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MITT Evgeny

( Artist)

Comments for MITT Evgeny
Biography MITT Evgeny
1963 born in Moscow
1988 Graduated from Moscow State Art Institute. Surikov
. 1988-92 co-founder of the first gallery
. since 1994 member of the Moscow Union of Artists
. Collections where works
. Ministry of Culture of Russia, Moscow
. Prague National Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
. Flash Art Collection, New York, USA
. P. Sprovieri, Rome, Italy
. F. Cadot, Paris, France
. R. Kushner, New York, USA
. Participation in exhibitions and auctions

. 1990 First Gallery, Moscow
. F. Cadot Gallery, New York, USA
. 1993 Patricia Shea Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
. 1996 "Objects for Meditation"
. XL Gallery, Moscow


1986 All-Union Exhibition of Young Artists. Manege, Moscow
XVII Exhibition of Young Artists. Artist's House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
1987 "Young Soviet Painters". Arte Fiera, Bologna, Italy
1988 All-Union Exhibition of Young Artists. Manege, Moscow
Labyrinth. Youth Palace, Moscow
XVIII Exhibition of Young Artists. Moscow
"Soviet Art". Metropolitan Museum of Art, Manila, Philippines
1989 "Inexpensive Art". First Gallery, Moscow
"Perspectives of Conceptualism". Peresvetov Lane., Moscow
"Rauschenberg - to us, we - Rauschenberg". First Gallery, Moscow
"Up to 33 ...". Youth Palace, Moscow
1990 group exhibition. F. Cadot Gallery, New York, USA, Paris, France
XLIV Esposizione Internazionale D `Arte. La Biennale di Venezia. Padiglione Sovietico. Venice, Italy
1991 "Aesthetic Experiences". Kuskovo Museum, Moscow
"Contemporary Artists from Moscow". Seibu Art Forum, Tokyo, Japan
1992 "Artisti d'oggi Confronti". Galleria Sprovieri, Rome, Italy
"Non Era Cipango - 27 International Artists". Citadella Museale, Cagliari Sardinia, Italy
"a Mosca ... a Mosca ... ". Villa Campoleto, Ercolano; Galleria Comunale d `Arte Moderna, Bologna, Italy
1994 "Spring Exhibition". Artist's House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
1995 "Winter Garden". Exhibition Center "Phoenix", Moscow
"Ice cream - Art" (exhibition-action). Moscow Khladokombinat
"Ice-Fili, Moscow
"Copyright-96". Aidan Gallery, Moscow

Curatorial projects

1994 "Night of Arts" (with E. Kuprina, G. Abramishvili). Club "Pilot", Moscow
1995 "Artists Against Sex" (with E. Kuprina). Night club "Manhattan Express", Moscow


1988 "Shadow". "Contemporary-2, Moscow
1990 "Mad Dog". "Contemporary-2, Moscow
1996 "the villain, or Creek Dolphin". MAT im.A.P.Chehova, Moscow


Eugene Mitte knows each. Those, . who did not find the results of its first galereyskoy activity in the triple alliance with Aidan Salakhova and Alexander Yakutov, . certainly been at least one of the three great art shares, . arranged them for the past two years: "Night of Art" at the club "Pilot", . "Artists Against sex" club "Manhattan Express" and "Ice cream - Art on the Khladokombinat Ice Fili" - all these events differed ease and filing, . good organization, . general merriment and a certain elusiveness of the concept,
. The latter (perhaps an inevitable condition of modern art in the room "entertainment" context) is very interesting. One of my friend the critic has a remarkable ability to build a coherent concept of almost any art materials, . than at times reminds me of a famous university professor of logic Eugene Kazimirovich Voishvillo, . who taught freshmen, . important that the truth or falsity of statements, . its logical structure, . not substantial sense,
. In addition, the best value has a very elegant solution to the problem. Our critic is famous for just the beauty of their theories, sometimes acquiring baroque forms. So he said to me, . with some amazement, . that he can not choose "optical device", . to focus on "objects for meditation", and he felt perfectly legitimate intellectual stimulation, . familiar to mathematicians and logicians, . when the problem can not be formalized,
. Here I recalled the professor of the same department of logic Eugene A. Bocharov, . who (already a second year student) talked about the different types of modern informal logic (such as Lukasiewicz logic), . where the statement may be relevant not only "true" or "false", . and "untrue", . or "no lie", . or "probably".,
. Perhaps objects Yevgeny Mitta really not true and no lie
. Most likely, unlikely to be fruitful application to them head-on the formal-logical or associative sophisticated techniques. Obviously, they have money - money, attention. Contemporary European-American human civilization, unfortunately, necessary (and possible) to bring to the subject of discourse or external sensori-motor parameters of the object, or the significance of the topic (so to speak "relevance"). Here and there is deception. These objects are not meant for understanding, interpretation or discussion. They are fairly indicated in the title of the exhibition, a meditation. Do not questioning the sincerity of the author's text, I would venture to suggest that arguments about the "new fear" play the role of unwitting decoys, which has an edible size, recognizable and familiar smell of color. A meditation - a thing not so much the opposite, but as it is perpendicular to a discursive mode of cognition. Here, in case of success, an instant grasp of knowledge. No definitive algorithmic procedures leads to the fact that everyone called "own". But this is natural, because this meditation may not be the same rules for everyone to comprehend and express the truth (perhaps even the same), each trying in their own words. Great Indian logician V century BC. e. Dignд¦ga, long before Lukasiewicz confronted with similar problems, even shared the logical conclusion of two types - "for himself and for others," and formulated the concept of the relative importance of words. But in principle, if you start meditation on the proposed sites, it is not too difficult - as sung in the life-affirming ditty AC / DC "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" ...

S. Khripun. Back In Black. From the catalog of the exhibition "Objects for Meditation". XL Gallery, Moscow, 1996

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    MITT Evgeny, photo, biography
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