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Lieberman Tatiana Yulyevna

( Artist)

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Biography Lieberman Tatiana Yulyevna
1964 born in Moscow
. 1985 graduated from the Moscow Polytechnic (Department of photos)
. 1987 graduated from the Institute of journalistic skills (Department of photos)
. 1993 member of the Union of Photographers Rocsii
. since 1994 member of the International Federation of Graphic Artists
. Collections where works
. Ministry of Culture of Russia, Moscow
. Museum of History and Reconstruction of Moscow, Moscow
. Museum of photographic collections, Moscow
. Goethe-Institut, Moscow
. Museum of Contemporary Art, Tampa, USA
. Mendi Kaszirer Foundation, Antwerp, Belgium
. P. Zimmer, Stuttgart, Germany
. Ur.Herbrand, Cologne, Germany
. A. Vowinckel, Karlsruhe, Germany
. E. Berhard Stephani, Hamburg, Germany
. R. Bartoleit, Germany
. Participation in exhibitions and auctions

. 1993 Vadim Gippenreiter and Tanya Lieberman
. Teatro / Art & Design Center, Moscow
1994 "Projection". XL Gallery, Moscow
1995 "Reconstruction". Goethe-Institut, Moscow
"Window to Europe". Festival of Arts "KUKART". Substitute Palace, Tsarskoe Selo
"My journal for the few" (with G. Ustiyanom). XL Gallery, Moscow
"Ex-Position". Club "three monkeys", Moscow


1987 Student Club of MSU, Moscow
1990 "For a cultural holiday". Kashirka, Moscow
1991 "Photo Manifesto. Photography of Perestrojka ". Baltimore, Southampton, USA "Svalbard - Fotografiske Fragmenter". Kristiansand, Norway
1992 "ART Frankfurt". Frankfurt, Germany
1993 "ART '24". Basel, Switzerland
"Sistine Chapel". Teatro / Art & Design Center, Moscow "Young Talents". Photo Center, Moscow
"ART Hamburg - Eastern European Art". Galerie Kicken, Hamburg, Germany
1994 "Art of Contemporary Photography - Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia". Central House of Artists, Moscow
Annual exhibition of women's photos. Russia Union of Photographers. Ryazan City Museum, Ryazan "Chicago International Art Expo". XL Gallery. Navy Pier, Chicago, USA
"The surface of meaning. Overlay sheets ". Central House of Artists, Moscow
"II The Moscow Festival of Photography". Gallery Solianke, Moscow
1994-95 "Neue Fotokunst aus Russland". Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe; Galerie im Karmelitenkloster, Frankfurt; Kunsthalle Faust, Hannover; Museum Volk und Wirtschaft, Dц+sseldorf; Neuer Berliner Kunsverein, Berlin; Hertener Fototage, Herten, Germany
. 1995 "Russian Photography"
. Museum of Contemporary Art, Tampa, USA
"Kyiv Art Meeting". XL Gallery. Center "Ukrainian House", Kiev, Ukraine
"Werkstatt Moskau" (Zeitgenossische Russische Fotokunst). Akademie der Kunste im Marstall, Berlin, Germany
"Night over Asia". The Swedish Exhibition Centre, Gothenburg, Sweden
"Neue Fotokunst aus Russland". Kulturhaus Osterfeld, Pforzheim, Germany


Parts of more than the whole. The number of parts can not be counting. If you take part in general and the world as a particular, you will notice one immutable rule - the details always seem more impressive than what they are. They are closer and more concrete.
Lying on the ground during the beach season, everyone is able to feel under an immense cosmic body. But hardly beachgoers it seems the same as the astronaut. Rather be concluded: the land - it is covered with stubble plane going to infinity. The longer we stay on the object, the stronger will change its appearance. Probably, from the edge of our galaxy is similar to the Earth glowing eye of a needle. And if we remove a further, even this phantom finally disappear.
Works Tatiana Liberman, whose exhibition opens at Gallery XL, explore the existence of an object in motion - from private to general. And the shadow carries out the process as a brake when necessary steadfast contemplation. Female torso, armless and headless - that is so, how he saw the time of European classicism, excavating the ruins of ancient cities - that's what being here pay close attention Exploration. In any case, the antiquity is for us synonymous fragmented. We will contemplate the statue destroyed, assuming that once they have been integral. But the fact lies the charm of the past - it can be seen only a fragmentary sense of the schizophrenic.
Shadow Lieberman has an important function - misleading. Grid, through which light falls on a loose surface, itself exists only in the imagination beholding. She summons void. This decoration does not exist. Where do strange scenes, . imprinted on fotoN it only in the mind of the artist, . provoking environment to create fantomyN Or, . perhaps, . variations in the world, . what is the brain of God or some Sverhkatalog, . like God, . which is the age-old process, . called torsotvoreniem,
. Bezrukikh, legless, headless body of antique rotate in the twilight, weightless, and something like the Christmas toys.
Headless Nick makes a stronger impression than if it were a whole. Perhaps in the latter case, we would have experienced even disgust. At least, today antiquity without destruction would look incredible. Barbarians, Christians have made iskussvo their part - it is their unbridled vandalism gave us a whole galaxy of ancient masterpieces. Charm fragmentary permeates visionary dreams Piranesi. How not to recall the devastating work of the Bolsheviks, gave the world not only the ruins of the Temple of Christ the Savior, but also the beautiful park sculptural groups of the Stalinist Empire style, so aesthetically dying before our eyes.
. But experiments Lieberman logical to consider a different plane - it experiments on humans
. Living naked body in art embodies the lack of time, convention space and strangeness of Being. Suffice it black - said Degas. Suffice white - could we respond to him. But among black and white, there torsos - only prints light on the film surface.

OV Shishkin. "The body as a reflection. - Today, 1994, 25 November

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Lieberman Tatiana Yulyevna, photo, biography
Lieberman Tatiana Yulyevna, photo, biography Lieberman Tatiana Yulyevna  Artist, photo, biography
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