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Gigineishvili George

( Artist)

Comments for Gigineishvili George
Biography Gigineishvili George
Born April 26, 1943 in Tbilisi in a noble family.
. In 1967 he graduated from Tbilisi State Medical Institute.
. Since 1967 he lives in Moscow and works in Rossiyskom Scientific Center of Restorative Medicine and Balneotherapy.
. Since 1983, board member of the Association of International Cooperation of physicians.
. Member of World Congress of Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War
. 1988. Montreal, 1989 - Hiroshima.
. Since 1989, an authorized representative of the President of the Italian and European Confederation of Societies of charity in Russia and CIS countries.
. Since 1989 Professor of the University of Milan under the Contract.
. Since 1992, the Coordinator of the international club Panatlon in Russia and CIS countries.
. In 1992, the Constituent Congress of the Union of European Societies of Mercy was awarded an audience with Pope John - Paul II.
. Since 1994, the vice president of the association of cultural and business cooperation between Russia and Georgia
. Special arts education has. Engaged in painting since 1992.
. Since 1994, member of the international federation of artists to UNESCO.
. Doctor of Medical Sciences.
. Personal site http://www.grg.rax.ru
. Collections where works
. Works are in private collections in Georgia, Russia, Italy, France, USA

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1993 Exhibition hall of the Georgian Embassy, Moscow;
1994 Cultural Center "Pirosmani". Moscow, Venice, Italy;
1995 Hotel Baltschug, Moscow;
1996 Exhibition of Georgian Artists in the Palace of 50 years, Brussels;
1997 Joint exhibition with K. Ignatov in the Palazzo Sani, Luca, Italy;
1997 Personal exhibition at the State Institute of Art, Moscow;
1998 Joint exhibition with K. Ignatov Gallery "Patrizzi, Siena, Italy;
1999 Personal exhibition in gallery "Cinema" (Moscow auction house), Moscow.


"The very" naive ", that was so dear to Chagall, we find in the works of George Gigineishvili: his brush moisturizes color - subtle and caressing glance. In the work of this original artist refracted and blue sky in the Caucasus, and the gold domes of Orthodox. He is immersed in his own world, at once mysterious and familiar to us. Contemplating his canvases, as if we were listening to the story, subtly changeable and at the same time impressed his integrity. "

. Daniele Crippa,
. Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art International Center Park in Portofino, Italy

. "George Gigineishvili ..
. doctor, doctor of medical sciences, first took up his brush in 1992, by the way, after the audience at the Vatican, related to the activities of the Relief Society, with Pope John - Paul II. But George is recognized as the same artist. In his biography more than ten exhibitions in Moscow and abroad, works are in private collections in many countries. We know many examples of talented "amateurs". Recall stockbroker Gauguin, Rousseau, customs officer. A Pirosmani N.. We Gigineishvili natural sense of color and bright, but restrained. He wrote enthusiastically, "breathless", choosing as subjects all - trees, flowers, sea, sun, animals, fish, humans and almost childlike rejoicing compliance diverse world, subservient to his brush. The artist's works Chamber, imbued with a warm heart, calculated on the perception of tet-a-tet. "

. Olga Kostina,
. Chief Editor zhuknala "Russian Gallery

. "George Gigineishvili's emerged in the last decade in Russia, the new formation 'naive' artists: educated intellectuals, . successful in a career, . but because domestic demand is applied to a new area for themselves - Visual Arts,
. Innate sense of color and composition allows George in an original and expressive and coloristic solve the plastic problem, translating the work in images, born of memories, literary associations, impressions of reality. Associated with national Georgian character vitality fills his work the energy of positive emotions. "

. Svetlana Khromchenko,
. Museum of the East, Moscow
. Bibliography
. Catalog, George Gigineishvili, April, 1996, Italy;
. Catalog, Georgian palette Dionis Club, The State Tretyakov Gallery, October, 1999, Moscow

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Gigineishvili George, photo, biography
Gigineishvili George, photo, biography Gigineishvili George  Artist, photo, biography
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