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Dmitry KANTOROV Ascoldovich

( Artist)

Comments for Dmitry KANTOROV Ascoldovich
Biography Dmitry KANTOROV Ascoldovich
1958 born in Moscow
. 1977 Graduated from the Moscow Art School in memory of 1905
. 1977-79 studied at the Moscow Institute of Technology (Textile Department)
. 1994 Member of the Moscow Union of Artists
. Member of the International Arts Fund
. Collections where works
. Corporate collection of IBS, Moscow
. Bank "Most-Bank, Moscow
. Fund Mon, Warsaw, Poland
. Kolodzey Art Foundation, Washington, USA
. Stuart Levi Gallery, New York, USA
. Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago, USA
. Alex Edmund Gallery, New York, USA
. Granovsky Gallery, San Francisco, USA
. Alexander Gallery, Paris, France
. Private collections in Poland, UK, USA, France
. Participation in exhibitions and auctions

. 1989 "Homenklatupnaya zdpavnitsa" (Within the framework of the exhibition project are "Myths and pealnost)
. Palase Youth, Moscow
1990 "Civil War". Stewart Levi Gallery, New York, USA
"Rusted silver". Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago, USA
1992 "Between vapyagom and gpekom". East Gallery, Moscow
1994 "Advertising Campaign" (in the exhibition-action "pool" Moscow "). Pool "Moscow", Moscow
1995 "Election Campaign" (Project Gallery M. Gelman's "Party of turn-key"). Polytechnical Museum, Moscow; Historical and Art Museum, Kaliningrad
"Election Campaign". Kolodzey Art Foundation. Cultural Center "Phoenix", Moscow
1997 "Dmitry Kantorov". Strlezki collection. Estrel Hotel, Berlin, Germany
1998 Phoenix Gallery, Moscow

1979 Autumn Exhibition of Moscow Union (section of the theater-cinema). Exhibition Hall of Moscow Artists Union Street. Vavilova 65, Moscow
1980 Spring exhibition of Moscow Union (section of the theater-cinema). Artist's House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
Youth Exhibition. Artist's House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
All-Union Exhibition. Manege, Moscow
1981 Spring Exhibition (theater, cinema). Artist's House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
"Results of the season". WTO, Moscow
One-day exhibition of sculptors Club. Artist's House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
1982 "Youth of the Country". All-Union Exhibition of works of young artists. Manege, Moscow
"OSTT". Central House of Artists, Moscow
1983 Spring Exhibition. M., 28, Moscow
1984 XV Youth Exhibition. Artist's House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
1985 Zonal Exhibition (theater, cinema). Manege, Moscow
XVI Youth Exhibition. Artist's House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
1986 XVII Exhibition of Young Artists. Artist's House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
1987 "The First Exhibition of Avant-gardists Club (CLAVA)". Kashirka, Moscow
2 nd auction of contemporary art. The Moscow branch of the Cultural Foundation, Moscow
1988 XVIII Exhibition of Young Artists. Moscow
Labyrinth. Youth Palace, Moscow, Warsaw, Hamburg, Amsterdam
"SOVIART" (the first Soviet-American exhibition). Hall of Union of Artists, Kiev
"Eidos". Youth Palace, Moscow
"Art Fair". Stand USDA. Basel, Switzerland
1989 "Art Contemporain Sovietique peintres et sculptures". Palais des Congres, Versailles, France
"Dialogue". "Avant-Garde" Russe et Art Contemporain Sovietique ". Centre Boris Vian. Ville des Ulis, Paris, France
"New Art from Russia" (exhibition-auction). Hannover, Germany
Gallery "Alexander". Paris, France
Gallery "PN". Warsaw, Poland
Furmanny zaulek ". Dawne Zaklady Norblina, Warsaw, Poland
1990 "Les ateliers de la rue Furmann". Zurich
"Preview-Review". Stewart Levi Gallery, New York, USA
"Sneak Preview". Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago, USA
"Group exhibition of Russian art". Maya Polsky Gallery, Club Art Institute, Chicago, USA
1991 "Tokyo Art Fair". Beauty on Polyanka. Tokyo, Japan
"Gorby in the image". Exhibitions by U.S. universities. Philadelphia Art Museum staff; Granovsky Gallery, San Francisco, USA
"Art Fair". Granovsky Gallery, Hong Kong
Exhibition Gallery "Alex-Edmund-Russian State Museum", New York, USA
Granovsky Gallery. San Diego, California, USA
1992 "Gopbi in the image". New York, USA
Exhibition in the Gallery "Alex-Edmund-Russian State Museum", New York, USA
1992-93 "Humanitarian aid parcels for Germany. 27 Moscow Artists ". Central House of Artists, Moscow; "Humanitare Hilfe, Packchen fur Deutschland". Tranenpalast, Berlin, Germany
1993 "Monuments: Transformation for the Future". ICA, New York, ICI, Moscow. Central House of Artists, Moscow
"Adresse provisoire pour l'art contemporain russe". Musee de la Poste, Paris, France
"ART MIF 3". Eastern Gallery. Manege, Moscow
"From the collection Colodzey Art Foundation". Moscow department of IBM, Moscow
1994 Galerie "Ivanov, Russian Cultural Center, Prague, Czech Republic
Gallery "Smirnoff", Prague, Czech Republic
Corporate collection of IBS (office), Moscow
"May Fair". Artist's House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
1995 "From the collection of Tanya and Natasha Kolodzei". Gallery Seven nails, "Russo-American Press Information Center, Moscow
"Report-show" (performance). Festival "Crimea Forum. Kerch, Crimea
Theater-Word ". Regional History and Art Museum, Kaliningrad
"Party" turnkey ". Gallery M. Gelman. Polytechnical Museum, Moscow
1996 "Gallery in the Gallery", "East Gallery". State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
International Art Fair "Art Manege". Manege, Moscow
International art fair ART-MOSCOW. Central House of Artists, Moscow
"Eastern melodies", "East Gallery". Hotel Radisson-Slavyanskaya Hotel, Moscow
1997 International Art Fair "Art Manege". Manege, Moscow
"Colorful World". "East Gallery". Hotel Radisson-Slavyanskaya Hotel, Moscow
"Give women the flowers". "East Gallery, Moscow
. Autobiographical notes
. Developing and deepening the basic artistic principles of Conceptualism and Sots Art, . I work at the intersection of aesthetic and social spaces, . ensuring complete interchangeability of cultural and social character, . that allows virtually unlimited expansion in the aesthetic social (political, . household, . historical) spheres,
. Social characters introduced into the product of certain segments of the public, mass consciousness, and exposing their sign nature, I - the artist, overcome the forced assignments, automatic reactions of contemporary cultural thinking. Such art to modern society - a kind of aesthetic therapy, something that helps the individual to preserve the possibility of a complete identity in the face of sometimes excessively proliferating social fetishes
. Criticism
. Artist Dmitry Cantor attempts to develop a consistent culture-indeed virgin reservoir Russia actually associated with the exciting (at times) dramaturgy of political struggle
. Cycle under the general title "Advertising Campaign of the twelve works, . analytically-conditionally dissociated by flourishing terry wide range of colors once the long-awaited multi-party system, . represents some zratelyu estetizirovannuyu (and only partly parody) version of the election campaign of political parties and groupings Russia,
. Of course, there can be no question about routine proportional mapping momentary political situation - let us leave these worries sociological services, political scientists and others of that ilk. Researchers of the artist is interested not only and not the most massive movement in their typicality and relevance, . but some of the excesses - perhaps, . numerically small, . but vivid in its specificity: this is, . example, . St. Petersburg group "Moli", . expressing the interests of the "pink" sexual minorities and numbering, . rumored, . only four participants (work "Do you want my golosN").,
. Generally, . cycle saturated candid reminiscences, . allusions, . striking disparate visual quotations - frescoes of the Sistine Chapel, . Ancient sculpture, . Russian icon, . modern erotic and kulturistskih journals,
. By, . not hide a certain amount of sarcasm, . Open pedaliruet referring to these cultural, . like intrusive, . and over again showing us what he saw in a dreamy inner vision "through the window to Europe" kinship of our socio-political microcosm global context, . as historical, . that is obvious and high classics, . and topical, . petty-domestic, . up to the level bahtinskogo "lower stratum",
. "We are the same as them - as if to persuade us Kantorov, but we fully hear that his voice had no conviction, no enthusiasm, and that's the" opposite effect "and, it appears, in fact, the author's task. ..

I. Cid

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Dmitry KANTOROV Ascoldovich, photo, biography
Dmitry KANTOROV Ascoldovich, photo, biography Dmitry KANTOROV Ascoldovich  Artist, photo, biography
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