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Karpukhin Sergey

( Artist)

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Biography Karpukhin Sergey
Born September 26, 1962 in the southern Urals. From 1980 to 1986 he studied at the Moscow Geological Prospecting Institute. From 1986 to 1992 he worked in geological organizations Vladivostok Yaroslavl. Currently, free traveler and photographer. From December 1996 - Member of the International Federation of artists to UNESCO. Lives in the town of Mytishchi, Moscow Region.

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1996 Personal exhibition. Mytishinskiy History and Art. Mytishhi;
1996 Personal exhibition. Gallery Seven nails ". Rossiiysko-American Press Center. Moscow;
1996 Group Exhibition. International Federation of artists to UNESCO. Showroom. Moscow;
1997 Personal exhibition. Mytishinskiy History and Art. Mytishhi;
1998 Personal exhibition. Gallery Seven nails "and Bulgakov's Fund. House Bulgakov. Moscow;
1998 Group Exhibition. Gallery Seven nails ". International Art Salon, Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1998 Personal exhibition. Gallery Ramenki ". Showroom. Moscow;
1998 Personal exhibition. Mytishinskiy History and Art. Mytischi.

Autobiographical notes

Any spectator who saw my pictures and submitted slides, decides that he is dealing with the author, working in the genre of landscape. I will be right. He will be able to judge that, and as shown in these. But it's not the. The concept of my work is, where and how were photographed.
Subtle sense of beauty and perfection of nature was familiar to me always, from birth. Thirst to see as much as possible, has developed a passion for travel. And the realization that all these impressions are only in me, could not create the need for self-expression. It was logical to appeal to the photo art. The work is conducted in a complex and lengthy expeditions. In total isolation from civilization, in remote areas. Where can count only on themselves. Where the house is a fine tent, and food prepared on the fire. Moving on foot, with a heavy load on their shoulders, or on the water in a kayak and catamaran. When the degree of comfort to a large extent depends on the weather. Here in these conditions, I gradually start to feel a primitive man, a part of nature and see it not from outside but from within. That there are born of my pictures.
By placing a small part of his collection, computer data bank of art, I hope that it will not only see many viewers. In addition, counting also on the feedback. It would be very interested in intercourse as a publisher, and with people close to their activities,. I also think it possible or any joint projects with photographers, artists, amateur or professional travel travelers.
Key travel:
In his student years involved in the seasonal geological expeditions. In the summer of 1982 and 1984 in the Eastern Sayan Mountains. In the summer of 1983 in the North Kamchatka. From 1982 to 1992 participated in numerous expeditions in deep vertical caves (about 20 expeditions and short visits). The maximum depth of 1000 meters Slopes. Region speleoputeshestvy: Crimea, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Primorje, Austrian Alps. Then the period of independent expeditions, where gradually one of the main reasons is to take photos.
1993, July. Altay. Single 180 kilometers on foot from the lake Teletskoye to the Chui Valley.
1994, June - July. Eastern Sayan. The valley Kazyra in Gutara 250 kilometers on foot. Three members.
1995, June - July. Transbaikalia. Rafting Vitim (700 kms.) And Chara (300 km.) On a catamaran. Three members.
1996, July - August. Putorana Plateau. Swimming in the lake system of the Western Putoran on catamaran. The total route length of 500 km. Five participants.
1997, June - August. Rafting on the Lower Tunguska. In 2625 alone kilometers on a kayak.
1998, July - August. Small trip on the Polar Urals and the West Altai.


Alone in the taiga and off-road, the mountains Putorana, rivers Vitim and Lower Tunguska. When on foot, when the kayak, but always with a camera traveling thirty-five Sergei Karpukhin. The result of the annual expeditions - the permanent exhibition and thousands of unique stories, seen the eyes of the artist.

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Karpukhin Sergey, photo, biography
Karpukhin Sergey, photo, biography Karpukhin Sergey  Artist, photo, biography
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