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Comments for DOLENDZHASHVILI Guram N.
Born March 9, 1943 in Kutaisi.
In 1968 he graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts, Faculty of graphics.
Studied at the studio of Professor Lado Grigolia.
Honored Artist of the Republic of Georgia.
Collections where works

Works are in the State Tretyakov Gallery,
State Museum of Fine Arts. Pushkin
. Central Museum of the Revolution,
. State Museum of Oriental Art,
. Russia State Library in Moscow,
. State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg,
. Tbilisi State Museum of Art,
. Cato City Museum of Art, Ohio, USA,
. Museum of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA,
. Bureau of Arts in Poznan, Poland,
. Museum of Modern Art in Cologne, Germany,
. collection of Dr. P. Ludwig, Germany,
. Museum of the Resistance, Brussels,
. Slovak National Gallery,
. Lviv Art Gallery, Ukraine,
. Republican Museum of
. Bahzade in Dushanbe,
Management of the exhibition Artists' Union of Russia,
Ministry of Culture of Russia,
Tiksi folk art museum,
Museum of Art in g. Ust-Kamenogorsk,
. Semipalatinsk Art Museum,
. Art Museum in Nikolaev
. Kunsthistorisches Museum, Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan,
. Museum of Art History, Dagestan,
. State Historical Museum, Kutaisi, Georgia,
. Museum of Russian Art in Karakalpakstan,
. Art Academy in Krasnoyarsk,
. Gallery and Art Museum, Osaka, Japan,
. Art Gallery of Tbilisi, Georgia,
. Art Gallery of Kutaisi, Georgia
. Art Gallery of Chuvashia, Cheboksary,
. Chelyabinsk Art Gallery
. Tambov Regional Art Gallery
. Federal Security Service, Moscow, Russia,
. Tolbuhinskoy Art Gallery, Bulgaria

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1979 Personal exhibition. Tiksi Bay. Far East. Russia;
1979 XIII Biennial of Easel Graphic. Ljubljana. Yugoslavia;
1979 European Biennial of Print. Heidelberg. Germany;
1980 Intergrafika - 80. Krakow;
1981 XIV Biennial of Easel Graphic. Ljubljana. Yugoslavia;
1982 International Poster Exhibition. Moscow;
1982 Biennial of Easel Graphic. Mulhouse. France;
1983 XV Biennial of Easel Graphic. Ljubljana. Yugoslavia;
1983 III Biennial European Estampa. Baden-Baden. Germany;
1984 Personal exhibition. St. Petersburg;
1985 Triennale "Artists Against the War. Majdanek;
1985 Biennial of Easel Graphic. Varna. Bulgaria;
1988 Personal exhibition. Tbilisi
1988 II International Arts Festival. Baghdad. Iraq;
1990 Exhibition and Sale. Los Angeles. U.S.
1991 Art/London-91. Kingdom;
1993 Exhibition and Sale. Combining "Magnum". Moscow;
1993-94 Exhibition and Sale. Firm "Origins". Moscow
. Criticism
. Considering the slowly sheets of etching and drawing in that far-off happy meeting with the author - Guram Dolendzhashvili I experienced unparalleled excitement of the flooded stream brilliant unspeakable words, skill and a light cheerful feeling.
. Unusually it all: large format works, expressive seen a plot to build a clear arrangement with clear outlines of objects in their tangible volume and texture, the infinite depth of space, passing from the earth's surface into space.
. And on the whole surface of the paint, or engraved leaf blew the spirit of fantasy and reality, the spirit of joy of life.
. If the etching I could somehow understand the course and the work process, sympathize with the author's colossal investments Labor engraving and many proofs, the figure I saw something that was not expecting and that is impossible to describe
. This quality of drawing, I have never seen. All unusual. An artist boldly discarded all the established rules and traditions, with the utmost clarity plastic language expressing their innermost thoughts ordinary in pencil, making a picture in picture. I am in touch with the miracle. Also make sure once more that the possibilities are endless pencil ...
I believe in the power of the spirit and the rare talent of an artist who will not allow at least once to turn off the chosen path. Guram Dolendzhashvili sees the life of his beloved Georgia's wide-eyed realist, and while in the prime of his creativity, gives people the highest examples of art etchings and drawings.
With. Nikireev, Member of the Academy of Arts of Russia, Honored Worker of Culture of Russia

. Masterly skills of pencil drawings and etchings Kutaisi nominated artist Guram Dolndzhashvili the ranks of the best graphics of the last twenty years
. His works are in major museums, galleries and private collections in Georgia, Russia, as well as Europe and America.
All Guram depicts a sheet of paper, could be called fantastic realism. Fog, moonlight, clouds, snow drifts, overgrown forest or the most simple things of rural life become under his hand in a special poetic substance. But no matter how we dissolved into its mysterious landscapes, it is worth remembering, a hundred in front of us is not heaven and earth in general, but very specific and your favorite country artist - Imereti (Western Georgia).
Primary genre preference gives a landscape painter. In addition to the prevailing quantitative Winter Guram often depicts the fall of nature. Sometimes it's just a rural idyll - strewn with dry leaves meadow, filled with sunlight, bushes and trees, the corners of the garden, peasant buildings, etc.. Sometimes there is a plot and there are people engaged in harvesting, production of wine and other rural chores. And for the artist All this is not exotic, but familiar with the early childhood life of his family, friends and neighbors.
Only one of the earliest periods of creativity Guram fell under the spell of the muse of distant wanderings and created an extensive series of graphic works on the extreme north. Remains of ancient fossil animals, bizarre shapes of rocks on the ocean coast, nets, boats. Sea birds - all interested in the young artist as an unusual and rich material for busy graphics. But back to Georgia, and specifically in their small compared with the rest of the world Imereti, Dolendzhashvili new way to discover the mysterious infinity of seemingly familiar nature and the poetry of rural life. And surprisingly, in spite of extremely precise and detailed, almost stereoscopic, as in the film, the image, the artist does not get lost in the details. Each of its landscape or still life fission and strong in composition. In every living soul of the generous people of ancient.
William Meyland, art
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