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Marianne B. Romanovsky

( Artist)

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Biography Marianne B. Romanovsky
Born in 1929 in Moscow.
Graduated from Moscow State Art Institute. VISurikova in 1957.
Exhibited since 1957.

Collections where works

Works are in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow,
Peter Ludwig Museum, Germany,
Sculpture Park in Seoul, Korea,
private collections in the United States, France, Britain, Germany.

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1979 Group Exhibition, 14 artists. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1988 World Competition of Arts. Seoul. South Korea;
1990 Exhibition of Russian sculpture. Gallery "Shurin". London;
1991 Exhibition of sculpture. Arts Center. London;
1991 Art Expo. NY. U.S.
1991 Art of Peace. Florida. U.S.
1991 World Exhibition of sculptures. Miami. U.S.
1991 Exhibition of sculpture. Gallery "Zucker". U.S.
1991 Exhibition of sculpture. Private Gallery Dzhersin ". U.S.
1992 World Exhibition of sculptures. Miami. U.S.
1992 Exhibition of sculpture. NY. United States
. Autobiographical notes
. After a long period of formation and the search themselves in recent years come to inner harmony, to the moment of happy confidence in himself, realizing that none of the most serious set by external problems are not solved only with good intentions
. Can not be serious if neserezen, good, if not good, clever, if stupid. I think that the artist is valuable contemporaries, and nesovremennikam, something that he was unaware of himself, some features and nuances of personality, which is imprinted in the product regardless of its. Consciously same interest to me is the form the language that help to implement the life of the object, the expression of its essence. I do not like the destructive art, which breeds mistrust in life.
I do not see for themselves the possible stability when there is only the exploitation made crafts and stop internal development.
So - all in front
. Criticism
. Maintaining their Sacred Space Workshop Marina Romanov turns into an experimental space in the laboratory, which designed, piloted, tested logosnye potency plastics and gain in the freedom of being
. This inner space of freedom of creative expression is immeasurably more complex, richer and more energetic of any external space. It is fraught with all kinds of summation of forces, surprises and paradoxes. It is explosive and essentially metaphysical. It eliminates the hassle of dimension and distance of space from time. In it are born "special code" that erases the boundaries between the great and small pieces, creating the world of "eternal return". In his studio Marina Romanov collects, develops, and settles in space, confirming the formula M. Heidegger, that the sculpture - that accumulated, integral, "collected" topos. The idea of gathering space - a leading theme of her work, but not as a victory over him, not as a subordinate of his, as well as plasticization, as an artistic act, the secondary twinning with him - as a theater ...
. All things Marina deeply confessional and autobiographical, their specificity is inseparable from the concreteness of meetings of the artist with each of them
. The sense of calm and sinking, which we are living in the woods or fields, are stored here in the studio of the artist - in this memorial things, their "real" - is the embodiment of fate, that things have taken and are undergoing with us. Marina Romanov reminds us, . that they are traces of a special kind and special presence, . that they are all in tune with "writing" nature, . that they do not occur without the intervention of the mysterious and serves more than soul knows about the existence of large and small forces,
. "No one is diminished by the way things are, no one is happy is so small as these - inaccessible to human bliss".

V. Patsukov


Catalog "group exhibition of works of Moscow Artists, Moscow, 1979;
Catalog personalized vystvki, Moscow, 1994.

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Marianne B. Romanovsky, photo, biography
Marianne B. Romanovsky, photo, biography Marianne B. Romanovsky  Artist, photo, biography
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