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Biography Helena NENASTINA
Born in g. Kamensk-Urals in 1958. In 1977 graduated from the Moscow College of Decorative and Applied Art (formerly of. MI Kalinin), specialty painter lace. She worked as a painter at the factory "Elets Lace. Not dropped the lace still. In 1986 graduated from Moscow Polygraphic Institute. Works in the field of design of the book. Has also done illustrations for books by Nabokov, Bunin, Volkova and others. Main hobby - painting, drawing
. Collections where works
. Lacy works are in museums in Lipetsk, Yelets, St. Petersburg.
. Paintings and graphic works are in the Lipetsk Museum of arts and crafts, . Kwangju City Art Museum in Seoul, . Lipetsk Regional Art Gallery, . Yelets Picture Gallery, . in private collections in Russia, . France, . Germany, . Austria, . Switzerland, . Spain, . Japan, . Korea, . Belgium,

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1988 Exhibition graphics. Prague;
1991 28 th International Art Salon d `Antoni. France;
1997 Moscow International Art Salon. Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow;
1997 Exhibition. Kehem. Cologne. Germany;
1997 Group Exhibition. Moscow;
1998 Moscow International Art Salon "CHA 98;
Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1998 Exhibition. Kehem. Cologne. Germany;
1998 Group Exhibition. Moscow;
1998 Exhibition. Kwangju. Seoul;
1998 Moscow International Art Fair "ARTMANEZH 98". Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow;
1999 Group Exhibition. Moscow;
1999 Moscow International Art Salon. Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow;
1999 Exhibition. Geneva. Switzerland
1999 Exhibition. Nuremberg. Germany;
1999 Exhibition. Gallery Grail. Moscow;
2000 Moscow International Art Salon. Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow;
2000 Moscow International Art Salon. Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow;
2000 Group Exhibition. Moscow;
2000 Exhibition. Gallery "Les Oread". Moscow;
2000 Moscow International Art Fair ARTMANEZH 2000 ". Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow;
2001 Moscow International Art Salon. Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow;
2001 Group Exhibition. Moscow;

Personal exhibitions:
1992 Elec. Russia;
1993 Moscow;
1994 Lipetsk. Russia;
1998 Serpukhov. Russia;
2000 Central House of Artists. Moscow;
2000 Gallery "The Ravine". Moscow;
2001 United Nations Headquarters. Geneva. Switzerland
2001 United Nations Information Center. Moscow;
Copyright 2001 Studio TV. Moscow
. Criticism
. Easy breathing Lena Nenastinoy.
. Remember, . by Max Frisch in the 'Identify yourself Gantenbein' scheme of relationships the main character with the surrounding miromN Sunglasses help to assure all, . that blind, . Want to flag and all, . domyslennoe formed in a certain model, . beginning with the words: I can imagine,
. This, of course, not about Frisch, just sometimes want to think harder and harder to express - this also has its own harmony. Because sometimes 'difficult to live' means fun. Because the artist Lena Nenastina as a true artist, a man is not easy.
When phrase 'Lena Nenastina' I can imagine: an ancient oak sideboard, or rather, its edge, twisted flourish against a background of homespun lace curtains. A piece of a past age and retired flavors. And in the open window of the first floor there, from the street, heard cries of a busy city and flies poplar fluff ... Two frame - modern, street and interior fragment of the old life - are mounted in a whole. It turns out that Lena has often been thought. The density of space, let's say. She had on this subject has his own theory. And I realized, why then, in the Manege, a long time near the wall is stuck with her work.
Court yard of Paris, the roofs of Geneva, the streets of Madrid, the golden leaves Serpukhov, shady alleys Yelets fascinated mystery, someone's silent presence - maybe even tvoimN.. As if I do, and nobody else, somewhere, in a Paris courtyard: the corner of the house, in the shade of old plane tree, on the bench, which is not in the picture, but you yourself it is easy to imagine: a bench, and you're sitting on it. - And, maybe, standing near a wall with peeling plaster, and the next someone else is a warm, close, right.
Man came up: 'NravitsyaN' - 'Very. And an unusual technique. Like and bed ... ' - 'Oil pastel, - he explained. - She has, among other things, three children and all the artists. And husband artist '- he uttered, holding out a plate of canapes. 'And you, of course, is muzhN' The man was embarrassed.
Lena all started with Yelets. She went to this cozy little town merchant, it was shown - 'in - o - n, house mistress, and there - a coach house ...', and it seemed that people who are already dead, and destroyed homes have not gone away, remained in this space. He was a famous, Bunin sung church of the Archangel Michael, and went out, and coming across a glance at the living poplar arch ... And the columns of the temple, forming an arch replace these green poplar. And once stood in a small church with broken windows and doors wide open, rain poured, a woman sings with abandon prayers, and it seemed to her that the painting came down from the walls and 'out' on the street burst into tears in the urban landscape. He goes to church to hide from the rain People like to impress on the walls, creating new stories. She kept thinking, how to convey the movement of time. Of course, it was not the first who thought of this. I thought, for example, Tabor, whose beautiful tradition is still honored in her institute - printing. A Favorskogo 'started' on the subject of genius Florensky. I thought about it Bulgakov. ... Azazello with a gift from Woland - a bottle of red wine Falernian. Having finished his Master Margarita died in his basement. At the same time in the mansion, where a married Margaret lived with Natasha, she dies of a heart attack. And the hospital Homeless falls into anxiety, as in the next ward patient dies. And this patient - Master.
Merge multiple realities. Have something to fall into anxiety. Who said life is simple and ponyatnaN It is multi-dimensional, and probing the mind always wants to get to the bottom if not, then at least make the attempt to interpret their experiences. Only such an art kindles a spark in man. Only those artists interested. How, for example, the most interesting Lance Marc Chagall and Vincent Van Gogh.
'Table, a simple still life, vase, fruit, landscape quite commonplace. And suddenly, above all this hovers a couple of. I when the work pace 'alive' I saw, I felt dizzy, - says Lena. - The same effect happened with the painting of Van Gogh in Paris. Still life - a table and a wall of one color, a jug with flowers. The table is separated from the background just a line, and turns: the space is on the table, so a man accustomed to go there, went into this work - magic! ".
In Elets Lena recruited students and virtually founded the art school. It was interesting to work with children. Explaining to them, muttering his thoughts aloud, she understood a lot myself. Invite as a parent kids. I put a simple still life. She asked: Imagine that this is not simply two separate subject, but a whole. Pope-chemist, PhD, could not understand how this single unit, when two objects. 'You mix two substances in a test tube - in fact get a new, treteN'
. By the complexity of this, which is in the works, written, as told to Bunin, albeit on another occasion, with easy breathing, and there is implicitly there, at the subconscious level, Lena came not at once
The daughter of artists, she first graduated from the Moscow Art School named after Kalinin as an artist on lace. What she does in this area, "a special case. Recently exhibited at the Museum Tropinina its volume (read 'spatial') lace.
Lena in her childhood, one is not specifically taught. Mom, received a classical education in Kharkov, and worked as a theater artist in Zlatoust, dragged her daughter everywhere with him: for studies, work to fellow artists in workshops. Lena absorbed the spirit of the people are restless, looking for ways to express themselves. Now the same happens with her children and their friends - they are boiled in this sbiten. The eldest daughter graduated from the third course of a polygraph, the youngest was just there comes the son will also be an artist - this is no doubt.
Nenastina well known in Moscow and in Russia, just 'pokupabelna' over the hill, that is, and there she demanded. His first trip to Switzerland to fellow physicists brought success. Fielded in one gallery, the other at the UN. Invited to Germany, bought a lot. Financial freedom gives rise to freedom of choice: you can go wherever dreamed. Venice and Florence wrote avidly, really not even look.
'Now buy it is not so easy. Became dear ', - whisper complained derzhatelnitsa Salon. Although it is not entirely true - Lena did not buy 'new Russian', for 'money bag' it is too intelligent and too much is not straightforward. She bought a well-educated people who can be sensitive and to appreciate it in other. One elderly lady had recently acquired the eighth Lenin work. But I do not know. Simply doorbell rang, and I heard an enthusiastic confession: 'Helen, I pulled neck. I sit in front of your picture - where the white arch, pomniteN and I do not want to look into the corner of the house - what tamN .. '
I can imagine: a woman in a rocking chair. On the wall - painting. There - a house, and the arch, and smells, and stirring the imagination of rustling. Sinking heart and feelings of. And most importantly, easy breathing.

Guzel Agisheva.
R.S. Now in Central House of Artists Exhibition held Helena Nenastinoy
. Bibliography
. Journal "worker", N9, 1999;
. The newspaper "Culture", N32, 24-30 August 2000;
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. Magazine "YAT", October 2000;
. G. Agisheva "Easy breathing Lena Nenastinoy", newspaper "Tribuna", N125, 17.07.2001, Moscow.

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  • solonka11 for Helena NENASTINA
  • Your work is truly beautiful, I wish you many years of work and painting
  • Jura for Helena NENASTINA
  • Hi, Lena! Unable to contact you by phone, would like to contact via email. Send your e-mail. Good-bye, Jura Inyushkin
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