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RUBANOV Joseph Mendelevich

( Artist)

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Biography RUBANOV Joseph Mendelevich
November 7, 1903 was born in Novozybkov;
1907 moved with his family in Mogilev. Studies at the Cheder, and then at school 1 stage;
1919 volunteered for the Red Army. Studies at the Ornamental workshops;
1920-22 student and graduated with honors Krasnoarmejskij University (Fine Arts Department) in Mogilev. Moved to Moscow and entered the single worker's school of Art. Pohrova;
. 1923 sent to the test - preparatory department of Higher Art;
. 1925 graduated from the workers' school, comes in at the Higher Art School of Painting;
. 1930 graduated from Higher Art, takes RAPH on easel office, where an instructor in art samodeyatelnosti;
. 1933 comes into MOSSH in this section of painting;
. 1938-39 first solo exhibition in MOSSHe;
. 1943-44 solo exhibition in the base hospital in Moscow;
. 1924-1963 teaching at the amateur and professional art studios;
. 1934-1963 work (with breaks) for contracts in Vsekohudozhnike, MTX, KZHI;
. February 20, 1988 died in Moscow.
. The interests of the author is Rubanova Elena Iosifovna

. Collections where works
. Works are in the State Tretyakov Gallery, . State Russian Museum, . State Historical Museum, . Chuvash State Art Museum, . as well as in private collections in Russia, . France, . Germany, . UK, . China, . South Korea and others,

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1927 X years of Soviet power. Belarus;
1928 Belarusian exhibition of young artists. Minsk;
1929 Exhibition of 10 th anniversary of Komsomol. Moscow;
1930 Exhibition of Moscow Artists. Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow;
1932 Anniversary Exhibition "15 years of Soviet power in Belarus". Minsk;
1934 Exhibition of Young Artists. Historical Museum. Moscow;
1935 Exhibition. Museum of Fine Arts. Moscow;
1936 Moscow Exhibition of Young Artists. MTX;
1937 Fifth Annual exhibition of Moscow artists;
1937 Exhibition of contracting parties. Moscow;
1938 Personal exhibition. Club Master of Arts;
1939 Personal exhibition. MOSSH. Moscow;
1940 XX VLKSM. Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow;
1940 Exhibition VOKS `a. Ulan Bator;
1942 Anniversary Exhibition "25 Years of October". Cheboksary;
1943 Exhibition of 3-ex portraits of folk artists of the RSFSR. Chuvash State Academy Theater. Cheboksary;
1943 Personal exhibition. Base hospital N3380. Moscow;
1945 "Artists of the RSFSR". Museum of Oriental. Moscow;
1947 Group Exhibition. MOSSH. Moscow;
1950 Spring All-Union Exhibition. Arts Academy. Moscow;
1953 Spring Exhibition I. MTX;
1954 Exhibition of paintings of Moscow artists;
until 1982, almost annual participation in the Moscow exhibitions, some of the RSFSR and the USSR;
1992 A posthumous solo exhibition. MOSH. Moscow;
1992 "Moscow Artists 20-30-ies". CX USSR. MOSH RSFSR;
2000 "irrelevant Museum of Art. Moscow Arts Center. Galleries "Ark" and "Elysium".

Autobiographical notes

Here are poems and daughter. Rubanova same artist Helena Rubanova

. Commensurate level of work
. With his great earthly,
. He was stripped, vanity, worry,
. Pursued by the torments other:

. How to write a distant black forest,
. Shrouded air shroud,
. So, to the blue dye trace disappeared
. And the depth is not dybilas wall;

. And at the same time, so that the square of the canvas
. Not poured b random bits,
. The idea of building, clean,
. Would not be covered for loose strokes

As his delight in the morning before the transfer,
Before the barn and any object:
I wanted to write colored form --
He did not know that was a poet.



Dignity, but without arrogance;
Suddenly - media children's laughter;
Lead in the eyes of deep blue
Paced age, but not a sin.
So directly touch
His soul to the soul of the canvas,
As I wander back to the mystery
Togo, as the truth is simple.


Looking at the landscape near Moscow, his father the late 40-ies.

Slow gentle attention
Not let a brush flaunt.

Timid, awkward touch
Powerfully makes tremble
Slowly looking at - the desire --
And in a landscape of dissolving.



In Higher Art-Vhuteine teachers and. Rubanova were K. Istomin, A. Osmyorkin, H. Udaltsova A. Drevin, P. Falk, A. Shevchenko D. Schr, D. Kardovsky, Bela Uitts, IN. Tabor AND. Mashkov, who gave the diploma sleduyushy Review: 't. Rubanov AND. M., engaging in the 1928-29 academic year, under my direct supervision, has proved very gifted and loving painting. Work it stand out among the artistic quality of student Vhuteina.
I find that Comrade. Rubanov AND. M. completely unworthy of the name of Artist. 1930 11 April '.

'Supreme authority for life Rubanova remained Cezanne, first seen in the early twenties. Inherent in sezannovskoy neo-classical concept of measure of objectivity and freedom of vision, 'watching' and volitional generalization, spatial logic of composition-color system in many ways became a personal conviction of the artist. It is reinforced by a special closeness with Aaron Rzheznikovym, . their overall position in the debate 'on the picturesque' had broken out in MOSSHe before the war, . - It was one of the last bold attempt to defend the principles in the face of the arbitrariness of Stalin's 'Social romatizma',
. This tradition had little in common with an approximate 'realistic' ahrrovsko Maslov-wing and, of course, in spirit demanded some kind of ascent of the artist. This is consistent with the individual Rubanova and gave him early things special nestilizovanny shade 'ideal'.

From the article A. Morozova directory the Fair 1992

': picturesque theme Rubanova.
Master led her, beginning with the twenties to the end of the seventies. This topic was outside literature. She expressed her 'just' a visual, spiritual and sensual experience of the environment surrounding the artist's daily. In their simple-mindedness similar theme - from the circle of the eternal for the fine arts. And most likely Rubanov aware of it, in any case, he was always looking for something in prose visible high, an ideal, in his own translating centuries-old experience of painting ': In his landscapes' collision collision' nepridumannogo 'with' false''.
"The ability of daily allegations of human in man, in spite of lies and violence, typical of organic fair that Russia's intelligentsia, first post-revolutionary generation to which the artist Rubanov. I can not believe that it can be forgotten in the turbulent history of the culture of the twentieth century. "
": In this case, which is a characteristic feature of IM. Rubanova, . and compels attention to peer into its development, . - Artist gives not just a picturesque sketch of man, . and seeks to model his characterization, . in landscapes wants to show "not pieces of nature", . and thinks its compositional and pictorial light elements.,
. From the article VM
. Lobanov directory solo exhibition. 1939. Moscow.


"Exhibition of Young", "Izvestia", P. Warsaw, 1934;
Journal Pioneer, Fine work with "Summer in the City", 1936, N6. "Izvestia", Natalia Sokolova, 1937;
ROOM, "Soviet Culture", the solo exhibition, 1938;
Article in the exhibition catalog and. M. Rubanov, VM. Lobanov, 1939;
"Soviet Artist", Art in the exhibition catalog "Joseph Rubanov 1903-1988. Painting ", AI. Morozov, 1992;
Afisha, October 30 - November 12, 2000, 3-20/XI, Exhibition at the Moscow Center for the Arts, a reproduction of a work "Still Life with roach, 1926, N22.

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RUBANOV Joseph Mendelevich, photo, biography
RUBANOV Joseph Mendelevich, photo, biography RUBANOV Joseph Mendelevich  Artist, photo, biography
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