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Ivan L. Lubennikov

( Artist)

Comments for Ivan L. Lubennikov
Biography Ivan L. Lubennikov
Born May 14, 1951 in Minsk.
Graduated from Moscow State Art Institute for his. VI. Surikov class of monumental painting (workshop KA Tutevol).
Awarded for work in architecture and paintings prizes and diplomas of the Moscow Union of Artists
. Collections where works
. Works are in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow,
. State Russian Museum,
. Museum of the Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg,
. museums and art galleries in the Alma-Ata, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Novokuznetsk, Orenburg, Ivanovo, Semipalatinsk, Peter Ludwig Museum in Cologne,
. museums and private collections in the United States, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Poland, Japan
Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1982 Group Exhibition with B. Kharlova. Moscow;
1986 Group exhibition with T. Nazarenko and N. Nesterova. West Berlin;
1987 Personal exhibition. Moscow;
1988 Group Exhibition. Drama and Comedy Theater on Taganka. Moscow;
1989 Group Exhibition. Marconi Gallery. Milan. Italy
1991 Ivan Lubennikov. Personal exhibition. "Art Nouveau". Moscow;
1993 ART MIF-93. Moscow International Art Fair. Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow;
1993 Personal exhibition. Gallery Russian Collection. Moscow;
1993 Personal exhibition. Gallery Maya Polsky ". Chicago. U.S.
1994 Group exhibition in conjunction with Glebova, E. Surovtseva, V. Epihin. Moscow;
The March 1994 Salon. Paris;
1994 FIAK. Paris;
1994 Personal exhibition in gallery Alain Blondin. Paris.

Autobiographical notes

Whole adult life I have been doing this business. I can not imagine life without him. Over the years many changes have. Are changing the pressure, color, questions that we ask ourselves. One thing remains constant - the desire to hide in the shelter of their creative work, to remain thus alone with yourself and feel they belong large eternal peace. Shall no secrets and embellishment before God.


Paintings by Ivan Lubennikova very simple in composition. Sometimes this simplicity seems almost ascetic, as, for example, still lives in his last years, where the whole pictorial series are one, rarely two items on the "table" ...
Relatively easy to genre scenes. One, two figures, the contour image of several objects, general or, more precisely, enveloping everyone and everything conventional background, denoting a pet or street space. No advanced tricks or entertaining detailing. Only the essence of "events" - an apple on a table or nudity in the window ...
Lubennikovu like changing textures. He dared even to gold and silver surface of the canvas, drawn not only to the brush, but also to mastehinu; very loyal to insert and all that is called "collage" (but without the extremes popartisticheskih). Speaking of extremes. With all the freedom of action on the canvas, he knows how to treat a classic painting, worked out prior to and within the first half of the twentieth century ...

V. Meyland


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Ivan L. Lubennikov, photo, biography
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