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Zatulovskaya Irina

( Artist)

Comments for Zatulovskaya Irina
Biography Zatulovskaya Irina
1954 born in Moscow
. 1976 graduated from Moscow Polygraphic Institute (faculty of art and technical design of printed materials)
. since 1979 member of the Moscow Artists
. Collections where works
. The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
. State Museum of Fine Arts
. Pushkin, Moscow
. Bank Capital ", Moscow
. Bank Inkombank, Moscow
. Art Museum of Tomsk, Tomsk
. Novosibirsk Art Gallery, Novosibirsk
. Art Museum of Novokuznetsk, Novokuznetsk
. Rostov Regional Museum of Fine Arts, Rostov-na-Donu
. Museum of Fine Arts, Nizhny Tagil
. Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland
. Municipal Museum, Gertogenbosh, Netherlands
. City Art Museum, Porvoo, Finland
. Art Museum, Warsaw, Poland
. Private collections in Russia, the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Spain, Greece, Sweden, Finland
. Participation in exhibitions and auctions
. 1986 'One day'
. Architects, Moscow
1989 'The Festivals'. Raab Gallery, London, United Kingdom
1990 'Neglinka out of the pipe'. Gallery 'Dominus', Moscow
369 Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
1991 Kaj Forsblom Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
1992 '12 months'. Lars Bohman Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
Programma'Duety '(with A. Olshvang). Gallery 'Dominus'. MARCHI Moscow
1994 'The Elements - Elements'. Lars Bohman Gallery, Stockholm
1995 'Irkin house'. Gallery 'Roza Azora ", Moscow
1996 "Russian Retablos". Lars Bohman gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
1997 "The Chapel and Beyond". Gallery Anhava, Helsinki, Finland 1998 "Pills". Gallery Manege, Moscow


1975-86 Annual Youth Exhibition, Moscow
1979 'I. Zatulovskaya, A. Tegin, V. Tereshchenko'. Showroom MOSH on ul.Zholtovskogo, Moscow
1987 'Private view'. 369 Gallery, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
'Artist and Modernity'. First Creative Association of Moscow Artists. 'Kashirka', Moscow
1987 'Retrospective of Moscow Artists. 1957-1987 '. l / o 'The Hermitage', Profsoyuznaya st., d.100, Moscow
1988 'I. Zatulovskaya, F. Infante, E. Dybsky, S. Shutov'. Gallery Kai Forsblom, Helsinki, Finland
2-I of the First Exhibition of the creative association of Moscow artists. Artist's House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
'Labyrinth'. Youth Palace, Moscow, Hamburg 1989 'Transformation. Art Center Camden, London, United Kingdom
'Nuova Realta'. Pinacoteca Communale Loggetta Lombardesca, Ravenna, Italy
'Russian mind'. Graz, Austria
'Chicago Art Fair'. Raab Gallery, Chicago, USA
'Bath Art Fair'. Raab Gallery, Bath, United Kingdom
'Stockholm Art Fair'. Kaj Forsblom Gallery, Sweden
1990 'Frammenti de arte contemporanei - 32 protagonisti dalli URSS'. Culture Center, Rome, Italy
'Meeting of the world-90'. Joensuu Art Museum, Ioensuu, Finland
1991 'Edinburgh Festival', 369 Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
'Moscow-Edinburgh'. Georgian cultural center, Moscow
'ART MIF 2'. 369 Gallery. Manege, Moscow
1992-93 'Stockholm Art Fair'. Lars Bohman Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
1993 'ART MIF 3'. 369 Gallery. Manege, Moscow
'Avant-garde and tradition. Books by Russian artists of the 20 th century '. Russia State Library, Moscow
'New Territories of Art'. State Art Museum, Krasnoyarsk
1994 'Postmodernism'. State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
New Territory Arts. Ministry of Culture of Russia. Moscow;
'Moscow artists - new look'. Artist's House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
1995 'La terra ritrovata'. Villa Ormond, Sanremo, Italy
'Het Heiling Vuur'. Red-energiecentrale, Dordrecht, The Netherlands
'Charity Auction for Burn Center at Children's Hospital N9 Contemporary Russian paintings and drawings'. Sotheby's, 'ART MYTH'. Hotel Metropol, Moscow
1996 "White Lady". Eindhoven, The Netherlands
"Christmas Exhibition". Gallery of the Union ", Moscow
New Angels. Voltaire, Italy
"The Chapel". European Center of Ceramics, The Netherlands
1997 International Art Fair "Art Manege". Manege, Moscow (catalog)
"Harmony of Contrasts. Russian art of the second half of the 20 th Century "(exhibition-auction), Association of Magnum Ars, PAX, TG. Russia Academy of Fine Arts, Moscow
"The world of sensible things in the pictures - the end of the twentieth century", gallery "M` ARS. Pushkin Museum of. Pushkin, Moscow (catalog)
"Pereslavskij dialogues". Gallery of the "Today", Moscow


. 1996 book "Images of the two albums," New York
. The book "Men and Women" (with S. Gorshkov)

. Criticism
. Zatulovskaya - rare colorist, . and all of its invention - painting on the roofing iron, . at Tole, . rotating the portraits on the boards - no reflection on the avant-garde art material, . but finds colorist, . the opening he needed to express the color, . density, . severity, . texture of different materials,
. Unlike many, Zatulovskaya wants to talk not about art but about life, about her experience is, how it is imprinted in the soul of a child ...

T. Levin. 'Pure Color of roofing iron. " - Ogonek, 1990, N34


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. Catalog of the exhibition 'Moscow
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Catalog of the exhibition 'Transformation', Great Britain, 1989-1990;
Catalog of the exhibition 'Labyrinth', Moscow - Hamburg, 1989;
Catalog solo exhibition. 'Raab gallery', London, 1989;
. Catalog of the exhibition 'Duets', Moscow Architectural Institute, 1992;
. Maria Lind 'Forortstagen ramar', Journal 'Paletten 213', N2, 1993;
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. Gertrud Sandquist 'Poesi fran Moskva', newspaper 'Hufvudstadsbladet', 17 december 1990

* - Information provided by the Soros Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow.

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Zatulovskaya Irina

Zatulovskaya Irina, photo, biography
Zatulovskaya Irina, photo, biography Zatulovskaya Irina  Artist, photo, biography
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