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Ponomarev Aleksandr Evgenjevich

( Artist)

Comments for Ponomarev Aleksandr Evgenjevich
Biography Ponomarev Aleksandr Evgenjevich
1957 born in Dnepropetrovsk
. 1973 graduated from art school in Orel
. 1979 graduated from the Higher Engineering Marine School in Odessa
. Collections where works
. The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
. Ministry of Culture of Russia, Moscow
. Bank Inkombank, Moscow
. Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow
. Orlovsky Museum of Fine Arts, Eagle
. Center of Artistic Culture, Kiev, Ukraine
. Collection of the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg
. National Museum Singapore, Singapore
. Foundation FRWeisman, Los Angeles, USA
. Judishes Museum Reihnsburg, Reynsburg, Germany
. Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University, New Bruncvik, USA
. Universitat Jaum I, CastellцЁn de la Plana, Spain
. Private collections in Russia, Germany, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Singapore, USA, Poland, Denmark, Switzerland, France
. Participation in exhibitions and auctions
. 1990 together with A. Konstantinov
. Gallery of the Hermitage. Contemporary Art Center, Moscow
1991 co c E. Gorchakova. "Ost and Vest" Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
1992 Galeria "Espai 29", Castellon de la Plana, Spain
1993 Galeria "6 De Febrero", Valencia, Spain
1996 "Shipboard Sunday". State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
Gallery "Cinema", Moscow


1988-92 XVIII-XX youth exhibition. Artist's House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
1989 "Transavantgarde and neo-classical". Cinema Center, Moscow
XIX Youth Exhibition. Central House of Artists, Moscow
1990 All-Union Exhibition of Young Artists. Manege, Moscow
ART MIF 1. Central House of Artists, Moscow
1991 "Gruppe I (Ja - Ich)" - "Gruppe R", Exhibition Hall Solianke, Moscow; Judisches Museum Rheinsburg, Reynsburg; Kunstmuseum, Schleswig; Stadtmuseum, Kiel; Kunstmuseum, Humsum, Germany
"New circle". Exhibition of artists from Ukraine, Russia and America. Martin Luther King Centre, Washington; Art Centre, Denver, USA
Modern artists - Malevich. State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
All-Union Exhibition of the picture. Central House of Artists, Moscow
"Our Contemporary". Central House of Artists, Moscow
"ART MIF 2". Manege, Moscow
1992 "Los tres artistas rusos". Galeria "Octubre", CastellцЁn de la Plata, Spain
Lessons Magnitsky. Geometric abstraction: the Moscow experience ". Contemporary Art Center, Moscow
1993 "Drawings - The Hermitage". Central House of Artists, Moscow
"Russian Graphic Art". Museum of Fine Arts, Ankara, Turkey
"Postmodernism and national traditions". State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
"ART MIF 3". Manege, Moscow
"Ideal City. Trends in Contemporary Russian Art ". National Museum, Singapore
"Russische Kunst der 60-90 Jahre". Osnabruck, Germany
. 1994 "The abstract graphics, Museum of Fine Arts, Eagle
. 1994-95 "Contemporary Art from the collection of Inkombank", . Ulyanovsk Art Museum, Samara Art Museum, Art Gallery of Magnitogorsk, Exhibition Hall of Artists Union of Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg Art Gallery, Museum of Fine Arts, Omsk, Nizhny Novgorod Exhibition Center "Caryatid; Art Museum, . Rostov-na-Donu,
. 1995 Festival of Arts "KUKART"
. National Center for Contemporary Art. Tsarskoe Selo
1997 "Credo". Russia's Culture Fund, Moscow
Ocean - treasure of the future ". The project's author and main artist Rossiyskogo pavilion at World Expo 98


1996 "Northern Track Leonardo. g.Polyarny, Barents Sea, Arctic Ocean
Autobiographical notes

Abstraction of the topography of the world - that's the general theme of my work. I look down at the ground and the ocean, I invent the continents, gulfs, rivers. Positive and negative forms in my compositions are balanced, adding to the structure of complementarity. No matter what is the sign of the strength and sign of the sea border is more important than the color zones. I am an artist Borders. I am looking at the boundary of water and land. At the border of black and white color is born. The whole drama of life appears at the boundaries.


In a sense, the history of modern art is the history of its liberation from the traditional framework of the easel, pedestal and studio. Performance, video, computer art - the symptoms or consequences of this release, which accompanies our growing ability to reduce the time and space through mechanisms immediately.
. Moscow artist Alexander Ponomarev wrote on decks, bridges and sides of anguish in the shipyards grown old karabley
. His maritime art, art lost ships - are also part of the centrifugal process. Even in a whirlwind of contemporary Russian art Ponomarev stands out: he challenges the reasonableness of the blind dependence on electronic images, . against the imposition of uniformity and subordination to the generally accepted as an aesthetic category, . substitution of the art figure of the artist,
. For Ponomareva artist - remains the captain, having special powers of inspiration, which manifest themselves in the created objects, whether picture or poem.

Dzh.Boult. From the article "Wreckart - The Art of old ships". Booklet of the exhibition "Shipboard Sunday". State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, 1996

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Ponomarev Aleksandr Evgenjevich, photo, biography
Ponomarev Aleksandr Evgenjevich, photo, biography Ponomarev Aleksandr Evgenjevich  Artist, photo, biography
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