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Milkman Michael V.

( Artist)

Comments for Milkman Michael V.
Biography Milkman Michael V.
1963 born in Moscow
. 1984 graduated from Moscow Architectural College
. since 1990 member of the International Federation of Artists (IFA)
. Collections where works
. European Commercial Bank, Moscow
. Bank 'Niftek', Moscow
. Bank 'Informtekhnika', Moscow
. Bank Alfa Alliance ', Moscow
. Baltvneshtorgbank, Kaliningrad
. Kaliningrad Art Gallery, Kaliningrad
. Siberian Commercial Bank, Novosibirsk
. Galerie Basmadjan, Paris, France
. West Bow Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
. Kolodzei Art Foundation, USA
. Shchukin, M. Kamensky, S. Adjoubei, Moscow
. Participation in exhibitions and auctions

. 1992 "secret signs"
. Gallery "A 3", Moscow
1994 Gallery "Salon", Moscow
"Insects and People". Kaliningrad Art Gallery, Kaliningrad
1995 "House of Shchukin". Municipal Gallery Helicon, Moscow
1996 "The Birds, fish, gallery Velta. Dar Gallery, Moscow
"8 masterpieces". Dar Gallery, Moscow
1997 "M-16". Velta Gallery, Moscow

1989 "Art London 90". "The Russian Collection". London, United Kingdom
1990 "The principle of Ki. Central House of Artists, Moscow
"Jalokivia Mudassa / Jewels in the mud '. Tampere Art Museum, Tampere, Finland
"Moscow in Cambridge". King's College, Cambridge, United Kingdom
1991 "Contemporary Artists - Malevich. State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
"Vook-Art". Youth Palace, Moscow
1992 "In Richtung zu Malewitsch". "Karenina Galerie", Vienna, Austria
Malevich center in the Paleontological Museum. Paleontological Museum, Moscow
"Neue Russische Buchkunst". Lyrik Kabinett, Munich, Germany
1993 "Art Expo 93". Gallery "Arka", Tokyo, Japan
"New Names". Traverse Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland
"Image and Symbol". Art College, Edinburgh, Scotland
"ART MIF 3". Gallery "Nina", Gallery "Moscow Fine Art". Manege, Moscow
"Exhibition of graphics". Gallery "Moscow Fine Art", Moscow
1994 "Kaliningrad - Konigsberg" (III International Biennial of Graphic Arts). Kaliningrad Art Gallery, Kaliningrad
"The Kolodzei Collection". City Arts Center, Oklahoma City, USA
1995 "Carnival". Central House of Artists, Moscow
1995 "The collection of Tanya and Natasha Kolodzei". City Center Oklahoma City, USA
"Carnival", gallery "Nina". Central House of Artists, Moscow
"A-1, A-2, A-3". Gallery A-3 ", Moscow
1996 "Gallery in the gallery", gallery "Nina". State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
"New Russian Art" Colodzei Collection. Georgetown university art gallery, Washington, USA
Sotheby. Hotel Baltschug Kempinski, Moscow
Selections from the Colodzei Collection. Atrium art gallery, Morristown, New Jersey, USA
1997 "The world of sensible things in the pictures - the end of the twentieth century", Gallery M'ARS. Pushkin Museum of. Pushkin, Moscow
International Art Fair "Art Manege", Gallery Pan-Dan. Manege, Moscow
Book Fair 97. Franfurkt, Germany


1989 "Association of Western culture from the East". Red Square, Moscow Together with Jurgen Weber
1990 "Shock-show". Bodyart. Copyright television, Moscow

The 20-th century. Hastupaet vecherenie peace education in the twilight of his many secrets, intimate spiritual worlds. Art wrapped mystery, gets beyond sight. "The owl of Minerva flies at dusk" - liked to say, Hegel. Few artists manage to express this unique state of the time when the idea of limited historical and blossoms metafizichesaya, disappears when voracious caterpillar civilization and suddenly vyparhivaet her immortal soul - culture.
Creativity Michael Molochnikova belongs to this unique phase of history, this area of enlightenment, when sharpened sensitivity to the metaphysical ultimate questions of existence. Hence his internal quest - Gnosticism and Hermeticism, magic and metaphysics, organic convergence neopifagoreystva with the art of Zen, and Tantrism. In fact life itself is impossible to separate the artist from his work - it is no less enigmatic than his art and is full of mysterious characters and mystical occurrences - like a cast on his sacred masks and labyrinthine structures.
. Contemplating the world picture, he looks for support in dorenessansnyh cultures, where optical and distanced perception of the world was not the supreme arbiter
. "We - being invisible," - followed by Maeterlinck repeats Mikhail Molochnikov. Tracks of the artist kept in his world through the mirror, and enough to make a step to find himself on the back side of reality in the world of spiritual and mysterious beings, those engaged in the world of Borges and Nabokov. His toolkit includes dreams, free association, highlighting the fundamental layers of the subconscious, the invasion of the most protected areas underlying mental. Arises genuine universality of images, we sometimes get a universal scale, generating images of the mandala. Hence the "festive madness" of the artist, and paradoxes, and causing eccentricity, rhymed with the meditative and unruly play mocking freedom that overturns all the rules and regulations.
. Certainly, the art system is linked stylistically with post-modernism, his "magic" line, the rationalization of the irrational forces
. It update the situation when anticipating the fundamental changes, when violated stable lifestyle and is undergoing profound changes, both in Russia today.
. However, unlike many of his contemporaries, Michael Molochnikov not confined to the situation, the closed certain dates
. In his works far away, in fact, time perspective. This poetics of the eternal and unchanging principles of life, passing as a catharsis, through the chaos and incoherence, leading ultimately to a deeply positive and constructive results.
. What information is reported compositions of Michael MolochnikovaN Looking to the future, . we, . Contemporaries masters, . ask question, . whether our descendants in the mirror of his books, . masks, . labyrinths, . screens to get an idea about the people of our time and our lives is obvious N, . it will be very special information - about, . how people saw themselves inside, . their doubts and fears, . their intuitions and samopredosterezheniyah, . their self-irony, . and their faith in the stable value,

V. Patsukov. 'We - being invisible. " (abridged) - Beauty, 1995, N 1, Moscow

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Milkman Michael V., photo, biography
Milkman Michael V., photo, biography Milkman Michael V.  Artist, photo, biography
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