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DUMONT Henri-François

( Artist)

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Biography DUMONT Henri-François
Born in 1935.
Self-taught. Began work as a sculptor in 1987.

Collections where works

Works are in the Foundation office Dimenshen Indaument Aa - Taipei, Taiwan.
Participation in exhibitions and auctions


1990 Gallery AL. Nights Babur. Paris;
1993 Gallery Mediar. Paris;
1993 Gallery alternance (Change). Boulogne-sur-Mer. France;
1994 House of Descartes. Amsterdam;
1994 Espace Memoir. Issi. France;
1994 Galerie Anne Lettre. Paris;
1993 Gallery ADB. Paris;
1994 Galerie Mediar. Paris;
1994 La Galerie. Deauville. France;
1994 Dimenshenz Art Geleri. Taipei. Taiwan.

BEAUTY, fairs, rallies

1991 Paris-Moscow - The Union of Artists - Moscow;
1991 Fondasion Santillana. Spain;
1991 libraries and Rundertern. Copenhagen;
1991 Carat. Brussels (prize for sculpture);
1992 Paris-Leningrad - the Union of Artists - Saint-Petersburg;
1992 Fair EuropeAid `Aa. Geneva;
1993 Cultural Center. Neruda. Chartres / Paris;
1993 Biennale of sculpture in Chartres / Paris;
1993 Mack 2000-sculpture. Grand Palais. Paris;
Salon 1994 in Montrouge (prize for sculpture);
1994 SAGA-Fiak edison - Paris;
Noronha 1994 Expo. Retrospective sculpture for 60 years. Niort. France;
1994 Itinerer 94. Levallois. France;
1994 Mack 2000. 10 th anniversary. Espace Paris. Eiffel Tower.

Autobiographical notes

Since 1987, I was doing sculpture on the theme of "rest", because I think its inexhaustible. The idea of "chair" for me is not that for the designer, whose mission - to combine the aesthetic with useful. I act as a sculptor, for I am not absolutely essential function of "sitting", and all sorts of important deviations and movement. R "chair" - just an excuse for my imagination. Every thing I was doing made of steel, twisted, wildebeest, cut, payayu, then leave it to rust and oxidize in the air of Paris, all covered with a layer of rust. Even if some of my sculptures and you can sit down, the comfort of a seat can not speak. Those who think to sit down, will be forced to go into my art.


Reasoning about simulation games Kahlua Roger wrote: "The child will always imitate adults. This is about the `organization, explains the success of various devices and miniature toys that replicate isntrumenty, engines, weapons and vehicles used by older ... However, mimikrichesky reflex moves from childhood to adulthood ... He is also associated with all sorts of amusements and pleasures, which are made men, for example, masks and fancy costumes, ie. in fact it is a player in a mask or masquerade costume with all the ensuing consequences. "
. Or Francois Dumont plays, . to be "someone else", . offering us their uncomfortable chairs, . or talking about the rules of the game in the pretense faithful viewer, . or he becomes a spectator to these, . crowded discomfort in the situation, . changes under the influence of art.,
. How can you call "objects" Francois DyumonaN Some dare call them "thrones" of African leaders ", or the chairs" torture "
. Aesthetic and humorous properties, . selected as such by the artist, . which plays an open game, . give an idea of himself partly by the fact of the name "chair" and modeling material, . which seems only probretaet impossible utilitarian function.,
. As a result, people feel as uncomfortable and comfort
. However, it seems to me that you need to add the idea that challenges the common destiny of our chairs.
"Bureaucrats" or "bigots", offer us a world of absolute comfort and the functioning. This net visibility. As there are many examples of functional furniture, . considered in the context of mobility dreary, . randomness, . laughable "demonstration" of goods, . with high demand, in fact it is just a chair for the ejection or Procrustean lozheN Normal chair, . behind the counter, . can be more absurd, . than chair, . purpose and use of which is distorted mockery of the artist.,
. Without a doubt, we need the awkward and funny chairs
. Art forbids us to sit. It forces us to stay awake, be alert to the situation of the child, tied to a tree, which counts to ten to start the most purposeless ever existed Games. The aim is to find and touch each other and no other functional purpose. Art itself finds and touches us, leaving us unarmed and satisfied

. Francois Dominique
. Bibliography
. Aa Analizis End Rizetch (USA-Japan edishenz) - 1991;
. Creux Arshi - 1992;
. Ap astyualite Shop - 1991;
. Le Quotidien de Paris - 1992;
. La still life - 1993;
. Style des anna 90 - 1991;
. Rauma und Vaughan - 1993;
. Takes Maif sculpture - 1993

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DUMONT Henri-François, photo, biography
DUMONT Henri-François, photo, biography DUMONT Henri-François  Artist, photo, biography
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