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Biography KALISTRITOVA Svetlana
Born in Moscow in 1939.
Graduated from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute.
Candidate of Technical Sciences.
Since 1980, professionally engaged in painting
. Collections where works
. His works are in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow
. Historical-Architectural and Art Museum "New Jerusalem", Russia,
. Tula Regional Art Museum,
. Moscow office of the World Bank,
. private collections in Russia, France, Austria, the Netherlands, Israel, USA

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1990 Transformation and Transavantgarde. Group exhibition of 6 artists Moscow. Gallery "Arbat". Moscow;
1990 Washington - Moscow. Contemporary Art. The State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow;
1990 Washington - Moscow. Contemporary Art. Carnegie Library. Washington. U.S.
1991 5. Exhibition graphics Russian and American artists. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1992 Personal exhibition. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1992 Painting and Assemblage. S. Kalistratova - H. Viterspun. Gallery 1. NIH. Washington. U.S.
1992 Painting and Sculpture. Moskovskaya - The Washington connection. Universal North Gallery. Washington;
1993 Another World. Personal exhibition in conjunction with Richard Dein. Historical-Architectural and Art Museum "New Jerusalem". Russia;
1993 I paint marks. Personal exhibition. Municipal Art Gallery, Mr.. Zelenograd. Russia;
1994 Personal exhibition. Tula Regional Art Museum. Russia;
1994 Exhibition of 3 artists. N. Nesterov, M. Elkonin, C. Kalistratova. The Moscow office of the World Bank;
1995 Exhibition of 2 artists. N. Nesterov, S. Kalistratova. Dialog Bank. Moscow
. Criticism
. Painting Svetlana Kalistratov - this is truly an island of aesthetic pleasure in the ocean everyday passions and burdens among the sea vnehudozhestvennyh attempts to show the audience the most repulsive features of the face of the universe
. Paintings of the artist attracted by beauty and the musical organization of color system. But they can be found not only decorative dignity. In the refined plastic forms are converted drammaticheskie emotions, deep feelings and serious philosophical reflection. For a long time looking at ornamental ritmizirovannuyu, multi-layered pictorial cloth paintings, they discover a world of signs and symbolic figures, linked together in single and multi-valued semantic number. This image inspired by the ancient rock paintings, which became one of the most vivid impressions of life of the author. Beside them there are reasons for characters, which emphasize their musical and graphical nature, the figural, subject associations ...
. ... Coloring products varied: in the works of one of the series, he tensely dramatic, in the other - chilly and elegant, in the third - very calm and harmonious
. The color system is almost completely hides, how would raises the curtain on the secret - is unfolding in the space created by painting a game of feelings, a struggle of ideas and aspirations, excruciating, and the supply of mankind since ancient times to the present

. M. Valyaeva
. Bibliography
. T. Zinoviev, "The avant-garde painting and folk values", Journal of Decorative Arts ", N8, 1991, Moscow;
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. O. Buldakov "USSR - United States: The Commonwealth of avant-garde", the newspaper "Business World", N20, 1991, Moscow;
. Catalog Svetlana Kalistratova, 1992, Moscow;
. M. Shashkina "When they say the muse, the guns are silent, the newspaper Moskovsky artist", N30, 1992, Moscow;
. L. Popova, Moscow - Washington, Washington DC - Moscow ", the newspaper" New Russian word - Russian Daily - Novoye russkoye slovo ", August 21, 1992, New York;
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. M. Valyaeva "I paint the signs," the newspaper "Forty-one", N59, 1993, Zelenograd;
. LA Denisova, the newspaper "New Jerusalem truth", N39, 1993, the New Jerusalem.

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  • varja for KALISTRITOVA Svetlana
  • I urgently need to contact Svetlana Nikolaevna. She wants to find and how to contact you Peter Fink of Germany, they met in the Gallery. Please write coordinates. Thank you.
  • Peter Fink for KALISTRITOVA Svetlana
  • Privet Svetlana, eto Peter Fink. Moshet ty menja jescho pomnisch? My togda w Bavarii posnakomilis, ty jescho byla u nas w gostjach. Ty prijesshala so swoim dwojurodnym bratom. U tebja byla jescho togda wystawka w Mnchene w universitete, gde ja uchilsja. Sejchas my shiwjom w Schwejzarii. Budu ochen rad jesli ty otwetisch mne na moj E-Mail: peter_fink@bluewin.ch
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    KALISTRITOVA Svetlana, photo, biography
    KALISTRITOVA Svetlana, photo, biography KALISTRITOVA Svetlana  Artist, photo, biography
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