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Biography NOVOKSCHENNY Michael
Born in 1967 in the Sverdlovsk region Severouralsk.
1982 Art School Severouralsk.
1982-1986-Krasnoturinsk art school.
1990-1995-Arts Academy in St. Petersburg.
S1995-member International Federation of Artists.

Collections where works

Works are in corporate collections of Honeywell. USA, Deutschebank in Germany, the Company Wess Link in Moscow, Frankfurt Brauraya "Licher", in private collections in Russia, Germany, France, USA, Thailand, Finland, Greece, Belgium.

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1992 Galerie "Nevsky 20". St.Petersburg. Russia;
1993 Gallery Neo-Step. "Sankt-Peterburg. Russia;
1994 Personal exhibition, gallery "Nevsky 20". St. Petersburg. Russia;
1995 Exhibition of "C. A. N. "in the Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1995 Gallery of the "Zelenograd". Moscow;
1995 Gallery "Il-Art" at the Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1995 "Christmas Exhibition", Gallery "Zelenograd". Moscow;
1996 Exhibition in "Lions Club". Ekaterinburg. Russia;
1996 Group Exhibition, Three Central Gallery Magnitogorsk. Russia;
1997 Art Expo in Dusseldorf. Germany;
1997 4th Theater Festival. Magnitogorsk. Russia;
1997 Exhibition at the Castle "Acquittal of dreams" in Hungene. Frankfurt am Main. Germany;
1998 Pro-Feshnl, gallery "Arina" in the Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1998 Theater Festival. Magnitogorsk. Russia;
1999 Moscow International Art Salon "CHA-99". Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1999 Art Bauer Caravan Show. Philadelphia. U.S.
1999 Group Exhibition Gallery Pink Bridge Gallery. Philadelphia. U.S.
2000 Art Expo. Box 1223. NY. United States.

Autobiographical notes

I pretend to be dead.
Moon scrap of soap long
Reverberated across the valley
Silver sadness.

A friend of mine Lyrics. Mikhno could characterize my view, the approach to art.
In painting, especially in recent times, through the EMPRES-form approach combines post-modernism.
Birth of the images is improvisational. A technique has the letters, depending upon the tasks of "a la prima" to the classic three-stage method.
. As Wagner and Vivaldi inherently contrast, and in early, and at this point in his work there is a contrast with the pathos of expression and subtlety of images
. But now I'm trying to connect, to concentrate the divine delicacy of the female body with the music-expressive and relaksicheskoy.

Recently a lot of work with acrylic. In combination with oil, this opens up more and more new to me making.


Execution of dreams in the style of post - modern. Exhibition of works Novokschennogo Michael Vaughan and Andrew Castle g. Hungen.

Under the motto "Dreams come true" in g.Hungene was an exhibition of 27 works of two Russian artists working in the style of post - modern. Head of the Department of Culture of Hungen, . Erhard Eller, . in a welcome speech to stress that, . that he willingly responded to the invitation Lucy Donde - compatriot artist, . For several years living in Inhaydene - attend the presentation of paintings.,
. The artist, born in the 60 years - a native of Yekaterinburg, a city of a million people that's just, along with St. Petersburg and Moscow, among the most important cultural centers of Russia
. In the exhibited paintings reflected the famous Ural style. The artist lives and works currently in Moscow, still maintain close ties with his hometown. There are very fond of him, and every year he has held exhibitions in Ekaterinburg. In Germany the first time he was able to show his paintings in August this year at an exhibition in Dusseldorf. The success of this exhibition has allowed him to maintain contacts with Germany. Works of Michael Novokschennogo in delicate pastel colors give the impression of its elegance. Female figures seem to come from Russian fairy tales. They take us into the world of dreams, woven from the flora and fauna, giving a fantasy space for the development of the plot on the verge of reality.

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  • Novok for NOVOKSCHENNY Michael
  • It is pleasant to find yourself in such an interesting company)) My site - www.novok.com Michael
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    NOVOKSCHENNY Michael, photo, biography
    NOVOKSCHENNY Michael, photo, biography NOVOKSCHENNY Michael  Artist, photo, biography
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