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Comments for RADOVIK-DUAYR
Born in 1940 in Myulsanne, France.
In the early 70-ies involved in ceramics, sculpture, and then carried away (in particular in the studio J. Barry), is also involved in the engraving and painting.
From 1980 to 1989. had a studio in Paris,
. since 1989 in Barzhole, Department of Options
. Collections where works
. Author of many sculptures, fountains and wall murals for various pre-schools and primary schools in the 8 th and 17 th districts of Paris,
. in collaboration with Dominique Le FYUROM by a wall painting for the city park in Marseilles, France

Participation in exhibitions and auctions


1986 exhibition devoted to Pablo Picasso. Gallery Attitude. Paris. (together with a group of authors); 1986-88-90-93 Gallery J. Moyne - To Kambyuz-BONO Lubц?ron. France;
1987 Gallery of Agnes cup. Auvers-sur-Oise. France;
1989 Galerie Salle Pleyel. Paris;
1989 Galerie le Lavoir VIRI-CHATILLON. France;
1990 Gallery Maurice Ravel. Paris (together with a group of authors);
1991-92-94 IAC 2000. Grand Palais. Paris. Quai Branly;
1992 Galerie EPONE. Paris;
1992 Galerie Hamelin Honfleur. France (together with four other authors);
1993 Gallery KAPAZZA NANSAY. France (together with a group of authors);
1993 Gallery Ann-Marie. Galland. Paris;
1994 Espace ENTERROGATON Sonya ASHIMSKOY. Toulon. France;
1994 Galerie Corinne TIMSIT. San Juan. Puerto Rico;
1995 Gallery Corinne TIMSIT. Street. Mazarin. Paris-6.


1984 Sculptures in Kollezhial de Til. France;
1984 World Triennial of Ceramics. Zagreb. Yugoslavia;
1986 Terra Femina. Los Angeles. U.S.
1987 "Diagonal" from Auvers to New York. Auvers-sur-Oise. France;
1988 ARTISTS ON THE MOVE. Federal Placa. New York;
1988 Arpa International. UNESCO Palace. Paris;
1988 City of Science "Parc de la Villette". Paris. (Ble Villette);
1988 Museum of the castle "Chateau-Montbeliard". France;
1989 Salon Figuraton Critic. Grand Palais. Paris - Pisa;
1990 Archer. Castle Napoule Mandelieu-la-Napoule. France;
1992 Ekinoks Monastery. Uayal September Maximin. Sainte-Baume. France;
1993 Biennale 109. Grand Palais. Paris;
1993-1994 Salon Realit Nouvel. Grand Palais. Paris;
1993 Foundation Santillana Espaц?a. Figyuraton critic;
1993 EuropeAid `ART. Art without borders. Street. Quincampoix. Paris;
1994 ART MIAMI 94. International Fair. Corinne Timsit Gallery. United States
. Autobiographical notes
. SCULPTURE: Totems, funeral stele with ancient drawings.
. Writings, signs in space.
. So the envoys, the sentries, the guardians or knights, pierced by all four forces of nature, they send us back to memory and is accompanied by time
. Used as material: metal, barred the earth, glass, bronze or gold. A mixture of crude and the precious, transparency beyond the visible.


Who came from dreams or, perhaps, from the visions of sculpture (most likely, it should be called sculptures), these multi-colored vertical MS-F. Radovik-Duyar carry or own liberation values of our own imaginary.
. The slides, signs, paint, more like than suggest they turn to the audience, not intruding upon his spirituality.
. Writing without letters, inlaid in the glass, imprinted in the ground or painted in yellow on black on patinated metal - that creativity is not verbose
. So says a lot.
It's simple and complicated, this script, fragile and strong, thin and massive, refined and crude, is located on the border between sacred and secular, and each given the opportunity to choose the. Because it frees arhitipy latent in our minds, it is close to us. As a result of forces of nature, she claims us in our beliefs. And since it takes up space, not subjecting it to myself, it seems to be inviting us to walk around in search of ourselves.
. Tables Hammurabi, . totems, idols of all time, . authors ocher paintings in caves, . colors and symbols of heraldry, . artists since the construction of cathedrals, . yesterday Impressionists, . all together to pull us out of our "Today", . and then throw in "tomorrow".,
. Their presence, a mastery of the artist of all types of memory and all "nepamyatey, materilizovavshihsya in the accomplishments of our time, give this creative ability to please our eyes and fill our souls, they did not raping

. J. Darvorio
. Bibliography
. Orion Magazine "A little bit of barbarian times", 1987;
. Journal Cerц?mica LA MODERN "Magical World", 1988,
. Weekly Gazette de L'Hotel Drouot, 1992;
. LA Magazine Cerц?mica E LE DEF "Send mystical forces", 1992;
. Journal SEMA "transcend time", 1993.

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RADOVIK-DUAYR, photo, biography
RADOVIK-DUAYR, photo, biography RADOVIK-DUAYR  Artist, photo, biography
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