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GASHUNIN Nikita Borisovich

( Artist)

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Biography GASHUNIN Nikita Borisovich
1956 born in Moscow.
. 1975-76 studied at the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute (art-graphic faculty).
. Since 1993 member of the International Federation of Artists (IFA)
. Collections where works
. The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
. Gallery "M` ARC ", Moscow
. Museum of Fine Arts, Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan
. Regional Museum of Fine Arts, Nukus, Kazakhstan
. Art Gallery & Museum Kelvingrove, Glasgow, Scotland
. Kostaki Gallery, Athens, Greece
. ZIG ZAG Venture Group Corporate Collection, New York, USA
. In private collections in Russia and other countries
. Participation in exhibitions and auctions

. 1991 Gallery "Today", Moscow
. The program 1992 "Duets" (with T. Novikov).
. Dominus "
. Moscow Architectural Institute, Moscow
1994 "Recent Works". Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago, USA


1977-85 Exhibitions section charts, M., 28, Moscow
1981 "XVII Congress of the Komsomol" (All-Union Exhibition of Young Artists). Manege, Moscow
1982 "Paintings and drawings by young Soviet artists". Cultural Center, Pleven, Bulgaria
1983 "Ung Sovjetisk Kunst". Sonderjyllands Kunstmuseum, Denmark
1988 XVIII Exhibition of Young Artists. Manege, Moscow
All-Union Exhibition of works of young artists. Manege, Moscow
"Young artists of socialist countries". Manege, Moscow
"Graphics of Moscow artists: Urbi et Orbi". Central House of Artists, Moscow
1989 "In-between exhibition of paintings and sculptures of the USSR Union of Artists". Artist's House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
"Self-Portrait. Artist's House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
Exhibition from the collection of the gallery "M` ARS. Bitter
"Let's go ...". House of culture of railwaymen, Leningrad
"I dream about us ...". House of culture of railwaymen, Leningrad
"Regardless of the genre". Youth Palace, Moscow
New Classics and trans-avant-garde ". Cinema Center, Moscow
"4-th exhibition of contemporary Soviet art". Kostaki Gallery, Athens, Greece
"1-I Collection", "2-I Collection". Gallery M `ARS, Moscow
1989-90 Positions. Arts and crafts of young artists of the USSR and the GDR ". Youth Palace, Moscow;
Galerie am Fischmarkt, Erfurt, GDR
1990 "ART MIF 1. HEAD House of Artists, Moscow
"Scientific and technological progress and Art. Artist's House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
Biennale of Contemporary Art. Expocentre, Leningrad
XIX Youth Exhibition. Artist's House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
"Fractures. Peintures sovietiques contemporaines ". Banque Generale du Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
"Soviet Contemporary Art 1990". Alpha Cubic Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Line. Spot. Color ". M. , 28, Moscow
Vanguard-90 ". Manege, Moscow
1991 "ART MIF 2". Manege, Moscow
"Artists of the circle" M `ARS" ". Gallery M `ARS, Moscow
"Pictures are returned to Russia. Artworks remain in Russia "(A collection. Gleser). Central House of Artists, Moscow
1992 "Batalha and Idyll. Velta Gallery, Moscow
"International Art Festival". Edinburgh, Scotland
"Moscow kvaptipa". п⌠п╟п╩п╣pп╣я▐ "A 3", Moscow
"20th Century Russian Art". Nassau County Museum of Art, New York, USA
1993 "ART MIF 3". Manege, Moscow
"National traditions and postmodernism". GTG (Krimsky val), Moscow
"Chicago International Art Exhibition". Chicago, USA "Conversion". Central House of Artists. Gallery M. Gelman, Moscow
1994 "Outsider Art Fair". New York, USA
"Outsider Art". Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago, USA
"Chicago International Art Exhibition". The New Pier Show, Chicago, USA
"Kaliningrad - Konigsberg" (III International Biennial of Graphic Arts). Kaliningrad Art Gallery, Kaliningrad
"ISEA` 94 ". The 5th International Symposium on Electronic Art. University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH, Finland
1995 "NETCOM". World Trade Center, Moscow
"A 1, A 2, A 3. Municipal Gallery "A 3", Moscow
"Einblicke" (Werkstatt Moskau II). Galerie im Marstall, Akademie der Kunste am Hanseatenweg, Kunstlerhof Buch, Berlin, Germany
. Criticism
. Work Nikita Gashunina - thematically and technically demonstrate the search for possibilities to overcome the framework of traditional genres, . seek to, . that extends "beyond the painting (" Jenseits der Malerei "Max Ernst) and, . add, . sculpture, . Graphics, . arts.,
. Design details, toothed wheels, light bulbs, metal, wood, glass mounted in a composition, which miraculously gain full autonomy, animate and begin to live an independent life
. Can recall the characteristic of Dadaists (in the late 1919's - early 20's.) Ironic attitude to the machinery omnipotent. But there is no rebellious tendency to dismemberment. On the contrary - it is careful and inspiring collection of, in essence, the abstract (in spite of their specificity) residues, individually seemingly meaningless new mechanical creatures, creatures. Object in this way - the result of the most perfect of combinatorics. The original context of the source material is transformed, is placed upside down. There are images of the origin of which seems quite explicable, but still remain outside the viewer's understanding. Tested spatial relationships, joint elements (when absorbed by a unit, retaining its texture). There is a paradoxical transformation - there is attractive and surprisingly beautiful, precious world in which live objects, sculpture, mobilization, immersed in his own metaphysical alienation.

N. Kurieva

Nikita Gashunin engaged in a kind of combinatorics - compositional and rhythmic structuring of a certain reality, a busy fashioning a "big" of infinitesimal. Scaly, . chain mail texture of his pencil drawings contains color game "find the hidden" - a proposal to find a substantive reasons in fused amalgam linear "ornament"; more clearly the game in the grand panorama collage "The view from my window", . where infinitely fractional ornament, . composed of fragments of technical diagrams and drawings, . included images of monuments of architecture of Moscow, . or in compositions with elements of "puzzle", . which are supposed to extend its structural law of any image,
. But most of all he works with iron, down from the stunningly complex toys, objects or assemblages.
. Gashunin feels sequence introducing technology deep into the world and the related trend of miniaturization, atomic fission, but being mesmerized by the process, while trying to constructively confront him
. His artistic space rests on the contradictory sensation of any "slozhnosochlenennoy" form - it attracts the reasonableness of their device and still inspires a kind of existential dread (especially acute, . when it comes to organic objects - in particular, . of insects); estestvoispytatelsky, . Entomological impulse to understand the logic of things (he's Children - see, . she had inside, . He, . say so, . museum - to hide under consideration exhibit under glass or sealed electron-hour scrap in epoxy-lacquered weight) encounters the totality of the general miroustroitelnyh intentions,
. The results of such countervailing efforts of different special kind of vital dynamics

. G. Elshevskaya
. Bibliography
. Journal Ogonyok ", N35, August 1990;
. Catalog "Second Collection" Gallery "M` ARS, Moscow, 1990;
. APS Bulletin "on the Soviet Union", N15, January, 1991;
. Catalog of the exhibition "Soviet Contemporary Art
. Alpha Cubic Gallery ", Tokyo, 1990.
* - Information provided by the Soros Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow.

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  • Nikita Borisovich, good ...! Unfortunately, little is written about you and no illustrations. What is preparing new? And where can this be unrecognizable. Perhaps a personal reply.
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  • Nikita Borisovich, good ...! Unfortunately for you, little published on the site, and no illustrations. What's new is prepared and where this can be to find out. Perhaps a personal reply.
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  • Nikita, Hi, this is - your now former relative, Sasha Germans. If you feel like, write me at nemtrans@mail.ru A.
  • Alex_n for GASHUNIN Nikita Borisovich
  • Nikita, Hi, this is - your now former relative, Sasha Germans. If you feel like, write me at nemtrans@mail.ru A.
  • Alex_n for GASHUNIN Nikita Borisovich
  • Nikita, Hi, this is - your now former relative, Sasha Germans. If you feel like, write me at nemtrans@mail.ru A.
  • Dms for GASHUNIN Nikita Borisovich
  • Goodbye Uncle Tika: (
  • AT for GASHUNIN Nikita Borisovich
  • Gashunin Nikita Borisovich, died Jan. 23, 2008 and was buried in the cemetery of the village Pavlovskaya Sloboda.Zaupokoynaya service was celebrated father Wladyslaw.
  • Anne Stein for GASHUNIN Nikita Borisovich
  • Clean and poor friend of my youth, I could hold you forever and make it up, do you remember how we dreamed move from graphics to the glands, all scary and good in this world, sleep peacefully, my friend, soon meet. TV
  • Anne Stein for GASHUNIN Nikita Borisovich
  • My friend, we made it up, thank God, had! Remember how we dreamed of graphics to make glands, everything turned out. I was with you in the Sloboda, zhdi.TV
  • Anne Stein for GASHUNIN Nikita Borisovich
  • It will soon be as good as you. Just did not have time to write. And is it necessary? TV
  • Anne Stein for GASHUNIN Nikita Borisovich
  • Was in Optina, in May will be roses in Povlovskoy. TV
  • Anne Stein for GASHUNIN Nikita Borisovich
  • Akuma Matata, old man! As we discussed in the childhood. TV
  • Anne Stein for GASHUNIN Nikita Borisovich
  • Of equals, not to be - law. Live that long - I'll write. TV
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    GASHUNIN Nikita Borisovich, photo, biography
    GASHUNIN Nikita Borisovich, photo, biography GASHUNIN Nikita Borisovich  Artist, photo, biography
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