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KRYLOV Vladimir

( Artist)

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Biography KRYLOV Vladimir
Born in 1943.
1974 - Graduated from the Faculty of Arts All-Union State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK).
1982 - Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR.
1984 - Member of the USSR Union of Cinematographers. As the artist - the director realized posing 46 films, including:
1979 - motion picture 'The Adventures of Nuka', the main prize at the international festival of children's films in Bombay 'Golden Elephant'.
1980 - motion picture 'Remembering the Mendeleyev' prize for the best scientific - popular film at the All-Union Film Festival in Vilnius.
1980 - motion picture 'and happiness in personal life', the special prize of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences at the All-Union Film Festival in Vilnius
. Collections where works
. Works are the diplomatic corps Russia, . galleries "Euroart", . "Vertical" in the private collections of Vladimir Spivakov, . GL Lerner, . Countess A. Sheremetev, . in Russia, . Germany, . Greece, . France, . Italy, . Austria, . Spain, . UK, . United States, . Yu Korea, . Japan, . Bulgaria etc.,

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

Participated in many exhibitions in the USSR, in Russia and abroad since 1974, including:
1991 - Tokyo International Fair of Fine Arts TIAS. Tokyo
1991 - Exhibition of Painting Artists of the USSR. Seoul;
1991 - Exhibition of paintings of Soviet cinema. London;
1995 - First Exhibition of the International Arts Fund. Moscow;
1998 - The first Moscow International Art Salon "CHA - 98 '. Moscow;
1998 - Personal exhibition. 'Russian House'. Berlin.

Autobiographical notes

Four great composer Tchaikovsky, Haydn, Vivaldi, Glazunov, and gave mankind symphonic compositions 'Seasons'. In the history of the world of fine art there is no arrangement that creates the image of the transfiguration of nature on a full annual cycle. A lot of artists experienced a state of rapture at the beauty of Creation, . created many landscapes in different countries, . in different seasons and in different states of nature, . but no artist in the history of painting did not write a single product, . narrating a complete and detailed cycle transfiguration of Nature, . its wake, . maturation, . triumph and immersion in hibernation,
. Not a compilation of diverse landscapes, not a series of several paintings, united by a common theme, as a single composition that creates a single image and having a clear internal organization.
Arrangement 'MOTHER EARTH' solves this problem. It consists of 81 paintings and large, representing a single composition, includes 12 tracks, reflecting the change of the Russian countryside during each month. The composition of each month consists of 3, 5 or 7 paintings and built on the principle of triptychs. Each track is separated from the adjacent tracks of the month architectural landscape, which is dedicated to - a significant monument of the Russian national architecture. It Novodevichy Monastery, Rostov Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral etc.
. Each season is separated from him next season Separation triptych, . in the center of which is a monument to Russian national architecture, . and on the sides of two seascapes because, . that Russia is surrounded by seas and oceans,
Arrangement 'MOTHER EARTH' creates a generalized pictorial image of our Fatherland, monumental in character, and major on the general mood. Composition is a beautiful anthem of our country which has no parallel in the history of fine art and has a distinct sound of patriotic. This picturesque composition with its architectural landscapes depicting Orthodox monuments, echoes from 2000 - Anniversary of Christianity, and the scale corresponds to the picturesque image of Russia abroad about two millennia.
Work on the composition required 9 years of continuous work, which is now nearing completion. The entire composition is completed in autumn 2001 and will represent themselves continuous frieze height of 110 cm. and a length of 150 linear meters. The product of this size can be set only in the Central Exhibition Hall 'Manege', in the Central House of Artists, or in the new building of the Tretyakov Gallery (Krimsky Val, 8)
. Bibliography
. Since 1975, the material on the artist published in newspapers and directories on the fine arts, including:
. Catalog of exhibition of works of Moscow artists in the Central Exhibition Hall "Manege", Moscow, 1975;
. The newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets, Moscow, 1979;
. Journal 'Soviet Screen', Moscow, 1979;
. Magazine 'Social life', Moscow, 1995;
. Catalog of the first Moscow International Art Salon "CHA - 98 ', Moscow, 1998;
. Magazine 'Who's Who of Russia', Moscow, 2000;
. In 1998
. book was published in. Krylov 'Art - that the same is takoeN'

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