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Comments for ZHURAVLYOV Anatoly E.
Biography ZHURAVLYOV Anatoly E.
1963 born in Moscow
. Collections where works
. Collection of Contemporary Art State Museum Tsaritsino, Moscow
. The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
. Bank "Muscovy", Moscow
. Bank Capital ", Moscow
. R
. Steiner, Erlach, Switzerland
. C. Merian Foundation, Basel, Switzerland
. M. Muller, Bern, Switzerland
. W. Wittrock, Dц?sseldorf, Germany
. P. Sprovieri, Rome, Italy
. Duke University Museum of Art, Durham, USA

. Participation in exhibitions and auctions

. 1990 "Maria Serebryakova & Anatolij Shuravlev"
. Inter-Art, Berlin, Germany
1992 "Anatolij Shuravlev". Arbeitstraumen des Senators fur Kulturelle Angelegenheiten, Berlin, Germany
"Anatolij Shuravlev". Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
"Anatolij Shuravlev". Galleria Giorgio Persano, Turin, Italy
1993 "Ignotum per ignotius". 1.0 Gallery, Moscow
"Attempt to see". Galerie im Literaturforum Brecht-Ilaus, Berlin, Germany
1994 "Anatolij Shuravlev". Sammlung Rene Steiner, Erlach, Switzerland
"Ab Realibus ad Realiora". Kunstwerke, Berlin, Germany; State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
Anatoly Zhuravlev ". New Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg
1995 "Anatolij Shuravlev". La Base, Centre d `Art Contemporain, Levallois, Paris, France
"Anatolij Shuravlev". Show Room Specks Hof, Leipzig, Germany
"Anatolij Shuravlev". Galerie Otto Schweins, Cologne, Germany


1985 "Autumn Exhibition". M. , 28, Moscow
"Exhibition of Moscow Artists". Artist's House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
"One-day exhibition. Artist's House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
1986 XVII Exhibition of Young Artists. Artist's House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
"Art Against Commerce". Bitsa Park, Moscow
1987 "Real Estate". l the "Hermitage". Profsoyuznaya st., Q. 100, Moscow
"Retrospective of Moscow Artists. 1957-1987 ". l the "Hermitage". Profsoyuznaya st., Q. 100, Moscow
1988 "New Artists". DK MELZ, Moscow
"Bath" (exhibition-action). Avant-gardists Club. The men's section Sanduny baths, Moscow
Labyrinth. Youth Palace, Moscow
XVIII Exhibition of Young Artists. Manege, Moscow
1989 "Expensive Art. Youth Palace, Moscow
A. Kirtsova, M. Serebryakov, A. Zhuravlev ". Gallery "Garage", Belgrade, Yugoslavia
"Installation". Gallery "Garage", Belgrade, Yugoslavia
"Inexpensive Art". First Gallery, Moscow
"Exhibition of unfinished data obtained". Mastepskaya K. Zvezdochetova, Fupmanny per., Moscow
"Moskau-Wien-New York / Kunst zur Zeit". Messepalast, Wiener Festwochen, Vienna, Austria
"Perspectives of Conceptualism". Peresvetov Lane., Moscow
1989-90 "10 +10". Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco; Albert Knox Gallery, New York; Milwaukee Art Museum, Fort Worth; Corcoran Gallery, Washington, United States, Central House of Artists, Moscow
1990 "Mosca, Moskva, Moscow". Sala Umberto Boccioni, Milan, Italy
"Towards the Building". Kashirka, Moscow
"Catalog". Palase Youth, Moscow
"Artedomani` 90. Punto di Vista ". "Ex-Ostedale San Matteo degli Infermi", Spoleto, Italy
"Shizokitay". Avant-gardists Club. Exhibition Pavilion on Frunze Embankment, Moscow
"Art Summer". Split, Yugoslavia
1991 "raid". Gallery "PE", Moscow
"Perspectives of Conceptualism". The University of Hawaii Art Gallery, Honolulu; Clocktower Gallery, Public School 1, New York, USA
"In de USSR en Erbuiten". First Gallery, Moscow
"Europe Unknown". Palace of Arts, Krakow, Poland
"Private Lessons". CSR. 1.0 Gallery, Moscow
"Contemporary Soviet Art: From Thaw to Perestroika". Collection of contemporary art museum Tzaritzyno. Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan
"Novecento". L Gallery. Central House of Artists, Moscow
"V izbah / in the room;. Dom kultury, Bratislava, Slovakia
"Russian Art". Rotunda, Hong Kong
1992 "37 Raume". Kunstwerke, Berlin, Germany
"The Fall. The One and the Other ". Immo Art Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
"a Mosca ... a Mosca ... ". Villa Campoleto, Ercolano; Galleria Comunale d `Arte Moderna, Bologna, Italy
1992-93 "Perspectives of Conceptualism". North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, USA
1993 "Philosophy of the name". Contemporary Art Center, Moscow
"Collection d` Art Contemporain RINACO. Moscou 1993 ". Caisse des Depots et Consignations - 56 rue Jacob, Paris, France
"Privat". Kunstwerke, Berlin, Germany
"Without Traces". Altes Rathaus, Potsdam, Germany
"Conversion". Gallery M. Gelman. Central House of Artists, Moscow
"Nine Artists from Moscow". Galerie Rigassi, Bern, Switzerland
1994 "Kunst: Sprache". Kunstwerke, Berlin, Germany
"Moscow Artists 90". Central House of Artists, Moscow
"Renaissance and Resistance". The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
Cetinjski Bienale II. Cetinje, Montenegro
XXII Biennale di Sao-Paolo. Sao Paulo, Brazil
"Project For Europe". Copenhagen, Denmark
"Engel heute". Galerie Gottfried Hafemann, Wiesbaden, Germany
1995 "Das Medium der Photographie in der zeitgenossischen Kunst". Galerie Dacic, Tubingen, Germany
"Kunst im verborgenen. Nonkonformisten Russland 1957-1995 ". Collection of Contemporary Art Museum Tsaritsino ". Wilhelm-Hack Museum, Ludwigshafen am Rhein; Documenta-Halle, Kassel; Staatliches Lindenau Museum, Altenburg, Germany
"Configura 2. Dialog der Kulturen ". Erfurt, Germany
"Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie". Arles, France
"Kraftemessen. Zeichnungen der Moscauer Szene ". Galerie Hohenthal & Littler, Munich, Germany
. Criticism
. Series sibahromov Anatoly Zhuravlev, . combined title "From the real to real" - "Ab realibus ad realiora" - is a picture of ancient statues in the classical range of ocher, . but with blurred contours, . act like a sculpture of background haze or dissolved in it,
. Artist brings neyavnost images to such a limit, when the object itself - the statue - is difficult to discern. And the picture captures if not sculpture, but to replace it is a shadow, the atmospheric boundary marble body.
. Shadow in the European cultural tradition - it belongs creature, its loss is equivalent to a loss of individuality, that is life
. Shadow, separated from his master / body, becomes a ghost, affecting the senses, but elusive. Networks and the laws of this world are not able to catch the mysterious, . implicit nature of the shade, and therefore it has the magical creatures to cross physical boundaries and its strange lifeless vitality confusing picture of the real, . visible and present, . which are typical of common sense.,
. Discourse of the shadows, going back to antiquity, the European culture is always associated with border crossing, weird traits that separates the real from the real
. Pale, beyond which is the secret knowledge about everything, including what the other world. And so, leaving the other world the real, can not turn around, as we know from the history of Orpheus. And leaving it, . impossible to maintain the material integrity of earthly existence, . which were not really involved, . How wonderful it is presented Arnold Bocklin swaddled in a series of blind shadows, . lonely and detached approach to the island of the dead,
. Crossing the border - is an act of translating, or loss of flesh, that is, the transformation of the spirit, which is not - or not - clothed body, does not have plastic articulation. And the art is the mediator of the border, almost directly recorded in Photos Anatoly Zhuravlev. Subject to cross the border is very important, as evidenced, under the name "From the real to real", ie from the developed and rooted tradition of description and knowledge of the real to the subconscious and supra-sensuous experiences. The name refers us to the religious system of values, using traditional "lower" characters (artwork) to refer to a higher ideal being. It sends us to the mystical experience of understanding the conventions of the visible and invisible unconditional, open only to spiritual contemplation of the divine nature.

Andreeva. Fragment of articles from the directory "Anatoly Zhuravlev" exhibition "Ab Realibus ad Realiora". Kunstwerke, Berlin, Germany; State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, 1994

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ZHURAVLYOV Anatoly E., photo, biography
ZHURAVLYOV Anatoly E., photo, biography ZHURAVLYOV Anatoly E.  Artist, photo, biography
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