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Lubar Vladimir

( Artist)

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Biography Lubar Vladimir
Born September 4, 1944 in Moscow.
He graduated from the Moscow Secondary Art School in the Institute. VISurikova in 1963 and the Moscow Polygraphic Institute, Faculty of artwork printed in 1969.
Since 1985 - Member of the Union of Artists of Russia.

Collections where works

His works are in museums and private collections in Russia, the United States, Britain, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands.

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1977 International Exhibition of Publishing "Visual Arts" and the Polish Agency "RAD". Moscow-Warsaw;
1982 International exhibition "Art Cards". Moscow-Warsaw-Prague-Sofia-Budapest;
1983 XIV exhibition of Moscow artists books. Exhibition Hall of Artists Union. Moscow;
1987 XVI exhibition of Moscow artists knigi.Vystavochny Hall of Artists Union. Moscow;
1989 XVII Exhibition of Moscow artists knigi.Vystavochny Hall of Artists Union. Moscow;
1991 XVIII Exhibition of Moscow artists knigi.Vystavochny Hall of Artists Union. Moscow;
1990 XIII Exhibition fantastic picture. Prato, Italy;
1990 "Moscow Book Illustration". Moravian Gallery. Brno. Czechoslovakia;
1993 Personal exhibition. Gallery ASTI. Moscow;
1994 Personal exhibition. Gallery of the Flemish School of Economics. Brussels. Belgium;
1994 Personal exhibition. Linguistic University. Nizhny Novgorod;
1995 The first international exhibition of illustrators at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Frankfurt. Germany;
1995-1996 Solo exhibition "Village Peremilovo". Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1996 Exhibition of Russian artists, organized by galleries "Sart". Strasbourg-Luxembourg-Berlin;
1997 not novel Russian ". Personal exhibition. Central House of Artists. Moscow.


... In her paintings right up moving to the grotesque. If something in this cycle there, so it is with emotion and sweetness, which is now again coming into fashion every possible effort "searchers roots". But, very close to the grotesque, Lyubarov never crossed the line beyond which begins caricature, mockery, or arrogant, that much worse, patronizing pat on the shoulder. And it is obvious why this line he never crossed: it is his village, his men, it is his men and women.

Vladimir Voinovich

. Proverbs, sayings and idioms, with which he began to grasp the village life, gave him a lot of unexpected subjects: his illustrations for the popular sayings taken him to overseas art lovers connoisseur inexplicable glory of the Russian soul ..
Lyubarovskaya d-mix fiction and reality, old style and primitive strength and reeling unpredictability millennial permanence and zyblyuscheysya modernity.

Lev Anninsky.

As is known, in 1991 the artist ugorazdilo buy a house in the village Peremilovo Vladimir region, and the eternal "scholar" with the head boomed through the hole of rural life. Yes, so there and stayed, the more so by a strange coincidence, was commissioned to design the book Russian proverbs and material for it could draw hands full.
Just do not trust someone who says that the new environment has changed the artist's thinking, style, themes, preferences. The fact of the matter is that nothing like this has happened. Just B. Lyubarov discovered another world of fiction, mysterious and absurd, which stood perfectly on a par with the worlds of Gogol, Hoffmann and Lem. And he became something like lemovskogo Ijon Pacific, tirelessly studying and imprinted on parts of the world on paper and canvas.
If on-site Lyubarova was Peredvizhnik end of last century, we would get a series of paintings about the plight muzhiks share. Socialist realists would have created a falsely triumphant picture of a happy collective farms. Fortunately, the house in Peremilove got crank-fiction, which, as the poet said, "sees everything is always wrong". And under his pen, . then brush and began to take shape some saga of Peremilove, . but not on a remote village on the border of Vladimir region and Yaroslavschiny, . and about the mysterious country, . current seems to be close to us, and nowhere, . the real and surreal at the same time,

Oleg Torchinsky.

Elegant slim figure it attracts good quality sheets and some of the original vision of the thoroughness. In the village of the universe for him there is no detail, not worthy of attention. But this does not mean that we are dealing with the diligent chronicles and relish old style and primitive. Perhaps this is another reason that lyubarovskie characters there have been some timeless. These and a hundred years ago, as famously drank, after which, respectively, was driving past the village peasant, and expanses of the middle of Russia were also immeasurable and neuhozheny. By the way, referred spaciousness not always be attributed to a purely rural. It is rather a more neutral space between the provincial town and country. Therefore Peremilovo Peremilovom, but the artist in his work clearly operates with no village scale. The very nature of pictorial metaphor and the propensity for the grotesque result in a broad artistic interpretation of national life, in which peremilovskie features
includes only a small part of his and dissolve it without a trace. And therefore, did not suspecting Lyubarova of cunning, I still would not fully trust him that now, they say, he postranstvoval-postranstvoval the world and settled in his village. "
. "My world is now localized," notes the artist-conviction
. Certainly not! Here almost all of Gogol, in any end lyubarovskih tracks and ride all the same to any specific geographical point not doskachesh. Chickens, cats, dogs and other animals on the earth and sky, as well as people in calico and corduroy pants are scattered on the paper so that you can without disturbing the arrangement to increase their number to the left and right, up and down.
And this is not the lack of a professional building, greshaschego compositional amorphous, and very accurate picture of our immensity of Russia. while horizontal movement in a particular lyubarovsko-peremilovskom case is preferable, because we do not live in a country of mountains and Gothic. Stretch and stretch myself on the horizon, rows of houses: interspersed with birch and fir trees, and did not find anomalies perpetrated over the centuries Vladimir, Yaroslavl, Kaluga, and other inhabitants of the earth.

William Meyland, art.

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. A. Torchinsky "There was a nice road through Peremilovo", "Moskovskaya Pravda, 30 January 1997.

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  • Where can I buy paintings Lyubarova Vladimir Sergeyevich? for Lubar Vladimir
  • Where can I buy paintings Lyubarova Vladimir Sergeyevich?
  • valkin for Lubar Vladimir
  • All that is written about Peremilovo nonsense, . exists only for the rating of the artist. All the people living there, . normal and working in reputable organizations. Lyubarov one of the last who came in Peremilovo and is there only to conduct surveys and give an interview, . to once again disgrace Peremilovo. Peremilovo great place to relax from the hustle and bustle. Excellent nature and the wonderful weather,
    . Come and see for yourself.
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    Lubar Vladimir, photo, biography
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