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JICA Alexander Rollanovich

( Artist)

Comments for JICA Alexander Rollanovich
Biography JICA Alexander Rollanovich
1963 born in Tbilisi
. 1985 graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute
. c 1989 Member of the youth section of the Moscow Union
. 1988 one of the organizers of the gallery "quart-art" D. Vrubel (Galleries Vrubel)
. Collections where works
. Kaliningrad Art Gallery, Kaliningrad
. Groninger Museum, Groninger, Netherlands
. Walt Dysney TV, USA
. P. Nowicki, Warsaw, Poland
. W. Wittrock, Dц+sseldorf, Germany
. P. Khoroshilov
. E. Platzgummer, Vienna, Austria
. B. Winkler
. Participation in exhibitions and auctions

. 1990 Galerie Kicken-Pauseback, Cologne, Germany
. Gallery of the "Union". Central House of Artists, Moscow
1991 Gallery "Manege", Moscow
Galerie Koch, Kiel, Germany
1992 "Group Portrait in the Interior". Regina Gallery, Moscow
Rheinisshes Landesmuseum, Bonn, Germany
Stadtische Galerie Saarbrucken, Saarbrucken, Germany 1993 Galerie Koch, Kiel, Germany
Galerie Ute Parduhn, Dusseldorf, Germany
"Home Light". Gallery M. Gelman. Moscow
1995 Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago, USA
Galerie Art 5 III Inge Herbert, Berlin, Germany


1988 XVIII Exhibition of Young Artists. Manege, Moscow
"Eidos". Youth Palace, Moscow
"Myths and Reality. Youth Palace, Moscow
Moscow Exhibition schedules. Central House of Artists, Moscow
1988-89 exhibition at the Gallery Vrubel
1989 "Outside the genre". Youth Palace, Moscow
"Interart-89". Poznan, Poland
"Nuova Realta". Pinacoteca Communale Loggetta Lombardesca, Ravenna, Italy
XIX Youth Exhibition. Manege, Moscow
A. Djikia. D. Vrubel. N. Kerzelli ". The editorial board of "Decorative Arts of the USSR, Moscow
1990 "Perestroika". Buenos Aires, Argentina
"Wives". Kashirka, Moscow
"Traditions of Russian Painting". Museum of History and Reconstruction of Moscow, Moscow
"Art Hamburg-90". Gallery of the "Union". Hamburg, Germany
1991 "Im Kabinett". Galerie Wittrock, Dц+sseldorf, Germany
"Kunstlerische Konfrontationen-91". Torun, Poland
"N. Kerzelli. A. Djikia. D. Vrubel. "Kashirka, Moscow
"Art Frankfurt-91". Gallery of the "Union". Frankfurt, Germany
"Accrochage". Galerie Koch, Kiel, Germany
"Art Cologne-91. Galerie Wittrock, Cologne, Germany
1992 "Ex USSR". Groninger Museum, Groningen, The Netherlands
"DIN A4". Galerie Koch, Kiel, Germany
"Figurliche Zeichnung". Kunstverein Heilbronn, Heilbronn, Germany
"a Mosca ... a Mosca ... ". Villa Campoleto, Ercolano; Galleria Comunale d'Arte Moderna, Bologna, Italy
"Trouvailles". Gallery Raymond Bollag, Zurich, Switzerland
"The Art of the One family puk, apology or embarrassment". Regina Gallery, Moscow
"Aktuelle Zeichnung und photographie aus Moscau". Galerie Albrecht, Munich, Germany
"Art Cologne-92. Galerie Wittrock, Cologne, Germany
1993 "Art Hamburg-93". Pauseback Edition and Guelman Gallery. Hamburg, Germany
"Adresse provisoire pour l'art contemporain russe". Musee de la Poste, Paris, France
"ART MIF 3". Gallery of the "Union". Manege, Moscow
1994 "No!" - And conformist ". Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
III Biennale of Graphic. Art Gallery, Kaliningrad (first place in the unique graphics)
"A person in my space". Gallery "Fine Art", Moscow
"New Project". Regina Gallery, Moscow
XXV exhibition Kvartarta ". Gallery Wrubel, Moscow
1995 "Kvartart for export". Lomo Depot, Vienna, Austria
"Kunst im verborgenen. Nonkonformisten Russland 1957-1995 ". Collection of Contemporary Art Museum Tsaritsino ". Wilhelm-Hack Museum, Ludwigshafen am Rhein; Documenta-Halle, Kassel; Staatliches Lindenau Museum, Altenburg, Germany
"5 years Marat Gelman Gallery". Artist's House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow

Alexander Djikia - an unusually candid artist. This is not a compliment, because the modern artist is absolutely not necessary to be sincere, and sincerity in itself is not so interesting. Contemporary artists often do not produce pictures and texts. Djikia soon as a writer, rather, a poet, for whom the infinite reflection, the ability to experience themselves - their dreams, their fears, and just everyday life - is the essence of creativity. So Djikia - pure lyricist, Tradition Harms as their own. He managed to find a rotation, in which the image becomes the story, sometimes absurdist novel with a plot, a hero, catharsis, and denouement. Life of its own in all respects a remarkable family, he interprets with the absurd humor that is neither black nor white - no other than "dzhikievskim". Many saw in front of pictures with captions, previously having fun, considering all the proposed caricature. But Djikia in its aesthetically, both elegant and expressive works no social problems, nor the desire to entertain the audience. His schedule is similar to the ancient theater, where the hero has always recognizable rock, where the result does not depend on the intentions, where the action is predetermined from birth. And humor Djikia - more understanding and that "the devil's predestination, and that nevertheless it is not worth paying attention. The fact is that Southern, harmonious, "Hellenic" wisdom, for which we liked Thus did once Georgian cinema. It turns out that Jikia, born in Tbilisi, but from childhood living in Moscow - still a national artist, that is a "person of Caucasian nationality". Besides, most of his personal exhibitions Djikia did in Germany, and will again be presented at the Hamburg Fair German gallery. What is deducted from the pictures Djikia Germans, it is not clear: they in fact know very little about our life, for which the absurdity is organic, as the alternation of day and night. A Jikia, like the Eastern bard, conveys what he sees, without any frills about the "image" or cunning "new sincerity". This position assumed unmodern, but it may be a promising. Ironic if DzhikiyaN course, yes, but it is not deadly irony, and position in life, yet familiar to Hemingway - "irony and pity save the world".

E. Kurlyandtseva "Absurd save the world, says the artist" (abridged). - Kommersant-DAILY, 1993, November 26

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JICA Alexander Rollanovich, photo, biography
JICA Alexander Rollanovich, photo, biography JICA Alexander Rollanovich  Artist, photo, biography
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