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Mikhalchuk Mikhail

( Artist)

Comments for Mikhalchuk Mikhail
Biography Mikhalchuk Mikhail
1958 born in Moscow
. Since 1980 the professional photographer
. since 1991 member of the Union of Photographers of Russia
. Collections where works
. Museum of photographic collections, Moscow
. Participation in exhibitions and auctions

. 1990 Revision zhupnala "Knowledge - force", Moscow Teatp "Ark", Moscow
. 1992 "Hauchenie body" (with V. Salnikov)
. Institute of Philosophy RAH, Moscow
1993 series of personal exhibitions, united by the program "Mnogoportret". Laboratory SRC, Moscow
1995 "The increase in miniature". Aidan Gallery, Moscow
1996 Creative evening Victor Brel. Design Club, Moscow
1997 International art fair ART-MOSCOW, ISI. Central House of Artists, Moscow (catalog)
1998 "Fashion shop, or lists Romer, Velta. Second International Month of Photography "Photobiennial-98", Moscow

1991 "Exhibition of the Union of Photo Artists of Russia". Moscow (winner)
"Act. Form and CL. "Kaunas, Siauliai
1992 "Tremplin pour des Images" (slide-projection). Center National de la Photographie, Paris, France
"Experiences Photographiques Russes". "Mois de la Photo". L `Atrium de Grand Ecran, (Place d` Italie), Paris, France
1992-93 "Exhibition of the Union of Photo Artists of Russia". Central House of Artists, Moscow
1993 Presentation Photoagency "Divo". Gallery TA-IS ", Moscow
"A la Recherche du Pere". Espace Photographiques de Paris, Forum des Halles, Paris, France
1996 "Images" (under the "Biennale 96"). Aidan Gallery, Moscow
Creative evening Victor Brel. Design Club, Moscow
1997 "FOTOESTAFETA: from Rodchenko to our day," Gallery "A-3". Museum of Photographic Collections, Moscow
"Biography in Letters. Russia Cultural Center, Budapest, Hungary
Autobiographical notes

I'll try to say how I work. One man, studied oriental martial arts, said that when I was shooting, he had a feeling that he was with me in the "sparring". We place some sort of psychologically-energy interaction. And the result is not programmed in advance, it is a reflection of the state, which we together reach. Through the experiment, I took the people who I do not care and tried to use all his technique to achieve interesting results. The results were simply zero. Only the interest from which is born interaction provides an opportunity to get some result. I do not know how it turns out. I am not a director, I'm just an observer. I watch the process from which the right time I needed something to pull the trigger by pressing the. In my job I am no "ideas" do not invest. Lit the fire, and something in him changed - my task is only to catch something to pull.


Misha Mikhal'chuk works as a photo portrait - is as old as photography itself. About this "old" remind him brownish photographic prints, like send us back to the beginning of the century, the time of cardboard with photographs chinnymi characters. This representation leads to the idea that modern photography are important concepts such as "time", "memory". However, far from here are not talking about trendy retro style, on stylizations; pursued other goals.
Characters Mikhalchuk both similar and dissimilar to themselves, that is the eternal subject of discussion and gossip from the entertainment circles. His photographs are like alter its original function - to objectively record the reality, that is to shoot with her as with the matrix imprint. They offer us the reality of the loss, but with a kind of "surplus element". Figuratively, . is the substitution of exposition essay, . when the work of the artist Mikhalchuk (we call him an artist, . because it is in this capacity, he acts) is not completed by clicking the camera shutter, . when photographe gives way photopictor, . and which kind of turns into a vision of, . then, . perhaps, . in vision,
. On the "mechanical memory" film like piling shape memory of the artist, on which the "corrected" the impression (image). Will not deal with the technical side of this operation, it is quite complicated, and then each master their secrets. What appears as a result, can be compared with the stereo image, created with the help of several "temporary" units, which comes from fluctuations in the image, is appealing to the "if", "once" and "someday".

M. Bode. "Then," "once", "someday". About Photographs of Michael Mikhalchuk. - Kommersant-Daily, 1995, March 15

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Mikhalchuk Mikhail, photo, biography
Mikhalchuk Mikhail, photo, biography Mikhalchuk Mikhail  Artist, photo, biography
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