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Ovchinnikov Nikolai

( Artist)

Comments for Ovchinnikov Nikolai
Biography Ovchinnikov Nikolai
1958 born in Moscow
. 1978 graduated from the Moscow Art uchilishe memory of 1905 (the theatrical faculty)
. 1986-88 member of the "Central Russian Upland"
. 1993 member of the USDA
. Collections where works
. Neue Galerie - Sammlung Ludwig, Aachen, Germany
. Firm "Sawa", Moscow
. Company "Ecart", firm "Orfan", firm "JMWilmote", Paris, France
. Company "Joe Pytka", Los Angeles, USA
. P. Sprovieri, Rome, Italy
. J.-C.Tuilier A. Putman, Paris, France
. Participation in exhibitions and auctions

. 1988 "Das Leben der Zaren" (installation)
. Kommunale Galerie, Frankfurt, Germany
1989 "Tableau d` une exposition ". Le Base, Levallois, France
1990 Froment-Putman Galerie, Paris, France
1991 Usine de Meru, Meru, France
1992 Galerie Froment-Putman, Paris, France
1993 "ART MIF 3". Gallery 14. Manege, Moscow
1995 "Dialecture I". Cultural Center "Phoenix", Moscow
"Dialecture II". French Cultural Center. Library of Foreign Literature, Moscow


1982-86 All-Union Exhibition of Young Artists. Moscow
1986 "Oh, Malta". Embassy of the Republic of Malta, Moscow
"Art Against Commerce" (exhibition-action). Bitsa Park, Moscow
XVII Exhibition of Young Artists. Artist's House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
1987 "Retrospective of Moscow Artists. 1957-1987 ". l of the "Hermitage", Profsoyuznaya st., q. 100, Moscow
The first exhibition of the Club Avant-gardists (CLAVA). Peresvetov Lane., Moscow
Artist and Modernity ". First Creative Association of Moscow Artists. Kashirka, Moscow
1988 Galerie Inge Baecker, Cologne, Germany
"Geometry in Art". Kashirka, Moscow
"Bath" (exhibition-action). Avant-gardists Club. The men's section Sanduny baths, Moscow
The second exhibition of Avant-gardists Club. Peresvetov Lane., Moscow
"8 of Soviet Artists. Galerie de France, Paris, France
"ART Messe". Basel, Switzerland
"Le chiffre". Pac Floral, Paris, France
"ARCO". Galerie de France, Madrid, Spain
Labyrinth. Youth Palace, Moscow
"ISKUNSTVO 1". DAAD-CLAVA. Moscow, Berlin, Germany
1989 "Expensive Art. Youth Palace, Moscow
"Perspectives of Conceptualism". Peresvetov Lane., Moscow
New Jerusalem (exhibition-action). Avant-gardists Club. New Jerusalem, Moscow Region.
"ISKUNSTVO 2". Exhibition Hall on Frunze Embankment, Moscow, Berlin
"Art Contemporaine Sovietique". Hotel de Ville, Strasbourg, France
"Jenseits des Streites - Neue Sowjetische Kunst". Kringst Ernest Galerie. Cologne, Germany
1990 ISKONSTVO. Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden
"XLIV Esposizione Internazionale D` Arte ". La Biennale di Venezia. Aperto. Venice, Italy
"Towards the Object". Kashirka, Moscow
"Les Ateliers". Hopital Ephemere, Paris, France
"FIAC 90". Kringst Ernest Galerie. Paris, France
"MESSA". Kringst Ernest Galerie. Cologne, Germany
"The Work of Art in the Age of Perestroika". Phyllis Kind Gallery, New York, USA
1991 "Shared Earth". Peterborough Museum, Peterborough, United Kingdom
"Decouvertes". Froment-Putman Galerie, Paris, France
"In de USSR en Erbuiten". Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
"Paysages". Sent-Juernie (Saint Zhuerni), France
"Perspectives of Conceptualism". The University of Hawaii Art Gallery, Honolulu; Clocktower Gallery, Public School 1, New York, USA
"FIAC 91". Froment-Putmen Galerie, Paris, France
"Between Heaven and Earth". Hopital Ephemere, Paris, France
"MANI Museum - 40 Moskauer Kunstler im Frankfurter Karmelitenkloster". MANI. Frankfurt, Germany
1992 "a Mosca ... a Mosca ... ". Villa Campoleto, Ercolano; Galleria Comunale d `Arte Moderna, Bologna, Italy
"FIAC 92". Froment-Putman Galerie, Paris, France
1992-93 "Perspectives of Conceptualism". North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, USA
"Humanitarian aid parcels for Germany. 27 Moscow Artists ". Central House of Artists, Moscow; "Humanitare Hilfe, Packchen fur Deutschland". Tranenpalast, Berlin, Germany
1993 "Collection d` Art Contemporain RINACO. Moscou 1993 ". Caisse des Depots et Consignations - 56 rue Jacob, Paris, France
"Adresse provisoire pour l` art contemporain russe ". Musee de la Poste, Paris, France
"Conversion". Guelman Gallery. Central House of Artists, Moscow
"MESSA BASEL". Galerie Kringst Ernest, Basel, Switzerland
1995 "Kunst im verborgenen. Nonkonformisten Russland 1957-1995 ". Collection of Contemporary Art Museum Tsaritsino ". Wilhelm-Hack Museum, Ludwigshafen am Rhein; Documenta-Halle, Kassel; Staatliches Lindenau Museum, Altenburg, Germany
"Walking over the horizon". Profsoyuznaya 100, Moscow
"Copyright-96". Aidan Gallery, Moscow
"On the house". Profsoyuznaya 100, Moscow
"Charity Auction for Burn Center at Children's Hospital, N9. Contemporary Russian paintings and drawings ". Sotheby's, "ART MIF. Hotel Metropol, Moscow


Movement of this artist to the fact that in the 70 years in Moscow has been called "conceptualism", it was smooth. His painting is the late 70's - early 80's - the subtle still lifes, poetic landscapes, scenographic his work - in any case were not a simulation of tradition, they were sincere and an organic part of it. And this sincere attachment to the common tradition allowed him to come to a very original version of artistic practice. Nikolai Ovchinnikov immersed in nostalgia about the past of Russian culture, about the Russian past. Sometimes this nostalgia is ironic tone, but more often it is some sort of enveloping property. As if the film bearing the half-erased traces of the masterpieces of the past (or birch paint) fits the fact that all around us. This film is thin, but flexible and impermeable. Without its own depth, it changes the usual environment, making it aesthetically appealing. It's sort of artificial patina. The conflict between the reality of things and their seductive sheath and is a very interesting achievement of the artist. Another important feature of creativity Ovchinnikova - his ability to pass easily from style to style, from material to material. And the material and style are skillfully used tools that serve to make the film and stretching it into reality.

N. Alexeev. "Nikolai Ovchinnikov." From the catalog of the exhibition "Adresse provisoire pour l` art contemporain russe ", Musee de la Poste. Paris, 1993

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Ovchinnikov Nikolai, photo, biography
Ovchinnikov Nikolai, photo, biography Ovchinnikov Nikolai  Artist, photo, biography
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