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Vyacheslav Koleychuk Fomich

( Artist)

Comments for Vyacheslav Koleychuk Fomich
Biography Vyacheslav Koleychuk Fomich
1941 born in the village. Stepantsevo Moscow Region
. 1966 Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Architecture (Faculty of Urban Development)
. 1966-67 member of the "Movement"
. 1968-72 Founder and member of the "World"
. since 1979 member of the Union of Architects
. since 1993 member of the International Federation of Artists (Professional Union of creative artists and schedules)
. 1996 lecturer in landscape architecture MARCHI
. 1997 Professor of the figure of the Moscow State Open Pedagogical University
. Collections where works
. Collection of Contemporary Art State Museum Tsaritsino, Moscow
. Museum of Contemporary Art g.Louny, Czech Republic
. Nancy and Norton Dodge Collection, Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, USA
. L. Talochkin, Moscow
. V. Dudakov, Moscow
. D. Rene, Paris, France
. P. Batkin, London, United Kingdom
. Participation in exhibitions and auctions
. 1966 "Exhibition of Kinetic Art" (together with the group "Movement")
. House of Culture im.I.V.Kurchatova Institute of Atomic Energy, Moscow
1967 "EXPO 67". Pavilion of the USSR, Montreal, Canada
1975 "EXPO 75". Pavilion of the USSR, Okinawa, Japan
1975 "Experimental modeling in Architecture". Museum of Architecture im.A.V.Schuseva, Moscow
1976 Autumn Exhibition. House of Architects, Moscow
1977 "Structures". Architects, Tallinn
1978 "Science and Art". House of Scientists, Moscow
1979 "Color, form, space". M., 28, Moscow
1980 "Experimental simulation in design". Center for Technical Aesthetics, Moscow
1983 All-Union Exhibition Design. Central House of Artists, Moscow
1983 "Kinetic morphogenesis". House of Knowledge, Riga
1984 Mayakovsky and Production Art. Mayakovsky Museum, Moscow
1984-85 "Tradition und Gegenwart". Dusseldorf, Hanover, Stuttgart, Germany
1985 "Design of a socialist society". International Exhibition. VDNH USSR, VNIITE, Moscow
"EXPO-85". Pavilion of the USSR, Tsukuba, Japan
1986 "Images of symmetry in art". Center for Biological Research USSR, Mr.. Pushchino, Moscow Region.
"Masters of Culture for Peace". Manege, Moscow
1986 "Vjaceslav Fomic Kolejcuk. Plastiky, Kolaze, Documentace ". Dom umeni mesta, Brno, Czechoslovakia
1987 "Computer and Art". Center for Nuclear Research, USSR Academy of Sciences, Protvino, Moscow Region.
"Design in the USSR". Design Center, Stuttgart, Germany
"The space-time-art". Exhibition Hall of Artists Union of the Tatar ASSR, Kazan
Artist and Modernity ". First Creative Association of Moscow Artists. Kashirka, Moscow
"Object-I". M., 28, Moscow
"Retrospective of Moscow Artists. 1957-1987 ". l of the "Hermitage", Profsoyuznaya st., q. 100, Moscow
1988 "ARS". Exhibition Hall of the Kiev region, Moscow
"Geometry in Art". Kashirka, Moscow
2-I of the First Exhibition of the creative association MOSKh. Artist's House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
"Poetry of randomness". MARCHI Moscow
Designer-Artist ". Center for Technological Esthetics, Moscow
1989 "What is the picture". 150 Years of Photography. Manis, Prague, Czechoslovakia
"Moscow unofficial art 60-70-ies." (from the collection of L. Talochkin). Regional Museum of Art, Kuibyshev
"Collection of Tanya and Natasha Kolodzei". GMII UzSSR, Tashkent
1990 "Zvukstruk Popfon + + Bicapo" (with G. Vinogradov and B. Stuchebryukovym). Youth Palace, Moscow
1990 "Viatscheslav Koleitschuk. Retrospective 1965-1990 ". Neue Galerie, Kassel, Germany
"Towards the Object". Kashirka, Moscow
"Universal progress". International Exhibition. Manege, Moscow
"In de USSR en Erbuiten". Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
"Images on Facades". Felix-Poulate Square, Grenoble, France
1990-91 Other Art. Moscow 1956-1976 ". Gallery Moscow Collection. State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow; RM, Leningrad
1991 "Viatscheslav Kolejtschuk. Retrospective 1965-1990 ". Institut Baukunst, Graz, Austria
1992 "The Photographic Experience in Contemporary Russian Art. Herbarium ". Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Fotogalerie Wien, Vienna, Austria
Art-contact ". Manege, St. Petersburg
1994 "Europa, Europa". Bonn, Germany
1994 "Total illusion". State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
1995 to "wheel-spinning". Cinema Museum, Moscow
1995 "20 years of exhibitions in DC VDNKh. Profsoyuznaya 100, Moscow
"Postscript". The eightieth exhibition 0-10. Low, 28, Moscow
"The new visual reality". Museum of Decorative and Applied Art, Moscow
"Svetostereografiya". National Technical Museum, Prague, Czech Republic
1996 "Architecture of a landscape". Limeric City Gallery of Art, Ireland
The exhibition of nominees of the national theatrical award "Golden Mask". Exhibition Hall on Tverskaya Street, Moscow
"The boundaries of interpretation". State Humanitarian University, Moscow
"Tallinn-Moskva.1956-85 years". Tallinn Art House, Estonia
"Hobbytronica". Torino, Italy
Exhibition at the opening of the cabinet Malevich, Malevich's Fund, Moscow Fund, Citizens'. Design Gallery, Moscow
Performance in the concert program dedicated to 100 anniversary of the birth of LS Terme (with S. Krejci). State Concert Hall of the Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan
Speech at the Festival Theater and Music ". House actor, Nizhny Novgorod
1997 "Credo", Russia Culture Foundation, Moscow
"Svetopredstavlenie". Profsoyuznaya 100, Moscow
Demos Copyright exotic acoustic musical compositions and structures, Moscow
Speech at the concert dedicated to 30-year anniversary of the "Osenebri" P. Luferova. Central House of Artists, Moscow
International Art Fair "Art Manege". Manege, Moscow
Speech at the festival of alternative music (with S. Krejci). House of the composer, Moscow
Speech at the concert zlektronnoy music and audio-visual arts (with S. Krejci).
Big Concert Hall Russia Academy of Music. Gnesinyh, Moscow
"Fok` 97 ". 1 exhibition-festival of new visual culture. Central House of Artists, Moscow
Digitale 97. Dialekte. Cinemathek. Cologne, Germany
1998 "workshop con-struktivizma. Geometry, structure, ornament ". State Tretyakov Gallery on the Crimean shaft, Moscow
. Autobiographical notes
. Experimental and theoretical study of the problems "to overcome the material, and programmed kinetic art, kinetic construction of paradoxical, design and visual models and images
. The search for new means of artistic expression (samokollazh, man-made holography - svetostereografika, fotozhivopis). Creating samonapryazhennyh and self-raised structures and compositions, acoustic, exotic musical instruments (ovaloid constructive sound spatial structure).


Vyacheslav Koleychuk - inventor and formotvorets what always worked in art and always a small number. At the beginning of this century, many different reasons, in relation to the art of internal and external, has led to the fact that formal novelty, artistic invention and discovery have become the most valued qualities of creativity.
. Koleychuk - heir to the vanguard of the first decades of XX century
. Next by dragging these related phenomenon has gone through his work. We feel the pulses received from Rodchenko and K. Johanson, Tatlin and Malevich ... But we also feel a clear and persistent opposition to this legacy - even their old constructive ideas Koleychuk said by the language of new spatial relations. The massive form of C. Johanson, for example, turned in a cross-cutting Koleychuk floating organisms.
In fact, the talent and the cast of the human person Koleychuk - "Classic", "son of harmony", that's not classicist, not phlegmatic - Classic. Of course the word is to be understood here not in the evaluation plan as well as identifying specific master. This is the peculiarity of his aesthetization forms of technical and technological, have emphasized the rational and "irrational" in the figurative sound ... They always harmonious, nobly balanced, "absolutely". Therefore, spatial structures Koleychuk not need figurative metaphorical props - their imagery directly born from the harmony of form, harmony similar natural formations. "The challenge thread - this thread, rather than the ear, no reeds. Fan-shaped space frame - a design, rather than a paraphrase of the silhouette of the wings of a bird, etc.
Vyacheslav Koleychuk active for about three decades. At very large unity of all created by him, we see the waves of time, . which passed through his work: democracy, . open constructive, . dynamism of the 60's; complex conceptual, . game of visual and spatial forms, . irrationalism "impossible objects" 70-x; new conceptuality, . already in the key of "postmodern" 80 - arheologizm inscrutable objects "alien civilization", . interest in figurative, . stylistic stereotypes, . including subjects Salon, . harping on the cultural meanings of things and forms ..,
. Before us is a living growing the unfinished work of his absolute achievements, dubious failures, dead ends and new discoveries.
. The artist is constantly in an active study of his material: structures, . Forms, . textures and patterns of our vision (perception of raster form, . paradoxical visual illusion), . simply natural phenomena and their visible traces: the effects of magnet, . inhomogeneous fluid, . mirrors and much more,
. These observations and mini-open in the very real environmental evoke artistic shaped opening in the works.
Last. At first glance, creativity Koleychuk, his inventive art - a clean laboratory and often machine-experiment. However, those he works with unusual and unexpected ease and without any transformations turn into quite the monumental decision of the architectural and decorative plan. In the transition from fantasy to reality, from the experiment - to practice, from the game - to the point Koleychuk as harmonious and natural, as in the rest. Classic.

N. Adaskina

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Vyacheslav Koleychuk Fomich, photo, biography
Vyacheslav Koleychuk Fomich, photo, biography Vyacheslav Koleychuk Fomich  Artist, photo, biography
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