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Dmitrieva Anastasiya D.

( Artist)

Comments for Dmitrieva Anastasiya D.
Biography Dmitrieva Anastasiya D.
Born 14 March 1959. Moscow.
In 1984 he graduated from Moscow State Art Institute. VISurikova, faculty schedules.
Participated in the republican and All-Union exhibitions. Since 1987. engaged in painting. Since 1989 collaborates with several galleries in Italy.
Collections where works

His works are in private collections in Russia, Italy, France, the United States, Britain, Cuba
. Participation in exhibitions and auctions
. 1982 "Youth of the country," All-Union Exhibition dedicated to the XIX Congress of the Komsomol, the Central Exhibition Hall Manege, Moscow;
. 1982 Participation in the contest for the best poster of the traffic rules, Exhibition, Third Prize, Georgia M. 28, Moscow;
. 1984 Exhibition of diploma works, the Academy of Fine Arts, Moscow;
. 1987 Exhibition on International Women's Congress, House of Artists in the Kuznetsk bridge 11, Moscow;
. 1987 Seventh All-Union Exhibition of posters, Moscow;
. 1988 Moscow Youth Exhibition, Central Exhibition Hall Manege, Moscow;
. 1992 Exhibition at the University of Naples, Italy;
. 1992 Exhibition associated with the opening of the gallery "Melikhov, Museum of Folk Art, Moscow;
. 1993 "blessed memory Tishinsky market," MS Georgian 28, Moscow;
. 1993 Christmas Exhibition, Georgia M. 28, Moscow;
. 1994 Personal exhibition, Lavroushinsky Lane
. 15, Moscow;
1995 Exhibition of paintings Russian artists, Museum of Russia's business, Stremyanny Lane. 28, Moscow;
1995 "Contemporary Art of Russia", gallery "Helicon", Moscow;
1995 "Colored Boulevard", Gallery "Raisa", Erfurt, Germany.

Autobiographical notes

Romanesque style in architecture is the closest to me and consonant. Bound to attract attention of its simplicity, brevity, a complete lack of embellishment. Everything in it comes from the content.
In his works seek to achieve, at least in part, the same. I love large form, spot; try to avoid excessive detailing, details.
For me, there are three basic concepts that enable the work to exist: composition, color, contents. Only when these "components" are connected in the correct proportions, the viewer can experience the joy of communicating with the picture or any other work. I think that, first of all, people - the audience and the artist should receive from the joy of art. Art should not be hacking, not a right!
In my works I try to make sense of joy through the game in color. This is an excellent, highly addictive game, played in the first artist, and then the viewer. The best part of it - to write the local, at first glance, now, instead of it all the charm and exuberance of children's kaleidoscope.
But color can not exist without the songs. It must be flawless. Explanations of my teachers, about the fact that such a composition, I have not taken root in. Guided phrase in an answer to this question of my grandmother (Shubina G.): "Let go of her hand and she herself how to paint!" I understand deeper and deeper with each new image.
Contents of my works is simple enough: still lifes, landscapes, portraits and, of course, my favorite animals.
In any work reject the total transfer of all visible on the canvas. Admit only a careful selection. I try to avoid accidents. During the talk with some one object or character, giving him all his attention, care, concern. Studying it, szhivayas with him, just loving it, just admiring them, it learned from D. Krasnopevtsev.
About all of their work, I can say that it is pure realism, as all my paintings - a feeling of absolutely real things, people, events, nature, animals.

RB Klimov "Nastya Dmitrieva" 1994.

... Her paintings tend distinct sensation of domestic life, the familiar atmosphere of comfort, regardless of the chosen artist of the genre. Painting Nastia could be called "home". "Home" is even landscape. Highlighted rounded lines and extremely balanced and muted colors have a lot to remind the attentive audience. In principle, emphasized by the artist's position has its origins and above all, of course, in the tradition of Russian Art.
The artist loves the game and patches of color, we note it is a game, not just in the inflorescence of conjugated compositions of color planes. Such memorable Falkovskaya plastic color spots again finds himself in an equally sad Moscow painting Nastya

. Sharif Shukurov
. Bibliography
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. "Diplomas Surikovsky Institute", "Evening Moscow", 29/07/1984;
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Dmitrieva Anastasiya D., photo, biography
Dmitrieva Anastasiya D., photo, biography Dmitrieva Anastasiya D.  Artist, photo, biography
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