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Rekunenko Alexander

( Artist)

Comments for Rekunenko Alexander
Biography Rekunenko Alexander
Born in 1955. Graduated from painting department of the Moscow Arts and Technology Institute. Member of the International Federation of Artists - JFA. Exhibitions of the Union of Artists since 1982, works reproduced in the journal Science and Religion ',' Caprice ',' Strength of spirit ',' Social life 'and other. Presented in the international album of spiritual art 'Acts of the inhabitants of heaven' and personal album 'The Divine Art of Russia' 1994.

Collections where works

Painter paintings are in private collections in Italy, France, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Austria, USA, Japan and etc..

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1982 - 1996 Regular participation in exhibitions of the International Federation of Artists. Moscow;
1991 Exhibition 'M Georgia 28' in the Manege. Moscow;
MOSKh 1992 Exhibition at the Exhibition Hall at the Kuznetsk bridge. Moscow;
1993 Personal exhibition in the exhibition hall 'Peresvetov lane' (Bank TVT). Moscow;
1996 Personal exhibition in the company GAZPROM. Moscow;
1996 Exhibition at the Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1999 Personal exhibition at the Academy raketnh troops. Moscow;
1999 Personal exhibition in the Moscow City Duma. Moscow;
1999 Jubilee Exhibition of the UN in the Cultural Center of Russia Army. Moscow;
2000 Exhibition. Exhibition Hall at the Kuznetsk bridge. Moscow.

Autobiographical notes

Cvoe creativity devoted mysterial art, based on the Mahatma, the Bible, as well as the mythological sources of ancient Greece and ancient East, mainly India.
The creative processes of practice based on the energy interactions in the rising meditation, followed by fixation through a composite plot.


Artist The Aquarian.
(From the creative horoscope Alexander Rekunenko)

There is a change of epochs. Age of Pisces gives way to the age of Aquarius. And the artist, the man with the soul of fine feeling, mo-Jette did not respond to this global change, which has deeply dramatic character.
As you know, Aquarius - the servant of the World, and therefore, moving from the era of Pisces (the era of individualism) in an era of service, we feel like changing the emphasis at all levels of creative activities. The very nature of creativity becomes a completely different sound. In the age of Pisces art to a great extent, had a formal orientation: all claims and interest of creativity 'rested' in the mastery of color and composition, the transfer of states and shades of feelings. In the age of Aquarius developed soul will be able to 'enter into higher states of consciousness', and 'of these states to write', thereby giving some materiali-tion to these visions. This will create a new type of icon, in the development of artistic creativity happens qualitative leap:
: All art magichno. Artist - major battle field of light and dark forces. And so it is important not only what and how he was doing, but what started it prevailed at the time of creation. At the turn of epochs increases the liability of each for the fate of the world, with the man, who-mu is given the opportunity to influence the nature and direction of change, but such people certainly are hudozhni-ki-makers, ask twice.
Alexander Rekunenko much is given, and its astral responsibility he fully aware of.

Lilia Baitenova


Since 1991. represented regularly on the covers of the journal 'Science and Religion', Moscow;
Introduced five reproductions in the international album 'Acts celestials' publishing 'Russian merchant', 1993, H. Novgorod;
In. B. Kruglov, album 'The Divine Art of Russia', publishers 'Terra', 1994, Moscow;
. The story of the author about his work, the television channel 'Unidentified universe', VGTRK, 1994, Moscow;
. Television program 'Vremechko', the material on the exhibition of the artist, 1994, Moscow;
. E
. Danilov, Material-interview 'to serve God with their creativity' and 'The Aquarian Artist' magazine 'Social life', 1993-1994, Moscow;
. Publish your own article 'The Art of the era of Aquarius' magazine 'Power of the Spirit', 1996, Moscow;
. E Danilova 'World Painting And Rekunenko' magazine 'Caprice', 1997, Moscow;
. The author of the material is devoted to the writer Yu
. M. Medvedev 'The news from the constellation of Aquarius', 'Technica Youth', 1998, Moscow;
In Kovalevsky 'artists of the epoch of Aquarius' magazine 'Swallowtail', 1999, Moscow

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Rekunenko Alexander, photo, biography
Rekunenko Alexander, photo, biography Rekunenko Alexander  Artist, photo, biography
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