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ELENOK Tatiana

( Artist)

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Biography ELENOK Tatiana
Born in 1930 in the village Marianske Krasnodar region.
Since 1948 lives and works in Moscow.
Classic Russian Naiva, among the top seven global primitives (Rousseau, Generaliд+ Pirosmani, Selivanov, Volkova, E., Purygin L.)
. Laureate of USSR festival of folk art (1977, 1987),
. VDNH medal winner and numerous other awards.
. Since 1990 - member of the professional creative union of artists and schedules of the International Federation of Artists,
. Member of International Association "World of Culture"

. Collections where works
. Works are in the State Museum of Lenin, Moscow,
. Museum of VV Mayakovsky, Moscow,
. Museum svoremennogo creative peoples of the RSFSR, Suzdal,
. Museum of Contemporary Folk Art in Caricino, Moscow,
. naive art in the museums of France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, England, USA,
. in private collections director of the firm Sotheby's, Mr. Simon de Pury, London,
. Ms. Franц¬oise Mondi, Paris and many other

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1973 Personal exhibition. Museum of Contemporary Art peoples of the RSFSR. Suzdal;
1974 traveling exhibition of Russian Lubok. Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow;
1974-1978 All-Union Exhibition of amateur artists of Moscow. Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow;
1975 Exhibition of independent artists in Moscow. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1977 All-Union Festival of Folk Art. Moscow;
1983 Personal exhibition. VDNH, pavilion "Electrification". Moscow;
1984 International exhibition of naive art. Yugoslavia;
1985 Personal exhibition. VDNH, pavilion "Electrification". Moscow;
1985 Exhibition of Russian national art. Dresden. GDR;
1985-1987 VDNH USSR pavilion "Energy". Moscow;
1986 Museum of Contemporary Art of the USSR, Suzdal;
1987 All-Union Festival of Folk Art. Moscow;
1988 International Festival of naive art. (Internationale d'imazhiner "). Paris. France;
1989 The first international auction houses Sotheby's in Moscow;
1989 Auction Man and housing ". Moscow;
1990 "Russian Painting". Gallery Asbeck ". Copenhagen. Denmark;
1990 Traveling Exhibition. Cruise around Europe. International Association of World Culture ";
1990 Exhibition Hall of the Kalinin district. Moscow;
1990-1991 "From the naive art to kitsch". Moscow Cultural Foundation. Firm "Origins" VOOPIK, Exhibition Center, pavilion "Soviet Culture". Moscow;
1990-1995 autumn, spring and thematic exhibitions. PTSHG MFH. Moscow. Georgia M., 28;
1991 "Small Georgian, 28". Exhibition dedicated to the 15 th anniversary exhibition halls. Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow;
1991 "ART-MIF-91". Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow;
1991 "Rebirth of Russia". USZ "Druzhba", Association of Business Cooperation "Luteks". Moscow. Luzhniki;
1991 "Russian Holiday". State museum of decorative arts and architectural and park ensemble Tzaritzyno, Finvestbank, gallery "Sirin". Ul. Razin, 12;
1991 Central House of Artists, Moscow;
1991 Personal exhibition. Showroom. Moscow. st. Vorovskogo, 5, Church of Simeon;
1992 "Sergey Radonezhsky". Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow;
1992 Charity auction of modern and traditional arts. Chamber of Commerce of "Troika", the firm "Details". Moscow;
1992 "Dawn of Russia". Charity Easter rally. Moscow;
1993 "Folk Art of Russia". Agency Impring ". State Museum of Architecture. Schuseva. Moscow;
1993 "ART-MIF-93". Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow, 1994 "Russia Province". Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1994 Association of Russia Africanists. Moscow;
1994 International Triennale of naive painting "INSITA-94". Bratislava. Slovakia;
1994 Exhibition dedicated to the 20 th anniversary of "Bulldozer Exhibition". PTSHG MFH. Moscow, Gogol Boulevard, 10;
1995 Exhibition dedicated to the 20 th anniversary VDNH in the pavilion "Beekeeping". PTSHG MFH. Moscow. Gogol Boulevard, 10;
1995 "In My Heart". House officers of the Moscow Military District. Moscow;
1995 Art Center "National Gallery". Moscow;
1995 "Autumn Opening". Art Center "National Gallery". Moscow;
1995-1996 New Year's Exhibition. PTSHG MFH, Moscow, Georgia M., 28;
1995-1996 Exhibition of works by members of the Professional Union of Artists and creative scheduling IHF. Center of business and cultural ties. London. Kingdom;
1996 Exhibition dedicated to the 50 th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War. Museum of the Great Patriotic War on Poklonnaya Hill. Moscow.

Autobiographical notes

My art, like beloved child, born from a wonderful meeting of two different worlds. As a teenager, I loved the urban wonders of technology, but still not forgotten and village tales. Work like any, specialty, at home and any of embroidery and needlework from gingerbread to children's toys. I love all living things, and I find human features in the colors and animals. From the old fairy tales came to my animals and lived in the city in a new machine next to. Fabulous birds and lions, which draw and embroider, my comforters and custodians of life distress. I want all people to cheer and comfort him with my tale, and when not out, draw life as it is - in the faces merry and sad, good and evil. The sharper I feel the gravity of real life, the greater the need in me festive dreams. Reflected in colors and lines, I give all my holiday.


Classic Russian Naiva

Tatiana Elenok was born in 1930 in the village Marianske Krasnodar Territory. Since 1948 lives in Moscow, is engaged in painting. Since 1973 he has participated in many exhibitions in Russia and abroad. In 1984, the original name of the artist included in the World encyclopedia of naive art in the neighborhood with luminaries Naiva Rousseau and Pirosmani. The status of modern classics Naiva brought the artist international renown. Since 1990, Tatiana Elenok is a member of the Professional Union of creative artists and schedules of the International Federation of Artists. In the early 90-ies pictures Elenok participate in international auctions Man and housing "and" Art-Myth ", along with masterpieces by Malevich and Kandinsky, . and in 1994 and 1995, two commemorative exhibitions of contemporary avant-garde Moscow, . on the twentieth Bulldozer Exhibition,
. Parallel work of the artist exhibited at the World Symposium of naive art "INSITA-94" in Bratislava.
Creative Arts Elenok phenomenon appears near the two are opposite manifestations - folk and decorative art and naive acutely grotesque portrait graphic close spontaneous expressionism style. Such a rare harmony of opposites, . ensured the classical nature and urgency of the artist, . approved in their articles are authoritative experts, . as a senior fellow Rossiyskogo Institute of Culture, . PhD in art Olga Baldin and Corresponding Member,
. Russia Academy of Arts, Doctor of Arts, Professor M. Nekrasov.

Olga Petrochuk, Ph.D.
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ELENOK Tatiana, photo, biography
ELENOK Tatiana, photo, biography ELENOK Tatiana  Artist, photo, biography
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