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LUKYANOV Ivan Evgen'evich

( Artist)

Comments for LUKYANOV Ivan Evgen'evich
Biography LUKYANOV Ivan Evgen'evich
1969 - Born in Moscow, finished school, two years in the Army Institute.
. 1996 - graduated from the Moscow Academy Press (formerly the Polygraph Institute), he studied under A. Vasnetsov.
. Joined the Union of Artists in 1996. That, strangely did not hurt the creative activity, is now working in Moscow, and wherever fate throws me and irrepressible thirst for knowledge.
. Personal Page http://www.artivann.com
. Collections where works
. Works are in the State Pushkin Museum, State Museum of AS Pushkin's apartment in St.
. Petersburg (sink-12), Tsarskoe Selo State Museum, State Museum of Moscow Bookplate and private collections in Russia, USA, Holland, Canada, Germany, Spain, Yugoslavia, Czech Republic, Poland.

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1995 Group Exhibition of Young Artists Moscow Autumn. Moscow;
1995 'Russian Center'. Exhibition of 'NORD'. Prague;
1995 Personal exhibition graphics. Ministry of Higher Education. Moscow;
1995 'Polygraphy - 2000'. Exhibition Poster. Academy Press. Moscow;
I-st prize for the best book among the graduates of the Moscow Academy Press. ;
1996 Group Exhibition of Young Artists Moscow Autumn. Moscow;
1996 'Nidzica - 96'. I-International Bien lithography. Poland;
1997 Group Exhibition of Young Artists Moscow Autumn. Moscow;
1997 Exhibition-contest for the best artistic prozvedenie dedicated to 850 anniversary of Mr.. Moscow. Moscow;
1997 Bienale book art 'Martin 97'. Slovenian republic;
1997 'Youth of the studio'. Estampnaya studio of I. Nivinsky. Awarded Diploma. Moscow;
1998 International Competition. 'City Krnov-98 in Exlibris and fine schedule', Miks zacpalova 1, 79401 Krnov. Czech Republic;
1998 Gallery - 9. Personal exhibition of graphic. 20.02-20.03.99. Prague;
1998 Century Moscow Estampa. Federation Council. Moscow;
1998 Biennale book art, Martin-97. 23.10.97 - 23.01.98.Turcianska galeria, Daxnerova 2, 03680 Martin. Slovenian republic;
1998 27 International Congress ekslebrisistov (catalog, poster). Article. Peterburg;
1999 International Exlibris Contest 'Chilandar-800' (directory). Belgrade;
1999 19 th Biennial Graphics. 26.04-09.05.99 (catalog). Saint Nicholas. Belgium;
1999 8 International Biennial of small graphics and bookplates. Ostrov Wielkopolski-99. Poland;
1999 'Alexander Pushkin in Moscow printmaking' 06.06.99. Ryazan State Art Museum. Ryazan. Russia;
1999 'Pushkin in printmaking'. 17. 05-17.06.99 (diploma). Studio Nivinsky. Moscow;
1999 'Alexander Pushkin, family ...'. State Museum of history and architecture of Moscow;
1999 'Alexander Pushkin in Exlibris'. The exhibition of private collections SA Vulya. State Museum Bookplate. Moscow;
1999 1-e Novosibirsk Biennial Graphics. 28.09-15.11.99. Novosibirsk;
1999 'Alexander Pushkin in book illustration'. 21.12 -30.12.99. New arena. Moscow;
1999 'Cinema in Exlibris'. After 09.99. Cracow. Poland;
2000 'Age of Moscow Estampa'. 20.01-20.02.99 (catalog). Kuznetsk bridge 11. Moscow;
2000 International Competition of Exlibris 'Barcelona 2000'. 23.04.00. Barcelona. Spain;
2000 'Alexander Pushkin in Exlibris'. 20-24.08.00. 28-th International Congress Bookplate. Boston. U.S.
2000 Low graphics 'Clean Space'. Budapest. Hungary;
2000 2 nd exhibition of Moscow artists, charts 15.06.00. Moscow;
2000 Youth Exhibition in the Artists' House (Kuznetsk 11). Moscow;
2000 Exhibition "Frontier" group huzhozhnikov "NORD" 21.09 - 8.09.00. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
2000 France - Auvergne-Chamalieres. Triennale low graphics. France;
2000 "Sala Municipal d'Art Xavier Gose". Lleida. Spain;
2000 "Wingfield Arts & Music Festival". 27th May-13rd August, 2000, 1st July-15th September, 2000. Wingfield. England;
2001 5 Graphic Art Biennale - Dry Point 2001. Yugoslavia;
2001 International Print Triennale in Kanagawa 2001. Japan;
2001 "L'Etang d'Art" 2nd December-18th January, 2001. Bages. France
. Autobiographical notes
. I do not know whether to be pleased, my art, I do not care whether I like me, the main thing is that I tried to integrally and faithfully transmit their feelings - they are traces of experiences and reflections on the road, where we all satellites in an unknown world
. I look at pictures and trying to discern, in the ruins of the mirror reflection. Who yaN

Perhaps honesty - is the main criterion that the mirror does not lie. There are artists who are able to love, to pass this feeling on his canvases. Is it difficult to feel lichnostyuN I think we must learn to listen to while flying past us. Time is not only present, but in the past and future. Of course, you can only live the present, like a blind mole, grinding the ground, which climbs to the nose, the paws, in the face. But the sensation of flight, surely it is not dostizhimoN..

A bird flies over the precipice. When a complex interaction of: rivers, trees, cities, villages, people, wind, bearing leaves, flocks of crows, still rocks, how to understand the force which binds all this diversity together. Perhaps it is a beauty, or lyubovN..
I'm going to download and listen to the wind:


Surprising that Ivan Lukyanov drawn to the heritage of Dutch Art. But while some artists draw parallels with the paintings of old masters, Ivan captures the modern Netherlands.
- You know, the Dutch totally different perception of space and life in general. They are lighter, happier and relaxed. In his works, I tried to reflect the mood, a state in which I was all the time while I was in Holland. Take a look: the main theme of my work - the flowers and landscapes painted in bright colors and bright color combinations. It is very important distinction between abstraction and reality.

When my eyes slide from one canvas to another, I did not leave the island feeling that I'm familiar with what the "talking" on canvas and paper, but it is difficult to catch, if I understood something, but it escaped, barely flashing in the mind. And then it seemed to me that in our age of progress, when we run on unknown when and by whom a given direction, we have forgotten how to listen to each other, we do not have time to just stop and listen to the voice of their own kind.

"Art", N40 (208) October, 2000
Annex to the newspaper "First September"

The young artist, a graduate of the Moscow State Academy of Printing, he was invited to Prague to show their illustrations to "Boris Godunov" by A. Pushkin. The illustrations, done in the technique of lithography, create a compelling cost with the text of Pushkin's tragedy of a single ensemble. This suggests that Ivan Lukyanov reached a level of professionalism, when narrowly technical problems are solved easily and do not bind the flight of creative thoughts of the artist. Compositional thinking, the construction of the book as an architectural ensemble - qualities of the few artists.

Among the weaknesses of works exhibited at times in the so-called "Russian galleries" Prague Exhibition Ivan Luk'yanova can serve as a criterion of artistic quality and professionalism.

That such exhibitions should be Russian art abroad.

Newspaper Czech Republic today, "Nov. 1998, p.. 7
Head. Department of the Moscow Institute for Cultural Enterprise in Prague
Constantine Ilyashevsky


1. E. Adam "The fruits of polygraph, or the fruits of enlightenment" (about contemporary graphic design), Magazine "AS". N1, 1997;
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3. "Vytvarnik. Puskin a moderna ", newspaper" ZPRAVODAJ ". N2, 1998;
4. "Vystava - Ivan Lukjanov", Journal "UNOR ok dum praga 9 December 1998;
5. "The book as a work of art", Journal Primary School 'N3 1999;
6. "Boris Godunov: View the artist's", newspaper "Sunday school", N21 (93) June 1999;
7. The tragedy of Pushkin's "Boris Godunov", Newspaper "DEUTSCH", N20, May, 1999;
8. "I threw a gleam of light on the dress of Marina," newspaper "First of September", N20 (816), March 20, 1999;
9. Nord at the turn of the "newspaper" Art ", N40 (208), October 2000;

1. S. Petersburg, the World esklibris (catalog of the international exhibition of book characters), 1996-1998;
2. Esklibris and small graphics, Krnov, Slovenia, 1998;
3. Esklibris Chilandar-800, Belgrade, 18-30 January 1999;
4. 19 Bienale 1999Een kwarteeuw exlibris en grafiek in Sint-Niklaas, The Netherlands, March 26 - May 9, 1999;
5. Exlibris Assocation 1999 Selected Works of The Hong Kong, China;
6. 8 International Biennale Island Wielkopolski 1999, Poland, May 29 - June 31, 1999;
7. Johan Schwencke PRIJS / AWARD 2000 EXLIBRIS WERELD, Netherlands, 1999;
8. Ex-libris in the 21 century, the International Competition of Barcelona, Spain, 3-19 April 2000;
9. Age Moscow prints, Moscow, 2000.

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