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Comments for NESTEROVA Natalia
Biography NESTEROVA Natalia
1944 born in Moscow
1968 graduated MGHI them. Surikov, (School of Painting)
. c 1969 Member of the Union of Artists
. 1992 Professor of Scenography Russia Academy of Performing Arts
. Collections where works
. The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
. The State Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow
. Ministry of Culture of Russia, Moscow
. The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
. Museum of Russian Art, Erevan
. Gallery "MARS", Moscow
. Art museums in Arkhangelsk, . Almaty, . Bishkek, . Bryansk, . Vologda, . Yekaterinburg, . Zaporozhye, . Izhevsk, . Ivanovo, . Irkutsk, . Kurgan, . Kursk, . Krasnoyarsk, . Kemerovo, . Kiev, . Magadan, . New Jerusalem, . Novosibirsk, . Novokuznetsk, . Nizhny Tagil, . Omsk, . Orenburg, . Perm, . Petrozavodsk, . Rostov, . Rostov-na-Donu, . Saratov, . Syktyvkar, . Tbilisi, . Tomsk, . Khabarovsk, . Yakutsk,
. Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea
. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal, Canada
. Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany
. Neue Galerie - Sammlung Ludwig, Aachen, Germany
. Clovatskaya National Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia
. Private collections in Russia, Belgium, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Finland, France, USA, Japan
. Participation in exhibitions and auctions

. 1974 One-day exhibition
. Artist's House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
1988 "New Works from Moscow". HAL Bromm Gallery, New York, USA
1989 "Natalia Nesterova and Lazarus guess". Central House of Artists, Moscow
1990-91 "Natalya Nesterova. Recent works from Moscow ". HAL Bromm Gallery, New York, USA
1991 "Natalia Nesterova: New Art. Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago, USA
"New Art. Natalia Nesterova (from private collections). Charles Cowles Gallery, New York, USA
1992 "Natalia Nesterova". The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Canada
together with T. Nazarenko. Gallery Fernando Durц¦n, Madrid, Spain
1993 Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago, USA
"Art Nouveau" (together with sculptor L. Gadaeva), Moscow
Natalia Nesterova: 10 pictures ". Gallery "Moscow Palette". Berlin, Germany
1994 HAL Bromm Gallery, New York, USA
1995 Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago, USA
1996 Hal Bromm Gallery. New York, USA
1997 "Natalia Nesterova". Central House of Artists, Moscow
"Natalia Nesterova. Painting ". Gallery of Russian Art, Tallinn, Estonia

. 1966-80 participated in the all-Union, republican, Moscow Youth Exhibition
. 1977 "Exhibition of Four Artists" (with L. Gadaeva, I. Meshcheryakova and I. Starzhenetskaya), Moscow
. 1981 "Exhibition of 23-x"
. Central House of Artists, Moscow
"ART-81" (exhibition of paintings from the collection of TG). Rome, Italy Basel, Switzerland
1982 "Aspects of Soviet contemporary art from the collection of Ludwig". Ludwig Gallery, Cologne, Aachen, Germany
Exhibition of contemporary artists from the collections of Levy and Nannen, Hamburg, Germany, Brussels, Belgium, Paris, France
"9 Biennale der Ostsee Lander". Rostock, Germany
"Exhibition of Russian and Soviet artists from the collection of VS Semenov". Hamburg, Aachen, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Germany, Brussels, Belgium, Paris, France
1983 Ludwig Gallery, Cologne, Germany
1985 "Malerei, Graphik und Plastik Kunstlerinen der UdSSR". Kunsthalle, Recklinghausen, Germany
"Exhibition of Works by Moscow Artists". Riga Art from Moscow ". Berlin, Germany
1987 "FIAC 87". Art Contemporain Sovietique. Selection d `Oeuvres Provenant de la Collection KNIGA. Galerie de France, Paris, France
Exhibition of Moscow artists. Tallinn 1988 "SOTHEBY` S. Russian Avant-Garde and Soviet Contemporary Art ". World Trade Center, Moscow
"Chicago International Art Exposition". Chicago, USA 1989 "Art Nouveau", Moscow
All-Union Exhibition of Painting. Central House of Artists, Moscow
"Moscow Artists in London". London, England
1989-90 "Von der Revolution zur Perestroika. Sowjetische Kunst aus der Sammlung Ludwig ". Kunstmuseum, Lucerne, Switzerland; Palau de la Virreina, Barcelona, Spain; Musee d `Art Moderne, Saint-Etienne, France
1990 "Treasures and Traditions", National Gallery, Washington
Chicago International Art Exposition. Maya Polsky Gallery. Chicago, USA
"Figuration Critique". Paris Lenigrad, Moscow
1991 "8 Soviet Artists. Charles Cowles Gallery, New York, USA
"Russian and Soviet painting in Portugal: from Nicholas II to Gorbachev". Castelo de Leiria, Leiria, Portugal
1992 "20th Century Russian Art". Nassau County Art Museum, New York, USA
"The Tale of Bread and Tears". Ljubljana, Slovenia
1993 "Still-life end of the twentieth ...". Gallery "Moscow Palette". Moscow Architectural Institute, Moscow, Berlin, Germany
"ART MIF 3". "Moscow Palette". Manege, Moscow
Exhibition from the Collection of Levy. Museum of Contemporary Art, Lausanne, Switzerland
"8 Kunstler aus Moskau". Walter Bischoff Galerie, Stuttgart, Germany "Universalism and Particularism: The Russian World in Transition". Sandra Gerstman Gallery, New York, USA
Classic IV "(4 International Biennale). Kortrijk, Belgium
"Postmodernism". State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
1993-94 "Monotype". Gallery M. Dunev, San Francisco, USA
1994 "Four Russian Messages: Carnival or Drama". Baltimore, USA
Exhibition of S. Kalistratov, NM Nesterova, M. Elkonin. Gallery "A 3". World Bank, Moscow
Exhibition of works by Moscow artists. New Jerusalem
Russian Collection. Gallery M `ARS, Moscow
1995 "Christmas fantasies". Central House of Artists, Moscow
"La terra ritrovata". Villa Ormond, Sanremo, Italy
"Europe-ART. Geneva, Switzerland
Exhibition of works submitted for state award. Central House of Artists, Moscow
"Chicago Art Fair". Maya Polsky Gallery. Chicago, USA
"Charity Auction for Burn Center at Children's Hospital, N9. Contemporary Russian paintings and drawings ". Sotheby's, "ART MIF. Hotel Metropol, Moscow
"New Russian Art: Paintings from the Christian Keesee Collection". City Art Center, Oklahoma City, USA
1996 "Art of Russia in the late XX century. Realities and Perspectives ". Central House of Artists, Moscow
"Contemporary Russian Art". Collection Fox Yanstrup and Jens Gregersen. State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
"Galleries in the Gallery. State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
"Post Modern Art". Central House of Artists, Moscow
Dedication Purygin ". Central House of Artists, Moscow
International art fair ART-MOSCOW. Central House of Artists, Moscow
I Congress of the Creative Commons Russia, the State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
Russian Collection. The end of the 20 th century. Gallery M'ARS, Moscow
International Art Fair "Art Manege". Manege, Moscow
1997 "The world of sensible things in Pictures. End of the Twentieth Century ", Gallery M` ARS. Pushkin Museum of. Pushkin, Moscow
"Patrons of the Netherlands and Russia". Museum of Private Collections, Moscow
"Moscow - Russia". Central House of Artists, Moscow
"Hot and cold. Red Moscow. Manege, Moscow
International Art Fair "Art Manege". Manege, Moscow
Autobiographical notes

His life I can not imagine my work without. It consumes my imagination, feelings, thoughts. I think about her always, wherever I was, whatever did that to me may occur at different moments of my existence.
I was born in a family of architects. My grandfather, Nikolai Nesterov, was a wonderful artist. On the walls of our house hanging his work, in which I left to wander. He drew me a little, pictures, taught me to play and feel. I remember how to send to travel in a carriage made from a chair, with a felt boot instead of a horse's head.
. Then I began to paint itself, and since then, as I remember myself, this occupation did not disappoint me, not tired, and wondering how in his childhood.
. I always think that I still did not achieve anything, I am learning and strive to make that runs away and hides from me
. So my life is like escaping persecution threads. Perhaps, at some point and I like what I do, it would seem that I have achieved, then I think my work is over. In the meantime, I either run, or whip, or nesus followed his thoughts, trying to express or embody them on canvas. And how do I do it - to judge you
. Criticism
. In a joke in the eyes of its miscall "classic", although you can call and seriously.
. Critics have long found it on the pedestal of success, stressing, however, that it is in the process, to appreciate her technique, determined the outlook, etc.
. "Paint" Nesterov many
. The ambivalence of the quality and quantity gives the acceleration, but small, because the high speed.
The degree of skill Nesterovoj eliminates errors. If somewhere it tongue-tied, meaning "it's necessary."
. Painting Nesterovoj polyphonic, as a novel, written under the laws of the genre: the texture of fat, generous, used as virtuznoe own words, the white color is saturated with meaning, tightly curled, like a long sentence under the strain of commas and sharpened
. Tracks centripetal, so her work is easily divided into diptychs, triptychs. Pieces of objects or bodies at the edges of the canvas tightly holding their invisible residues, forming a ring on the plane and in space. Form and content in the works Nesterovoj can be interpreted as the concept of old regime, following the Leontief equation, which is a form of despotism internal ideas, not giving the matter a running start.
. Hard mythological constructions Nesterovoj interesting and fascinating to analyze, but this occupation for the future, if sustained interest
. Today, new characters sometimes appear as a test of harmony and just take their place, though in the periodic table according to atomic weight.
. Maps - the most important of these characters, their theme and meaning of the deck significantly vary as a system of values with mystical meaning magical
. Characters do not play cards and do not guess at them, rather they playable and gadaemy. In the triptych "Tarot" their kartezhnye account with Nesterovoj with ancient mythology. Parks under the golden big-nosed masks or spin the thread of life, but it spread out the maps and discuss the combination of excitement and no special emotions. What were emotsiiN - a routine exercise divine. When the cards themselves are the characters of the movie as "Fish", . "Birds", . "Dogs", . clear, . that the number of card fauna can be extended to infinity, . connect with each other, . overlay, . receiving non-figurative constellations or isolating the familiar images, . if in a series of clouds - divisible and indivisible.,
. Interpretation of the triumph of Fortune, adding a cornucopia with the divine fruits and flowers, presents us with a dark-haired waiters with trays eatables
. And if their faces do not wear the mask of profession, it still lives with them nostalgically juicy, in vyvesochnomu attractive. Moreover, each steward's situation is tense and pre -. In "Pyramid" luxurious mountain fruit is offered with evil, . full face of hatred, . with the text of the clenched teeth: "Take it! choke!" In Porto under the stormy sky there is a meeting of the ship "bread and salt" in the form of shouting or howling fish corpses lopnuvschimi eyes,
. "Falling plate" - fear, fear, feast during the plague in the background oplyvshih buildings with broken, dead eye sockets windows. Two of the restaurant table in anticipation of drinking lead the conversation, still-life-masks hidden ( "melon"). But his hands in the works Nesterovoj often say more than a person.
. There is humility and impatience, pantomime surdodialoga, understood by those who want to "hear".
. Hands, to create "a house of cards, set the rhythm of building construction, based on a balance and logic, so the more monumental than the building, hidden behind stucco facades cardboard
. But slowly flying up card - UFO - this last detail, destroys building, said about the ephemerality of logic and calculation in an atmosphere of magic and mystery.
Nesterov's painting of museum, gallery-, palace, motels. The ordinary housing to coexist with them is impossible. If they can not read, sleep, focus on something. In her studio head turned, his eyes drawn to the easel with an unfinished work.
Grotesque by Nesterovoj - the result of concentration of art and psychic anxiety. In the painting "The Scream," an act physiology susceptible diverse interpretations. This can be understood metampsihoza, and the image of catharsis or redemption from sin, delusion, pride. In any case, now laid a powerful metaphorical charge.
Art - garden fenceless. Understand it all, is engaged - who wants to. The current situation in the art reminds unauthorized rally. On the one hand marching under the banner crowd, on the other - pushing up from the banner of conceptualism, hang out with a handful of academic flags, and other busybodies.
Thank God, there are individual. Nesterova one of the few. It does not occupy the niche it has created its. And it takes only place quietly and simply. M. Yankilevich. From the catalog Natalia Nesterova. 10 pictures ". Gallery "Moscow Palette". Berlin, Germany, 1993


A. Degtyar a series of "New Names", the album "Natalia Nesterova, ed. "Soviet Artist", 1981, Moscow;
With. Polityko Natalia Nesterova, Leningrad, ed. "Aurora", 1989, in 4 languages;
A. Degtyar Natalia Nesterova, Moscow, izd. "Soviet Artist", 1989;
Catalog "Natalya Nesterova", The Montreal of fine arts, 1992, Canada.

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NESTEROVA Natalia, photo, biography
NESTEROVA Natalia, photo, biography NESTEROVA Natalia  Artist, photo, biography
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