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Kolesnikov Vladimir Yu

( Artist)

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Biography Kolesnikov Vladimir Yu
Born in Moscow in 1954. In 1980. Graduated from the Higher Art Institute in Moscow. Since 1975 member Russian and international exhibitions
. Collections where works
. Works are in Sevastopol Art Museum, the Moscow branch of the company Rothmans, in the Radisson Slavyanskaya hotel in Moscow, at the Museum "Dragon" in Taiwan, and in private collections in Russia, Germany, USA, Kiprpa, Finland, Poland, South Korea

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

Since 1975, participation in youth, regional, all-exhibitions in Moscow and other cities of Russia, organized by the Ministry of Culture of the USSR, the Union Hudozhniuov Russia.
1978 1 st solo exhibition at the Institute of International Relations.
1988 2 nd solo exhibition organized by the Office of Culture in Moscow
. 1995 3rd solo exhibition at the Central House of Artists in Moscow, with the assistance of an independent community, "4-wheel drive.
. 1996 4 th solo exhibition in Central House of Artists in Moscow, with the assistance of an independent community, "4-wheel drive.
. 1996 Personal exhibition at the House of Sculptor in Moscow, the organizer of the Moscow Union of Artists

. 1997 January Hotel Sofitel in Moscow, organizer of the gallery "Nude"
. 1997 August Hotel Sofitel in Moscow, organizer of the gallery "Nude"
. 1997 5 th solo exhibition in Central House of Artists in Moscow, with the assistance of an independent community, "4-wheel drive.
. 1998 6 th solo exhibition in Central House of Artists in Moscow, with the assistance of an independent community, "4 wheels"
Autobiographical notes

4 Wheel.
Wheel as a paradigm of art.

Everything is repeated, new and old are interchanged.
The art of killing, the artists became extinct.
We are not artists. We are the inventors of the wheels.
. The world has gone mad and heading for disaster, and we are moving parallel to the edge.
. Hollow echo of dying civilizations caresses our ears.
. But our cart is not a hearse.
. We are longing for the natural feelings, as the astronaut on the natural composition of the respiratory mixture.
. Art today is the invention of the rich dudes.
. People lazy to emotions that come up with infinite life-recipe false spirituality.
. For us the main thing is not food, and the road.
. Criticism
. "Artists feel that it is time for spontaneous display"
: Vladimir Kolesnikov - son of the famous Russian sculptor Yuri Kolesnikov.
The exhibition Kolesnikov sells a collection of sculptures made of marble, showing the splendor of stone and the richness of his imagination. The main subject of this collection is an eternal theme - women. Sculptor attracts a woman not as an image, but as a form in the works "The Queen", "Asia", "Single" representation of women in different internal states and at different stages of life. Another part of his marble collection is dramatic and historical figures.
"Pontius Pilate" compact sculpture resembling the walnut, is a combination of neobrabotonnogo and polished marble. Polished procurator's face, wrists and feet protruding from the rough fabric of clothing, how would bear the reflections of the spirit, reflected on it after his meeting with Jesus.
. "Alexander Pushkin" - a bust, with Arab features, is made from a single piece of marble.
. "This great man was so original, so unexpected, that at some point in my life I decided to create their own Pushkin, independent of how many of his images have been created" - recognized sculptor.
. The collection includes sculpture, ceramics Kolesnikova "Constantinople - Union of Burma", representing the tragic story of blinded by the architects of the cathedral "Basil"
. They - like Siamese twins, trying to break away from each other, while their immortal creature grows out of their heads, as if floating over their personal human drama.

"Wheels" roll his chariot art. Newspaper "Moscow Tribune, Olga Slobodkin, 20 January 1996.

: If you are in doubt what to do this weekend, an exhibition of drawing, painting, tapestry and sculpture, entitled "Four Wheel" can solve your dilemu.
Center Exposition Hall took the sculpture Kolesnikova. Sculptor shows his collection of marble, wood and ceramics. Marble sculpture Kolesnikova "Japan" is a sitting woman with asymmetric head, her arms and legs folded. Severe lower part is combined with a narrower top. The sculptor said that she is looking into infinity, and at the same time looking at themselves.
Pottery Kolesnikova includes ironic and exotic sculptures and statues of the historical nature. Fancy figures of unique and elegant form, figures from Russian history are full of significance and are made with great attention to detail.
. Part of an exhibition of sculptures complement Kolesnikova sculptures of wood, among them - a grotesque clown, who can not bring a smile

Newspaper "Moscow Tribune, October 8, 1994.


Newspaper "Moscow artist," The first step of a long journey, "Tarabarov, 02, 6-1989, p. 3.
Newspaper Mezhdunarodnik "," carve sun, M. Ragulin, 22, 12-1978, p. 4.
Journal Home Encyclopedia "," Vladimir Kolesnikov: The road to the holiday, "In. Aksenov. N2, 02-1997, page 16-4-5.
The newspaper "People's Newspaper," The Art of best-in capital ", A. Not Dov, 20, 05-1993, page 4.
The newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets, "Movement in Space", C. Tarabarov, 1, 06-1989, p. 4.

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Kolesnikov Vladimir Yu, photo, biography
Kolesnikov Vladimir Yu, photo, biography Kolesnikov Vladimir Yu  Artist, photo, biography
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