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Gertsovskiy Marina Mikhailovna

( Artist)

Comments for Gertsovskiy Marina Mikhailovna
Biography Gertsovskiy Marina Mikhailovna
1953 born in Leningrad.
1974 Graduated from the Higher Industrial Art School named. Fly
. 1974 member of the Municipal Committee of graphs
. since 1990 member of the International Federation of Artists (IFA)
. Collections where works
. Russia's Culture Fund, Moscow
. European Commercial Bank, Moscow
. Bank Baltvneshtorgbank, Kaliningrad
. Manufacturer Baltic, Kaliningrad
. Bank of Atlanta, Kaliningrad
. Koman Art Gallery, USA
. Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm, Sweden
. Galerie Basmadjian, France
. Galerie Bernard Felli, France
. Kolodzei Art Foundation, USA
. Participation in exhibitions and auctions

. 1992 "Age of Dreams"
. Gallery Yantar, Kaliningrad
"The Age of Dreams". Velta Gallery, Moscow
1993 "Russischen Nacht". Sheraton Hotel, Munich, Germany
1994 "Ciluety". Velta Gallery, Moscow
1995 "Neumeister Kunstauktionshaus KG". Munich, Germany


1976-88 Autumn and spring exhibition schedule in town. Low, 28, Moscow
1980 Museum of Modern Art, Stolgolm, Sweden
1980 Biennale poster "devoted to the Year of Disabled Persons". Poland
1988 "Express-avant-garde". Exhibition Hall of the Cultural Foundation, Moscow
1988-90 "Erotic Art in Russia" (organizer and participant of exhibitions). School Studio Anatoly Vasiliev; exhibition hall on the street Levchenko, 6; Kashirka, Moscow
1989 "Labyrinth". Youth Palace, Moscow
"Gorky park", "Freies Rheinland". Dusseldorf
"Soviet-German Symposium. Bodensee, Germany
1990 "Russische Kunstler der Gegenwart". Europlatz Galerie, Rathaus, Germany
1990 "The principle of Ki. Central House of Artists, Moscow
1991 "Small Georgian, 28". Manege, Moscow
1991 "Tokyo - Art Expo 91". Tokyo, Japan
1992 "Diaspora". Central House of Artists, Moscow
1995 "Nude in Soviet art". "Moscow gallery." Artist's House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
"Between the physical and sign". Tverskaya-Yamskaya, 20, Moscow


1989 "Woman-cake". School Studio Anatoly Vasiliev, Moscow
1992 "Yin-Yang". BBC, UK TV
1992 "Shock-show". Body Art. Copyright television, Moscow
1994 "Silhouettes". Velta Gallery. NTV, Moscow
1993 "Age of Dreams". Velta Gallery, Moscow
1995 "Trampoline". Russia's television, Moscow
. Autobiographical notes
. The human figure - that's what interests me most.
. The human figure is primarily a form.
. Associative series of works called the subject is less than for the energy latent in him.
. Paintings send our imagination to three dimensions, which lasts for "a drama of life," materialized in the form of forces: the attraction - repulsion tension - relaxation, peace - movement.
. I want all the energy embodied in the "Silhouette".
. I propose a new concept of sculpture, all arising from its pictorial images.
. The limits of the differences between two-dimensional and three-dimensional - a new concept of art meeting space between the inner and outer, between painting and sculpture


"Beauty - the great power ... Beauty will save the world "- said Fyodor Dostoevsky ... The mystery of the eternal feminine, flickering eros illuminated the poetry of Alexander Blok, Voloshin, Andrei Bely. Nudity in itself holds a great secret. Only people who know about the nakedness - animals are deprived of this joy, because they do not know clothes, and therefore do not feel naked.
Paintings by Marina Gertsovskiy erotic. Sometimes it's sad eros, as a sense of infinite, and may your wishes - just a brief moment. Nudity is vulnerable: a woman's body leaves a protective shell, like a snail, dragging the fragile shell discarded clothes. Here's a woman with a bouquet of flowers, squeezed in his hand, and very similar to this product. Her body vibrates gently, repeating the shape of mysterious hieroglyphs. What they govoryatN
Sensuality and color is often contradict each other. Only gross natures bright colors enhance the desire. It has long been clear, that the smoky half-tones affect a thousand times stronger - not accidental smoky veil and translucent veils of a woman's body from ancient times to the present. Pictures Gertsovskiy - as though through this haze. Erotic only at first appears to be available and accessible to everyone. But on the knowledge that the sensual world bizarre and mysterious the most exquisite human imagination.
. In the subconscious of live original symbols of love: flowers, sandwiched in the women's hand - a phallic symbol of erotic connection; shell - a woman's womb; Bath - a place where there is no ban, which can all
. Any attempt to create in the life of the island ended with the collapse of permissiveness. Life is life, but art - is an eternal journey to the island of love.
"Turkish Bath" the great draftsman Ingres and today can become an erotic chic for the man who grew up in the contemplation of the prohibitions of nudity. Bath Gertsovskiy - a kind of mysterious space where the body as it dissolved. This orgasmic paradise, languor, here male and female, as it were merged into a single creature, full of smoky dreams.
Our civilization is still dwells in the realm of erotica nerazbuzhennoy. The sexual revolution that swept over the world are not left visible in a woman's heart, but without heart body is dead. All the art world - only avenue of approach to a woman's heart.
That is why women's erotica in recent years more and more interested in art. Up until now, we have Eros only "male" eyes: Rubens, Ingres, Renoir, Degas, Toulouse-Lautrec, Kustodiev ... Women's erotica only penetrates into art, so far only on a wave of sensation. Lesbian motives in marvelous paintings Leonor Finn became the key to her paintings (but "female" does not mean "lesbian").
. Marina Gertsovskiy - organizer of the three erotic exhibitions in Moscow, but the eroticism of her own paintings are not yet understood at all.
. Female eros afraid of external signs of passion
. The colder and restrained body language, the stronger the passion. Look closely at the faces of girls swimmers in fancy pyramid in the picture Gertsovskiy. Their eyes filled with infinite yearning, longing and the feminine - this is sad.
Women's erotica as opposed to male allegorically. Beam and a mirror, the beam and the water surface - that symbol of union of male and female in paintings Gertsovskiy. That is why her pictures so much light, drowning in transparent media, the refracted in a thousand faces. This - an orgy of reflections, the orgy of all mirrors. Water - original erotic female mystery of the world. Light - male fertility Home. From the contact beam and moisture born smoky lilac paintings Gertsovskiy.
Mother of Pearl at all times - the background of special internal space shells, in which resides the blessed mollusc. It is no accident pearl decoration of the room creates a feeling of comfort the baby in the womb womb. Obscuring vision pearl haze, Marina Gertsovskiy makes his erotic paintings in the sanctuary, where the man is dissolved in the original pearl spectrum.
For Auguste Renoir pearl surface of the female body is the object of external intuition. For Gertsovskiy - a warm inner light, which warms the female love object, regardless of the distance. Her paintings at all erotic shows from Moscow to Munich and from Munich to London always attract the viewer and is visible from afar as a kind of draws in the space. The result of reproduction of her paintings - it is somewhat unexpected theatrical intimacy, . when you find yourself analyzing processes and the addressee of visual recognition of love, . because the image in the album is so close to the viewer, . that completely disappears distance between the painting and the spectator, . insurmountable for any exposure,
. Nudity in the paintings of the artist is not a local membership body. Nudity - this bouquet, and Bath, and the reflecting surface of water - in short, the whole picture. New erotic refined and subtle. It takes the place of brute sweaty eroticism of the first wave of primitive savages. There is no pure physiology, since the physiology of itself can not satisfy any man or woman. Physiology - only the gate, behind which opens a wonderful country of eroticism.
Overcoming naive prohibitions, a person creates its own theater of eroticism, where refined taste fills the body and soul beaming delight. All revolutions, including sexual, trying to demonstrations. Hence for Gertsovskiy abundance of poses and shapes, reproducing orgy. Iznanka every orgies - intimacy. No matter how loud the crowd, it eventually breaks up into pairs, which consist of single people. Women in the pictures of Marina Gertsovskiy may be one or woven into garlands and the pyramids, but each of them carries the sacredness of their eras - sadness and tenderness.

Kedrov. New erotic Marina Gertsovskiy "(abridged). Marina Gertsovskiy. Nudity. Amber tale, Kaliningrad, 1993
. Bibliography
. Catalog "Nudity", publishing "Amber tale", Kaliningrad, 1993;
. "The artist Marina Gertsovskiy wrote" Golden Age "," Kommersant-Daily ", N47, 9 December 1992;
. Kedrov New erotica Marina Gertsovskiy ", newspaper" Gallery ", 1991.

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Gertsovskiy Marina Mikhailovna, photo, biography
Gertsovskiy Marina Mikhailovna, photo, biography Gertsovskiy Marina Mikhailovna  Artist, photo, biography
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