in Moscow. Artists House. Moscow;
1983 "Our contemporary-83". Artists House. Moscow;
1983 XV exhibition of Moscow artists knigi.Dom hudozhnika.Moskva;
1983 XV Exhibition of Young Artists Moscow. Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow;
1984 Exhibition of Moscow Artists "Land and People-84". Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow;
1984 II All-Union Exhibition of the picture. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1985 XVI exhibition of young Moscow artists. Artists House. Moscow;
1986 I Easel graphic exhibition of Moscow artists. Artists House. Moscow;
1986 I All-Russia Exhibition easel graphics. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1987 All-Union exhibition "Land of the Soviets". Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow;,
1987 I-Union Exhibition of easel graphic. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1987 VIII All-Union Exhibition of Watercolors. Leningrad;
1987 III All-Russia Exhibition book graphics. Irkutsk;
1987 All-Russia art exhibition "The Artist and Time. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1988 Zone exhibition "Land and People". Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow;
1990 II All-Russia Exhibition easel graphics. Arts Academy. Moscow;
1991 IX All-Union Exhibition of Watercolors. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1991 Russiske kunstnere i Svendborg. AMTS. Kunstforening. "SAK". Svendborg. Denmark (solo exhibition);
1991 Exhibition of works of Russian artists. Collection Jeffrey Curtis. London;
1993 Zeitgenossische Malerei Aus Rusland. Kloster Karthaus. Konz, Germany (group exhibition);
1993 ART-LINE. Painting Exhibition. Augsburg. Germany;
1993 Exhibition Moscow painters. Bahrain;
1995 Vatnslitamyndir Water Colours. The Hafnarfordur Institute of culture and fine art. Reykjavik. Iceland (solo exhibition);
1995 Kulturtage '95. Zeitgenossische Malerei Aus Russland. Sparkasse Trier. Trier. Germany (personal exhibition);
1996 Karma Rus Ressamlari Sergisi. Konrad Adenauer vakfi sanat galerisi. Ankara. Turkey (group exhibition);
1996 International art fair ART ARENA `96. Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow (personal exhibition);
1997 All-Russia art exhibition "Artists of Russia - Moscow, devoted to 850 anniversary of Moscow. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1997 Impressionen aus Rusland und der Region Trier. Verbandsgemeinde Trier-Land. Trier. Germany (personal exhibition);
1997 Sunny Square. Cultural Center of Russia. Pushkin. Luxembourg (group exhibition);
1999 IX Regional Exhibition. Moscow - St. Petersburg. Central House of Artists. Moscow.
1999, IX-Art Exhibition (Russia). Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow.
1999 Personal exhibition at the International Union of German culture. Moscow;
2000 II exhibition of Moscow artists, graphic. Artists House. Moscow;
2000 "thy name". By 2000 years of Christianity. All-Russia art exhibition. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
2000 Exhibition of artists "Nord". Central House of Artists. Moscow;
2001 Moscow and Muscovites. Artists House. Moscow.

Book illustration:
Boss winds. Nenets Tale. Moscow. Books.Publicism. 1982
Tuvinian folk tales. Moscow. Books.Publicism. 1984;
Sedugin A.. Prosha. Moscow. Kid. 1987;
Twardowski A.. Son. Moscow. Books.Publicism. 1987;
Kuzmin L.. Once upon a time there was a girl. Moscow. Kid. 1987;
Old Years. Russian historical novels and short stories of the first half of the nineteenth century. Moscow. Fiction. 1989;
Agafonov V.. Chefs-doeuvre du jev de dames. Les Beaux Sites. Paris. 1989;
Cherniavsky M.. Fire ballad. Moscow. Books.Publicism. 1991;
Strugackie A. and B.. Grad doomed. Moscow. Young Guard. 1991;
Zabolotskikh B.. Captain of the four seas. Moscow. Association - Book. Education. Mercy. 1991;
Lagin L.. Old Hottabych. F. Anstey. Lota. Topsy-turvy or a lesson to fathers. Moscow. Bustard. 1993;
Reed M.. Kvarteronka (BMLD Volume 13). Moscow. Books.Publicism. 1995;
MцLrimцLe P.. Novels. (BMLD Volume 36). Moscow. Books.Publicism. 1999;
Paustovsky K.. Stories. Green A.. Running on the waves. Scarlet Sails. (BMLD Volume 21). Moscow. Books.Publicism. 1999;
Storytelling poems. Ctarinnye English poetry, ballads, legends (in English). Moscow. Terra (not published).

Autobiographical notes

My incentive to work is the search for the ideal of beauty. In the work, for me, more important than the creator himself - his moral and ethical criteria. Permanent dissatisfaction are not allow to work in once found manner, develop methods and to exploit a single theme. Change the material, the format, but always remained subdued colors, not deep space depicted. Anxious, reverential attitude to nature often leads to a pure, sensual form and involuntary fly silver haze. I was alien to the ideas of reformism. In their work more trust in feelings and intuition.


In its outlook Vladimir Galatenko - a typical romantic, not so much inclined to fix on canvas or paper, various states of nature, how to transform and synthesize them in their own lyrical feelings. His paintings of recent years designed compound - might be called "visions". This is a kind of picturesque idealism, immerses us in smoothly and almost imperceptibly flowing colors and shapes, and colors in the light environment, where they live rather than concrete objects and tangible body, how their shadows. Such amorphous nebula could be plastic sin and departure from the strict laws of constructing fine, if not one fundamental creative Galatenko circumstance.
Looking at the landscape or interior, a bouquet of flowers or female figure painter, as a rule, does not focus on individual and small details. He sees a general and a whole, sees the environment and forms an enveloping air. Organic such an approach is no doubt. The audience followed the artist is set to a musical tune, and he does not care about the constructive strength of the joints of human figures, or of a still life series. Music is pleasant to listen, not to analyze. Galatenko is enough found in nature and in harmony itself, which he does not check algebra.
A special place in the work of Vladimir takes landscape. In a sense we can say that he is an artist out of the landscape, from the golden autumn passage, from a green summer crowns of eternal darkness and the air overcast days. Portraying nature Galatenko remains free interpreter seen, combining specific and general, real and invented. There is in his landscapes and the Free etyudnoe beginning, preserving the freshness of direct observation ( "Pines", 1983, "House in the Forest", 1988, etc.). Not immersed in the special philosophical depth, detail the artist conveys a familiar pattern of nature in Central, almost always marked by the presence of human. Villas, fences, colorful roof under the cloud or blue sky - it's almost unnoticed by us daily, which appears in the landscapes Galatenko in its original poetic form.
. The artist loves to depict related to its mobility and changeability of the elements water and air, waterside views and capturing the sky ( "Autumn Pond", 1988, "River Klyazma, 1988, drizzling rain," 1989, "Blue Lake", 1989 and etc.)
. Water paint - watercolor and gouache - are thus an ideal means of expression, adequately transmitting moist environment of a landscape. And already from these works the most natural way can be traced way Galatenko to such a decorative, almost abstract things, . as "Flickering shadows, . "The sea bed" or "The Mystery of the Sea" (all 1990), . where the mobility of the lines, . spots of light and color reaches its peak,

. In part, this decorative freedom can be explained by the fact, . Vladimir had studied at the Moscow Textile Institute in the Department of decoration fabrics, . where there is always valued the professional knowledge of color and linear rhythms, . well as an appeal to the abstract and figurative elements in images,
Significant place in the creative biography of the artist's book is the schedule. "Running on waves" and "Scarlet Sails" A. Green's "early years" K. Paustovsky, "Kvarteronka" Mayne Reid and P. Merimee's novella - is not a random selection of books and authors. Romantic haze that covers the prose A. Green and K. Paustovski, for example, naturally present in the series of illustrative artist. Book's characters often appear in a landscape environment, which abound in his usual element of water and air, rolling color and light, playing in the leaves and branches of plants.
Somewhat apart from its practical importance, but organically in relation to other types and genres of the artist's work, is a series of "Four Elements of the World" (1996). Despite the miniature size, . They give the impression of monumental compositions, . capable of withstanding a large increase and, accordingly, to be ornament not only of small forms, . and walls, . ceilings and other architectural surfaces and details of public buildings and private homes,
. Is no exaggeration to conclude that the universal character of creativity of our author, who is drawn not only to the usual machine-types of fine art, but also applied to the solution - a monumental task.
. Large and small canvases, graphic lists the artist most often inhabit the images of the Eternal Feminine
. Even if we abstract from the specific images, and lists only the names of his paintings and sketches, then it will be clear to the general thrust of his work - "Serenity," "The Three Graces," "Tenderness," "Sight" "Two", etc.. Erotic beginning rather than being offset by the number of softened active rhythm fragmentary images and general ornamental. In the painting "Two", for example, both live four or five scenes and genres. Landscape and still life are in the interior, and the latter, in turn, serves organic frame of several portraits. All conventional and dynamic as in happy dream, which is almost impossible to tell in the morning.
. In his best works, Vladimir is a poet of color and light, romantic, decorative storage, immerses us in any dreams and mirages of free creative imagination
. Not laying out his best works on the principle of pharmacy types and genres, . techniques and materials, . want to join in one perfect exposure such subtle virtuoso stuff, . as "Red landslide", . Dacha ", . Mirage, . "Dream", . where lifelike and accurately what he saw did not prevent generalized and illusory.,
. Vladimir Galatenko - a thin musician-poet, fluent in the distinct, visual tools suitable for the execution chamber and symphonic concerts on canvas and paper

William Meyland


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Album "Vladimir Galatenko / Vladimir Galatenko", Compiled by V. Meyland, GOFRN, Moscow, 2000.

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Galatenko Vladimir, photo, biography
Galatenko Vladimir, photo, biography Galatenko Vladimir  Artist, photo, biography
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