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Isaev, Aleksei Nikolaevich

( Artist)

Comments for Isaev, Aleksei Nikolaevich
Biography Isaev, Aleksei Nikolaevich
1960 born in the village. Silver Ponds Serebryanoprudskiy district, Moscow region.
. 1973-77 studied at the Moscow State Art School N1, Moscow
. 1978-79 worked as an assistant operator at the studio "Tsentrnauchfilm" (film "Restoration Fieldmarshal halls of the Hermitage, etc.)
. 1980-87 collaborated with the Moscow publishing house "book", "Finance and Statistics", etc.
. He worked in student theater. Studio "slide films" S. Sobolev
. 1993-94 member of the Studio features egocentric "
. 1994-95 employee "NeyroVideoTsentra" at Burdenko Institute of Neurosurgery, Russia Academy of Medical Sciences
. chief artist magazine Molossoid breeds in Russia "
. Collections where works
. Moscow Collection Gallery, Moscow
. Kolodzei Art Foundation, USA
. Participation in exhibitions and auctions

. Copyright 1992 Presentation of "Labirintologiya"
. Kashirka, Moscow
. Personal exhibition and video performance (with S. Kuskov and theater "Saira Blanche") at the philological symposium in the main building of Moscow State University, Moscow
. 1993 Personal exhibition and video performance with S. Kuskov and theater "Saira Blanche" (Representation Project Labirintologiya)
. Contemporary Art Center, Moscow
1995 "Neyromansero". Gallery Ptyuch ", Moscow
1996-97 network project "My revolution" http:// www.aha.ru/ ~ newart

1987 "unbanal book illustration" (A. Yulikov, G. Berstein, LM Orlova, etc.). Central House of Artists, Moscow
1992 "Moscow kvaptipa". п⌠п╟п╩п╣pп╣я▐ "A 3", Moscow
Exhibition author book. Moscow Collection Gallery, Moscow
1993 "Avant-garde and tradition, the book by Russian artists of the twentieth century". Book Museum, Moscow
"ART MIF 3" (video program of the Institute of TT
1995 Ateliers du Fond Regional des Pays de la Loire. Saint-Nazaire, France
Festival of Contemporary Art. City Art Museum, Sochi
International Forum "third reality" (videotape). St.Petersburg
1996 "Berlin in Moscow" (in the exhibition "Moscow - Berlin, GMII). Small stage theater. Moscow City Council (the video "Dance & Video)
Pan European Art Manifestation "Manifesta". Rotterdam, The Netherlands (video installation "Pavilion Eisenstein" - a joint project with V. Podoroga). Catalog "montage of attractions" (http://www.aha.ru/ ~ newart/page1)
1997 "It` sa better world ". Museum Secession Vienna, Austria; Art Forum Gallery, Merano, Italy (catalog)


By 1995 (with V. Cromц╜nia) April transfer of "Age of Cinema" (1 channel Ostankino, the draft V. Kobrin) "New cannibals". Betacam, 12 min
. Autobiographical notes
. I was pulling some professional base, which is based on a deep and thoughtful, polyphonic possession of different techniques, as well as a keen interest in culture as such (poetry, music, theater, cinema, painting, literature, plastic)
. This determines my individual nature - the desire to go out and appropriirovat a new unknown area, make your own sometimes narrow confines of modern art.
Constant reflection on the grand style - the most significant part of my work, is something that is ignored by modern critics in relation to a specific (temporary) style
. I regard their activities as a kind of conflict (in their reaction stage) and dialogue (in a quieter phase) between the artist, . owned large style, . he tries to realize in his works of art and specific orders, . he has - the artistic behavior is inadequate artistic situation, . in which he develops, . and most importantly it is inadequate motivation.,
. This is a great sense of style in later transformed into a very specific position - an attempt to create art in the permanent promotions, exhibitions, bringing together various artistic expressions into a single narrative.
. My work is essentially autobiographical - a criterion autobiographical is clearly articulated in an artistic language (not dependent on technology, situations, etc.)
. Any event in my professional life, any statement - is a reference to the main event (and timeless vnekonstektualnoe), just as it does in hypertext. Hence the love of the utopian projects and pathetic utterances.
. I am an artist whose creative biography is twofold: there are 2-3 projects in which I stand in all possible roles (writer, ideologist, artist-performer, curator, producer)
. I am one of the first to insist that the project - this is not a fashionable term of art, and a special system of creation and existence of the artist in a professional context. I belong to the artists working outside the reservation, outside groups, combining in one person and an artist, and curator of their own projects. Each curator is playing in their games, designed to fit in their aesthetic and prodyusserskuyu system is unacceptable for me, because I have an idea of its relevance and fashionableness. There are projects where I proved to be better as an artist, and there are projects where more interesting was my curator
. The main thing in the evaluation of my work - to understand the interaction and dialogue between the two substances, . because narabatyvaya experience as an artist, . I analyze and generalize this experience, . spend and modify the concept of (artistic experience is realized in this often with the involvement of other artists).,
. My Projects "Labirintologiya", "Undergroundland", each of which belongs to the set of performances, actions, presentations, exhibitions and video with computer animation, in my opinion stand the test of time
. Creating the perfect utopian context, I create a kind of a world system that can thrive regardless of the specific artistic practices (whether it is performance, video, computer or network).
. Various techniques - these are tools whose fashionableness obsolete at birth
Not surprisingly, if today it is clear that this is absolutely virtual projects.
Sometimes I think I'm a critic, who reads 24 hours a day thoughts and images of a single artist.


Constantly, throughout the entire creation, Alexey Isaev combines the artist and curator, while taking on the role of the critic, director, producer, and many others. Such a move freely from one role to another, the manipulation of all the potential of technology (on graphics and sculpture to video and networking) sometimes prevents assess the integrity of the artist and the clarity of the projects implemented by them.
. Since all the individual works of the author are his major projects, then I will first give a description of them.
. The first project - "Labirintologiya" (together with Sergey Kuskov)
. Exploring the idea of the labyrinth, the artist chooses the shaped maze of Moscow - Metro. In the present actions and the second labyrinth of life, originating in the artist's work ever since the establishment of copyright books in the form of scrolls, Mц╤bius strips, etc.. This is the text of the labyrinth, a maze-book, filling up any space. Using the draft language of post-structuralism, by re-encodes and creates a classic in form and content of a utopian new reality.
. It creates a whole system, . which is free to evolve independently of the specific artistic practices (if the 1991 is a performance or exhibition, . then by 1995 - a video, . video installation, and ultimately - expanded network project).,
. In implementing their projects, . artist asks a range of presenting the material - from a concept of shares (Re-space in the shares Dobryninsky) to stock-happening (in the metro station Novoslobodskaya with musical group "Ju-Om), . while creating even the early stages of video, . is a piece of, . not a chronicle of events,

. Cooperation at all stages of development of their own projects with various theatrical and musical groups (the most successful synthesis of the theater "Saira Blanche" and the music group "Three O" and "Ju Om") reveals the author's interest in the synthesis of the arts, . leading artist in the future to the creation of momentous events, . such as the Festival of experimental videos or video works, . subject that has long been a connection V, . theater and music,
The second project "Undergroundland" also evolved over time, but not obsolete. If it occurs, it is perceived as intelligent modification of Sots Art, now it develops as a network project, appealing to a virtual reality.
. It should be noted that since 1993, Isaev began working in a non-profit video "Studio egocentric features, where he created his first video works, and held the festival of experimental video, computer animation and design synthesis
. Isaev was the curator of the festival (with Vadim Koshkin) and the exhibition "Videostsenary". Festival for the first time sought to demonstrate the synthesis of the arts and to identify features in the approach to this issue video artists, actors, musicians, directors. Here the artist has accumulated experience in the practice of performance to realize a completely new form, distance and scroll through the video and computer technology.
. Video installation artist "Animation (ism) or the Concert for thirteen monitors" (in the annual exhibition ISDN) once again gives us an example of the experience arranger and performer, . operator and animator, . working with sound and visual score,
. Installation replicate circular Cinema, the memory of the techno-miracle, presented at VDNKh. One of the most notable recent actions of the artist - exhibition "Neuromancer. New cannibals "in the club" Ptyuch "- showed the hidden polemic between biological and machine intelligence. The author gave the viewer the illusion of staying within a certain virtual space, holding it through a suite of electronic media.
. In the exhibition in Saint-Nazaire (France, an exchange project of the French and Russian artists) Isaev completely distanced himself from the product and technology, it is most closely approached the saying absolute
. Relationship with previous work is also readable (the work is similar to, . perhaps, . the most successful early performance, . in MSU - white ever-growing ball, . made by the participants of the action of individual fragments of life - from draft, . text inside, . absorbed the thought and time labyrinths of lines of text),
The artist always goes to the contacts in the field of mass media. Work on the television connected with the constantly emerging projects - unfortunately, not always achievable. Artist never interested in the order as an end in itself, is always the transformation of their own projects and to give them a different artistic expression.

O. Szyszko


Open project. Experience interpreting imaginary ". Art Journal, N2, 1994

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Isaev, Aleksei Nikolaevich, photo, biography
Isaev, Aleksei Nikolaevich, photo, biography Isaev, Aleksei Nikolaevich  Artist, photo, biography
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