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Lance Omar Godinez

( Artist)

Comments for Lance Omar Godinez
Biography Lance Omar Godinez
Born in Havana, Cuba in 1953.
He graduated from the Art College of San Alejandro in Havana, specializing in drawing and painting.
Graduated from Moscow State Art Institute. VISurikova specialty posters, illustration and book design. Was qualified graphic artist and title of Master of Arts.
He graduated from the international courses in screen printing workshop Rene PORTOCARERO in Havana.
Member of the International Federation of Artists (International Federation of Artists UNESCO)
. Collections where works
. Works are in the State Museum of VV Mayakovsky
. L Gallery,
. Central House of the spiritual heritage,
. International Fund for "New World 500"
. International Fund for Luis Ortega,
. All-Union Exhibition Center,
. Bank of entrepreneurship,
. Firm COLVE,
. The editorial board of "Latin America"
. Embassy of the Republic of Cuba,
. Spanish Center in Moscow,
. Fund of the University Gh Kassel in Germany,
. Development Center of Fine Arts,
. Gallery Galiano in Havana,
. Fund Pedagogical Institute in g.Libertad in Cuba
. as well as in private collections in Russia, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Sweden, United States, Cuba, Japan, Venezuela, Ecuador, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Canada, Argentina, Aruba, Uruguay, Peru

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1972 "Drawing". Exhibition Hall of the Cuban Customs. Havana. Cuba.
1974 Exhibition of Painting. Czechoslovakia.
1976 Brigade 20th anniversary ". Jagua. Cuba.
1976 "Search and differences". Matanzas. Cuba.
1976 "Visual Arts". The team of professors and teachers of art. Matanzas. Cuba.
1977 "Exhibition Brigade Brothers Sais". Gallery. Matanzas. Cuba.
1977 "Youth exhibition of fine art". Museum of Fine Arts. Havana. Cuba.
1978 "The Gift of Ethiopia". Bolshoi. Havana. Cuba.
1987 "Fabula". Gallery at the crossroads Obispo and Bernaza. Old Havana. Cuba.
1987 "The Two Voices. Exhibition Hall of the magazine "Women". Havana. Cuba.
1988 "To say where myN". Galiano Gallery. Havana. Cuba.
1989 "Traces". Municipal Library. Havana. Cuba.
1991 "Illumination 1. Arts Center. Havana. Cuba.
1992 "Illumination 2". Gallery of Frida Kahlo. Havana. Cuba.
1992 "Meeting of two worlds". Gallery "Imago". Havana. Cuba.
1992 "30th Anniversary Gallery Galiano". Galiano Gallery. Gavana.Kuba.
1992 "Eros-Istmo". Gallery "Guiteras". Havana. Cuba.
1994 "Caribbean Art Today". Documenta-Halle. Kassel. Germany.
1994 "Caribbean Art Today". Halle K 18. Kassel. Germany.
1994 "The Great Glass". Arts Center. Havana. Cuba.
1995 "Caribbean Art Today". European Cities.
1995 "Ofrenda". L Gallery. Moscow.
1995 "Cuban Painting". Arts Academy. Moscow.
1995 "In memory of Oleg Tesler". All-Union Exhibition Center. Moscow.
1996 "Black and white gust gust". Central House of the spiritual heritage. Moscow.
1996 "Concert of Baroque". Poetry - Music - Painting. State Museum of VV Mayakovsky. Embassy of Ecuador in Moscow.
1996 "Nocturne poet". Spanish Center. Moscow.
1996 "Painting and Poetry". Creative evening Pavel Grushko. Writers House. Moscow.
1996 "Spring Exhibition". Exhibition Hall on Gogol Boulevard. Moscow.
1996 "Autumn Exhibition". Exhibition hall at the Little Georgia. Moscow.
1997 "A beautiful face on the canvas". Center "Overcoming". State Museum of NA Ostrovsky. Moscow.

1983 "International Poster Exhibition". Havana. Cuba.
1984 "Traffic", Poster Exhibition. Conference on Small Georgian. Moscow.
1984 "for peace against war, political posters. Central House of Artists. Moscow.
1986 "for peace against war, political posters. Central House of Artists. Moscow.
1987 "exhibition of political posters". Gallery 23 and 12. Havana.
1988 "Carnival in Havana" Exhibition Poster. Gallery 23 and 12. Havana.
1995 "Political Poster 1990-1995". "Moscow gallery" at the Kuznetsk bridge. Union of Artists of Russia, Association of poster artist of the Moscow Union of Artists. Socio-political movement "Union of realists". Moscow.
1995 "Cuban poster". House of Friendship of Peoples. Moscow.
1996 "My Moscow" contest urban poster on the 850 anniversary of Moscow, within the VI-th International Advertising Festival. Moscow.

Autobiographical notes

Painting for me - the continuation of life.
She - my parallel world, is absolutely filled with creativity. Painting, I express my thoughts, actions, events.
In essence - this is translated into the language of plastic sensation and perception. This - plastic myths, they - and the magic of a man, and the whole volume of human feelings and thoughts.


.. For Omar Godinez is a constant mystery link between man and nature. This puzzle is the relationship of reality and myth. Drawing from Omar Godinez reliably supports picturesque shell, charged lyricism.
His painting is very poetic.
Waldo Gonzalez. The magazine "Bohemia", Cuba, p.58, July 30, 1993.

... Omar Godinez, the representative is not enough known in our country, contemporary Latin American art.
... However, this is deeply subjective and intuitive method of exploration of artistic space, rooted in national tradition, does not prevent an artist to use the entire spectrum of contemporary artistic means.
Working with a constantly updated language of the occult, turning to the eternal themes of the sacral in man, Omar Godinez, of course, can count on the active response from the audience.

Elena Romanova. Art critic, L Gallery, Moscow, Exhibition "Ofrenda", June 14, 1995

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Lance Omar Godinez, photo, biography
Lance Omar Godinez, photo, biography Lance Omar Godinez  Artist, photo, biography
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