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Perevezentsev Julius Yul'evich

( Artist)

Comments for Perevezentsev Julius Yul'evich
Biography Perevezentsev Julius Yul'evich
1938 born in Moscow
. 1958 graduated from the Moscow Secondary Art School
. 1959-62 studied at the Moscow Higher Artistic and Technical College (former Stroganov)
. since 1968 member of the Union of Artists
. Collections where works
. The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
. State Museum of Fine mskusstv AS Pushkin, Moscow
. Moscow Literature Museum, Moscow
. The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
. State Museum of Fyodor Dostoevsky, St. Petersburg
. Museum of Fine Arts Tyumen, Tyumen
. Art Gallery of Kursk, Kursk
. Orlovsky Museum of Fine Arts, Eagle
. Novgorod Art Museum, Novgorod
. Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts, Ekaterinburg
. Krasnoyarsk Museum of Art Surikov, Krasnoyarsk
. Kiev Museum of Russian Art, Kiev, Ukraine
. Private collections:
. A. Sandretti, Milan, Italy
. E. Rosenfeld, Paris, France
. E. Peshler, M. Emh, Zurich, Switzerland
. R. Shtaynik, Erfurt, Germany
. Participation in exhibitions and auctions

. 1971 combine graphic art, Moscow
. 1987 Union of Artists of the RSFSR, Sverdlovsk
. 1990 "Graphic Seasons"
. Street. Gorky, 25, Moscow
1993 Sredit Suisse, Yuzhinsky Lane, Moscow
Galerie "Les Oreades", Paris, France
Gallery Aurora-art ", Moscow
1994 Galerie "Les Oreades", Paris, France
Gallery Aurora-art ", Moscow
1996 Galerie "Les Oreades". Paris, France

1971 "Internationale Buchkunst-Ausstellung". Leipzig, Germany (gold medal)
1976 "Self-Portrait in Russian and Soviet art". State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
1977 "La Nuova Arte Sovietica". Venice, Italy
1980 V Biennale of Graphic. Tallinn (diploma)
1984 XI International Biennial of illustration and book graphics. Brno, Chehoslavakiya
1990 Exhibition from the collection of the cultural center "Art Nouveau". Istanbul, Turkey; Zurich, Switzerland
1991 "ART MIF 2". Manege, Moscow
1992 "Kennen sie diese namenN". Gallerie Raissa, Erfurt, Germany
1993 "ART MIF 3". Manege, Moscow
1994 "Images from Russia (" Moscow Palette "- Museum Collection). Moscow
1995 "ARTE RUSSE moderna e contemporanea". Milan, Italy
1996 "Images of Russia". Albertina Museum, Vienna, Austria
International Art Fair Art Moscow, Gallery M `ARS. Central House of Artists, Moscow
"The names of well-known, forgotten and new" gallery "Les Oread". Central House of Artists, Moscow
Russian Collection II ". Gallery M'ARS, Moscow
"Galleries in the gallery," Gallery "Moscow Palette". State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
1997 "I Quadrennial International graphs". Central House of Artists, Moscow
Exhibition galleries collection "Les Oread". Central House of Artists, Moscow
"The world of sensible things in the pictures, the end of XX-th Century", Gallery M `ARS. Pushkin Museum of. Pushkin, Moscow (catalog)
Autobiographical notes

All that I have done, can be divided clearly into three periods:
1. Romantic, figurative etchings, drawings, lithographs 1970-1980;
2. Fantastic, architectural designs, etchings, drawings, lithographs, watercolors 1980-1990;
3. Non-figurative work, color graphics since 1990.

Images Julia Perevezentseva, small format, constructed from the linear light fabrics, their graphite silver (when they are not implemented in ink) stands out from the soft white sheet. They are purely structural, . without costing any Wahlern games (unchanged from the intensity bar designs form, . provides mass and plans, he also, . as, . however, . and laid him, . determines the nature and direction of motion), . the first minute gave the impression, . that we are dealing either with polumashinalnoy, . intuitive, . partially controlled skill hand account, . or with some common, . preliminary, . examination qualify for each session's plan,
. These seemingly conflicting impressions in the end will be reconciled if we assume that intuition - it is a subconscious belief, based, however, the amount of experience. In this case I am referring to a domestic source - Constructivism, . system, . which relies on the kind of mechanics - to bring in the traffic patterns of plastic elements of the game due to potential power, . contained in their forms and their mutual spatial relations,
. Undoubtedly, . then there is a momentum, . coming from Malevich, . by Lazarus Lisitsky, . so, . this momentum, . Although strong, . in the case of creativity Perevezentseva serves only to release his own inclinations, . based on his own observations and personal experiences,
. Here it should be noted that Perevezentsev not immediately embarked on this path. He is quite a long time engaged in easel graphics, creating figurative scenes of philosophical and poetic nature (cm. "Draft", N 5 / 75). As it turned out later, the main tone of his philosophy, then surprisingly fit into the current design, defining their core values is a sign. This refers to their strong connection with nature, as well as - or even primarily - the type genus confined to their active energy. When it comes to these first, the artist does not deny the strong influence exerted by his emotions and visual impressions on the repertoire of ongoing schemes. Indeed, . we find here and the landscape, . and travel experience, . and still life, . so only, . they are recreated from the chaos of memories with the use of invented elements necessary for its own games (boards, . figured elements, . cubes, . Mugs, . ring), . that, . frozen in a white void, . is associated with the atmosphere, . to which we have already taught surrealism,
. But it happens relatively rarely. Generally, the system these include energy, which is why even the design of a mass, it would seem, should provide them with the weight and stability, burst or explode from the inside and just fly in space. That, . that in some figurative etchings of past years was only dinamiziruyuschim stage technique, . informed her some dramatic, . flowing, . perhaps, . a sense of fragility of life, . that the amount could lead to some existential mood of, . now obviously becomes an active force, . acting within matter, . dispersive the white sheet plane wreckage of the world - and such, . which can be compressed in a fist, . those, . guess your weight and design which promised to - for example, by analogy with the pyramids - long, . peaceful and stable life,

S. Stopchik. 'Julius Perevezentsev. " - Projekt, 1987, N 5


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"Icons Revisited" Moscow guardian, August 20, 1993, p.. 36;
S. Drozhzhin, the newspaper "The Moscow Tribune", 1993.

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Perevezentsev Julius Yul'evich, photo, biography
Perevezentsev Julius Yul'evich, photo, biography Perevezentsev Julius Yul'evich  Artist, photo, biography
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