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RIM Isabella

( Artist)

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Biography RIM Isabella
Born in 1947 on 1 November in Baku.
She graduated from the department of drawing and sketching the Faculty aesthetics of the Armenian State Pedagogical Institute. H. Abovyan in 1975.
Artist-designer, a member of the Union of Designers "and" Union of Jewelers of Armenia, International Association Union of Designers ", Vocational and creative union of artists of Russia. Member of the International Academy for Nature and Society - a branch of design. Repeated student and the winner of Armenian, Russian and foreign exhibitions and competitions.
She lives in Yerevan and Moscow. Married, one son.

Collections where works

His works are in private collections in Russia, Armenia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Canada, the United States, France, Italy, Germany, Finland, Holland.

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1995 Exhibition in MA. "Union of Designers" and "Fashion Salon", Moscow;
1996 Exhibition at the VDNKh. Erevan
1996 Exhibition in MA. "Union of Designers". Moscow;
1996 Exhibition at VVC. Central Pavilion, "World of Discovery. Moscow;
1997 Exhibition dedicated to the 10 th anniversary of MA. "Union of Designers". Moscow;
1997 Exhibition Gallery Fashion 97. Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow;
1997 "Russia Fashion Week '. Hotel 'Radisson - Slavic'. Moscow;
1997 II International exhibition "Fashion is my profession". CHA. Moscow;
1998 Exhibition "Russia Fashion Week (Spring Autumn). Moscow;
1998 III International Exhibition. "Fashion - my profession" (Spring). CHA. Moscow;
1998 "House of the Sun". I International Exhibition. CHA. Moscow;
1998 Festival of Arts "Wind of May" in CHA. Moscow;
1998 "Design 98" in CHA. Moscow;
1998 Exhibition in Gallery Russian Gallery "on Vozdvizhenka. Moscow;
1999 IV exhibition "Fashion - my profession". Moscow;
1999 II International exhibition "The House of the Sun" in CHA. Moscow;
1999 "Palette" in the CHA. Moscow;
1999 I International exhibition "Commonwealth" in the Royal Tower. Moscow;
1999 II International Exhibition of jewelry in the house of the Government of Armenia. Erevan
1999 III International Exhibition of stones on VDNH Armenia. Erevan
1999 IV International Exhibition "Moda - my profession" (fall) in CHA. Moscow;
1999 "Small Business Week" in SZAO. Moscow;
1999 Exhibition "The charm of the holiday" in the VVC in the Hall. "Culture";
1999 Exhibition of "Requiem" in memory of mother. Central Pavilion. REC. Moscow;
2000 Exhibition "The charm of the holiday" in the VVC in the Hall. "Culture";
2000 Exhibition "All colors" in the CHA. Moscow;
2000 8 international jewelry exhibition and auction "Gems of Russia". St. Petersburg;
2000 V All-Russia competition for the prize Jewelers cultural capital of Russia "Recognition of Petersburg. St. Petersburg;
2000 Art Salon in CHA. Moscow.


Today, the designer has already created more than thirty collections of jewelry. Silver, gold, deposits of turquoise, amethyst, coral, tourmaline - beautiful stones and metals are ideally combined Vee jewelry masterpieces. But favorite metal is still silver.
The passion of creativity is present in any collection of Isabella ROME, each product - a favorite child, born in the throes.
This artist is always captures the essence of the time in which he lives. If this does not happen - it means that he just does not feel age. Despite all the vicissitudes of fate, he must do, otherwise just suffocate in the whirlpool of time.
Expression of his own feelings, emotions and feelings inherent creativity Isabella RIM as basic as the need to breathe. Jerk - and life experiences spill in the form of amazing sketches
. Bibliography
. Booklets II, III and IV International Exhibition "Fashion - my profession", Moscow, 1998-99;
. Anna Rogaska "Without looking back at the fashion", Journal of jewelry world ", Moscow, N6 (18), 1999, p.54, 55;
. Catalog of the exhibition "La palette", Moscow, November 1999;
. Tatiana Zimogorova Energy silver ", Journal of Architecture, Building Design, Moscow, P.50, 51;
. Tatiana Muromskaia "Aquarius vfbiraet silver", the newspaper "Life Style", Moscow, N39, 2000, P.6.

. Works Isabella Rome

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RIM Isabella, photo, biography
RIM Isabella, photo, biography RIM Isabella  Artist, photo, biography
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