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PAPIKYAN Robert Tatevosovich

( Artist)

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Biography PAPIKYAN Robert Tatevosovich
Born April 9, 1937.
In 1966 he graduated from Moscow University, Faculty of Journalism.
Since 1961 - Member of the Union of Journalists.
Since 1969 - Member of the Moscow Committee of Graphic Artists. Since 1990 - Member of the International Federation of artists, professional and creative artists of the Union of Russia
. Collections where works
. Works are in the State Tretyakov Gallery,
. State Museum of Oriental Art,
. Center of Russian culture
. State Museum of Ceramics and Manor VIII century Kuskovo,
. Museum of Contemporary Art,
. State Museum of Horse Breeding in Moscow
. Kiev museum of Russian art
. Regional Art Museum in Ivanovo,
. Penza Region Art Gallery of
. AA Deineka,
. Ryazan Regional Art Museum,
. Voronezh Regional Museum of Fine Arts,
. Tula Regional Art Museum,
. Volokolamsk historical and architectural museum,
. Schebekinskom History and Art Museum,
. Lipetsk regional museum,
. Regional museum and cultural center "Liga" in Kolomna,
. Tver Art Gallery
. Municipal Art Gallery Volzhsky,
. Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk otdeleniya Rossiiskogo Cultural Foundation,
. National Gallery of the Komi Republic in Syktyvkar,
. International Museum of Naiva them
. Zharkovskaya in Nice, France,
Russian Center of Culture named after AS Pushkin in Paris
in private collections in Russia, the United States, France, Germany, Cyprus, Canada, Israel, Italy.

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1991 Exhibition "Georgian Small, 28". Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Moscow;
1992 Group Exhibition. Small Georgian, 28. Moscow;
1992 Exhibition "World Religion". Small Georgian, 28. Moscow;
1992 International Exhibition. Verona. Italy
1992 International Exhibition in connection with the 13 General Assembly and World Congress of the International Association of Art. National Museum. Seoul;
1992 Exhibition-auction "Dawn of Russia". Moscow;
1993 Personal exhibition. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1994 Personal exhibition. Gallery Nagornaya ". Moscow;
1994 Personal exhibition "Paradise, which we lost". Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1994 "20 years bulldozer exhibition". Moscow;
1994 Auction "UNESCO-Chernobyl". Paris;
1995 Exhibition "20 Years Later. Gogol Boulevard, 10. Moscow;
1995 Personal exhibition. Gallery Chertanovo ". Moscow;
1995 Personal exhibition. Center for Russian Culture. Moscow;
1995 V Moscow Art Exhibition "Golden Brush". Moscow;
1995 VIII artistic manifestation "Artists and Discoveries". Nice. France;
1995 Personal exhibition in the Berre-Les-Alpes. France;
1995 Personal exhibition. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1996 Exhibition "Retro Russian avant-garde". Nice. France;
1996 Exhibition "20 Years of Little Georgia, 28". Gogol Boulevard, 10. Moscow;
1996 Exhibition. International Museum of naive art. Nice. France;
1996 Personal exhibition. State Museum of Ceramics. Manor VIII century Kuskovo. Moscow;
1996 Personal exhibition. Cultural Center "Liga". Kolomna. Russia;
1996 Exhibition dedicated to the days of India in Moscow. House of Friendship with the Peoples of Foreign Countries. Moscow;
1996 Personal exhibition "romantic fantasy". Ryazan Regional Art Museum. Russia;
1996 Personal exhibition "Dialogue with Nature". Tula Regional Art Museum. Russia;
1996 Personal exhibition. "France. Spain. Russia ". Voronezh Regional Art Museum. Russia;
1997 International Exhibition. "Golden Brush". Central House of Artists, Moscow;
1997 Personal exhibition. International Federation of Artists. Moscow;
1997 Exhibition in the house of friendship with people of foreign countries in honor of Independence Day of France, Moscow;
1997 Personal exhibition. Central House of Artists, Moscow.
1998 Exhibition "Fantasia, shape, color, Central House of Artists, Moscow.
1998 Moscow, Moscow Art-Salon, Manege-98
1999 Exhibition of naive artists "Gardens of Eden", Malaya, 28, Moscow.
1999 "Impressionism in Eastern Europe". Frantfurt am Main, Germany.

Autobiographical notes

Where our sails KovchegN

Biblical legend tells that King Solomon had a magical ring that allowed him to understand the language of animals. But this legend amazes me most is that even such a wise as Solomon, a talisman used to communicate with our "smaller brothers". And what, then, to demand from ordinary people, who have always been looking at the surrounding nature as its "food pantry"!
If you look at Scripture, we see that God created the animal world on the fifth day of Creation. A man only on the sixth! Created man, God gave him the right to rule over the animal world. Dominate, but not with t r e b l I t y! But people forget this commandment. And the entire history of mankind, it is in general a great Safari is an endless hunt for all living things, in every moving, flying, flying, crawling ...
. This ruthless, Big Hunting has already led to the deaths of thousands and thousands of beautiful and unique views.
. We do not know what they do, but every hour, every minute, every second funeral bell tolls on already endangered, we destroy God's beautiful creations ...
. Children - our future
. What we shall educate them, so they will be included in future. Babe of the book "Karlsson on the Roof" dreams of having a dog. And millions of other children dream. But we buy them toy tanks, machines, computer games and a Barbie doll. Already sold out nearly a billion Barbie dolls! We just we do not know, . what creates! Instead of living, . devotional, . of flesh and blood, . Puppy, . kitten, . canary, . hamster suggest to friends to our child plastic, . soulless doll! Bezdushnyi! Is it possible to educate, . kultirovat kindness, . Spirituality surrounded by soulless predmetovN,
. In Scripture the son of David, . Ecclesiastes, . warned, . people to cherish all living things, . because ... "the fate of the sons of men and the fate of animals - a lot: they die, . so dieth the, . and one breath at all, . and man has no advantage over the animals ... "St.,
. Scripture, 3, 18.
I have written work - "Noah's Ark". When I wrote it, then wondered: how Noah managed to escape and save zhivotnyhN only if the goodness of GospodneyN And I realized that this was a test of God and they were saved thanks to patience and tolerance.
. Our Earth - a giant ark, floating in outer space, and we, the passengers still can not understand: where it floats, our KovchegN Where it floats, and that in our way - salvation or gibelN
. In the meantime, we are looking for the answer to this question, I'm painting God's beautiful world inhabited by God's beautiful creations


In Robert Papikyana has been a fundamental liberal education and extensive practical experience in journalism, when she awoke in him a passion for painting.
The process of initiation to become self-painting. It was intense and creatively effective. Papikyan quickly passed through a realistic period. Then came a period stylization techniques of folk art, but this kind of primitivism not satisfied his. And only in the pathway of naive art, with its primitiveness archaic thinking and direct expression he found his creative individuality.
. And that's what this amazingly creative self-determination: it is one thing - a naive worldview really naive person and another thing - come to the values of the firstborn from the world of professional art lessons aesthetic preference
. We must pay tribute to the Papikyana artistic intuition: it has successfully passed this irresistible for many career. The best of his "naive" born without oglyadok on real analog, but their philosophical connotations - from the inner compassion for the man (as thy soul! "), A naive attitude everyday, and not from any classical texts. Papikyan enthusiasm creates canvases naive paradise, which - again naively - contrasted with the unsuccessful attempts to establish earthly paradise. It is no accident his appeal to the items that depict the harmonious coexistence of animals, as no accident, and his appeal to the motive of Noah's Ark - this naive model of harmony of life.
. In the past, remains addicted to Papikyana multifaceted narrative "stories"
. In recent works more restraint, meaningful malosloviya. Spontaneous representations as satellite naive worldview explains his surreal tracks: surrendering to the power of their imaginations, . he seems to be "down" the real logic of relations, . depicts the unusual landscapes, . reproduces opposing the accepted norms of the situation.,
. Artist like the process of writing the picture, without which, of course, the phenomenon of innocence of his art would not take place
. Selfless dedication process of creation of their worlds affects the good of fluids in the imagery of his works. Loving attitude towards his characters, feeling the joy of creativity - all this creates poetic intonational structure of oil paintings by Robert Papikyana.
. Stanislav Ivanitskii, department head of the Soviet and contemporary painting of the State Tretyakov Gallery

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PAPIKYAN Robert Tatevosovich, photo, biography
PAPIKYAN Robert Tatevosovich, photo, biography PAPIKYAN Robert Tatevosovich  Artist, photo, biography
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