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Biography PORTYANOY Vladimir
Born in 1946 in Baku, Azerbaijan.
In 1973 he graduated from the Moscow Art School "Memory 1905".
Since 1983 - Member of the USSR Union of Artists. Since 1993 - member of the association "White Circle".

Collections where works

The works are in galleries and private collections in Russia, Austria, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, USA
. Participation in exhibitions and auctions
. 1985 Personal Exhibition, Moscow;
. 1988 Exhibition devoted to 1000 anniversary of Russian culture, Moscow;
. 1988 Group Exhibition, "Labyrinth", Moscow;
. 1988 Week participants Sotheby's on the Arbat, Moscow;
. 1989 Exhibition of artists 'End of the Century';
. 1989 Grand, Avstriya.Gruppovaya exhibition 'Russian soul';
. 1989 Kafaloniya, Gretsiya.-Exhibition of artists;
. 1989 Zagreb, Yugoslavia-Group exhibition-auction in the museum exhibition center;
. 1989 Helsinki, Finland, Group Exhibition;
. 1990 group exhibition "Contemporary Soviet Art", Rome, Italy;
. 1990 5 th International Fair of Contemporary Art "APT LA 90, Los Angeles, USA;
. 1991 International Fair of Contemporary Art in Tokyo, Japan;
. 1991 International Contemporary Art Fair ART-91 London, United Kingdom;
. 1991 Personal exhibition in Berlin, Germany;
. 1993 Group Exhibition, Moscow;
. 1993 Exhibition Gallery `` Persona ", Moscow;
. 1993 Group exhibition in Central House of Artists, Moscow;
. 1994 Personal Exhibition, Moscow, Gallery 'white circle';
. 1994 Personal exhibition, Medical Center under the President of Russia;
. 1995 Personal Exhibition, Moscow, Bank 'Informtekhnika';
. 1996 Group exhibition in Kemer, Turkey;
. 1996 vystavkva Group, Geneva, Switzerland;
. 1997 Personal Exhibition, Moscow, Art-cafe 'reporter';
. 1998 Personal exhibition, Belgrade (Yugoslavia), Gallery "Russian house";
. 1998 Personal exhibition, g.Novisad (Yugoslavia), Gallery 'Renata';
. 1998 Personal Exhibition, Moscow, hotel 'Kosmos';
. 1998 Solo exhibition, cafe 'Carlsberg';
. 1999 Group Exhibition, Moscow, 'Friendship House';
. 1999 Group Exhibition 'Business Center' at the Embassy of Yugoslavia (Action in support of Yugoslavia);
. 2000 Personal exhibition
. Company Head Office 'Siemens'. Moscow;
2000 Charity auction to aid Children's Home d. Moscow. Cafe 'Carlsberg'. Hotel 'Cosmos'. Moscow;
2001 Personal exhibition. International Art Fund. Moscow;
2001 Charitable group exhibition to help children with hydrocephalus. Embassy of Iceland. Moscow;
2001 Charity Auction in aid programs for children - with hydrocephalus. Russia Culture Fund. Moscow;
2001 Exhibition devoted to the Day Space. Central House of Artists. Moscow.

Autobiographical notes

Um - this is known and unknown, beyond the mind - the unknowable.

All artists - musicians, poets, painters and dancers tried to express the inexpressible, unknowable, but it is so difficult that even if we manage to give an indirect hint - just a finger pointing at the moon - is an achievement. Ineffable no sense, . It is also important when we try to express it in different ways - is a creative process, . And if we are going through SOMETHING-Ineffable, . that part is in the works, . and if this experience is profound and pervasive you experience the Beyond in yourself and yourself into the beyond - becomes one with the BAT, . removing the 'Clouds of mind' with infinite shining unspeakable beauty - and because of causeless ETERNAL 'Consciousness of Heaven' - this is meditation, . this is the experience of awareness of the immortal spirit within us ...,

. Painting - as a work of art for me, this is not the image of nature, natural phenomenon
. As the bird sings, and in the creation bezusilnost and naturalness of the artist becomes a "natural phenomenon", the technique requires the creator of "art and artlessness of controlled random. In other words disciplined spontaneity or spontaneous discipline (no contradiction artist and material, nature and spirit, good and evil, the subject and object - it's always two sides of one coin).
If the result is important in the works or purpose. it is not a creature is the work (custom rabotaN!), such work we are doing ourselves with the energy of the mind. When the work begins now, then there is no action, but there is the virgin of energy that do not have the energy of the mind that frolic and play in you and you only allow them to it and then you become and the flute on the lips of God
. In art there is no objective, . because there is no victory, . which can be won and there is no end, . which can be achieved, . but there is a process - an experience (which includes the goals and victories) - experience, . which are the reward, . because a person without a goal, . and therefore without haste, . -The world turns to all his senses and becomes able to be empty - to accommodate this world, . ie,
. experience "here and now".
Vladimir Portyanoy


The biggest dangers of modern artist - a fear to be yourself. Some, fearing accusations of "shlyagernosti" deliberately sharpened pictorial language, goes down to "zaum, Pseudoscience, false meaningfully. Others fall into the opposite extreme, seeking at all costs like everyone, produce infantile, mediocre podelochki, sometimes disguising them under the "naive" art. Merit Vladimir Portyanogo that he happily escaped the temptations of both, cornfields retaining the right to unlimited creativity and spiritual freedom. So he dohodchiv, and complicated at the same time - a sign, unmistakably characteristic of a true artist. The secret of his method - in the disclosure of the Slavic worldview by means of modern European painting, from which he took in oruzhenie most uninhibited and expressive (no wonder the most revered master them - Picasso). This means, . that he is continuing to honor pro started at the beginning of the century the best of his countrymen - those, . who in the legendary "Russian artistic assault" instilled spicy, . sharing of fragrant exotic luxury deadly culture of western modernity,
. It would be strange if he had not appealed to the Bible stories - they are fundamental to the whole world classics, but it is in Russia related to the divine originals stained particularly bordering the exaltation of trepidation. That Russian painters managed to introduce the characters of ancient Christian history in a village hut, . without leaf, . philosophically organically marry signs and images of distant, . enveloped in a mysterious haze of the East with sparse, . unpretentious everyday life longing for romance, . yearning for an ideal people,
. Vladimir Portyanoy, . mastering energy complex magical codes and symbols, . however, not ashamed and pure "peasant" aesthetic and decorative, . using folklore as the beginning of the remedy to restore the pristine harmony, . find the lost perfection, . get out of the abyss, . which has brought us betrayal of the highest, . heavenly landmarks - the, . that still, . fortunately, . is discernible in the "national", . 'ethnic',
. Whatever the topic may occupy the imagination of the painter (and the range of his insatiable quest is quite wide), . in fact its only - and the persistent flame - the passion is the idea of restoration of the cosmos - as the divine, . heavenly, . and human, . Terrestrial,
. Each of his canvas, the cycle - this is another attempt by the artist to fill a gaping hole spirituality, to regain a foothold in the next truly apocalyptic battle for the new, transformed world
. Bibliography
. Catalog of the exhibition "Russian soul", Austria;
. Catalog of the exhibition "Russian artists", Zagreb, 1989;
. catalog of the exhibition "Art Sovetika Helsinki, 1989;
. Catalog of the exhibition "Art Sovetika", Rome, 1990;
. Catalog 5-th International Fair of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, 1990;
. Catalog International Contemporary Art Fair, London, 1991;
. Catalog "paintings returned to Russia", Moscow, 1991;
. Catalog of "Modern Art"
. South Korea, -1992;
Magazine "Moscow Guardian. Since 1983 - Member of the USSR Union of Artists. Since 1993 - member of the association "White Circle".

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PORTYANOY Vladimir, photo, biography
PORTYANOY Vladimir, photo, biography PORTYANOY Vladimir  Artist, photo, biography
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