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Savinova Natalia Glebovna

( Artist)

Comments for Savinova Natalia Glebovna
Biography Savinova Natalia Glebovna
Born July 7, 1945 in Leningrad.
She graduated from the Leningrad Art-Industrial College of. VI. Mukhina in 1969.
Studied with Professors VF. Markov and VS. Vassilkovsky
. Collections where works
. His works are in State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg,
. State Museum of Ceramics and Manor Kuskovo "XVIII century.,
. All-Russia museum of decorative and folk art in Moscow,
. private collections in Russia, Italy, Germany, Poland
Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1977-86 One Arrangement N1-10. LOSH. Leningrad;
1982 Biennale of contemporary ceramics. Vallauris. France;
1984 Modern Soviet ceramics. Dick-Grentshauzen. Germany;
1990 Porcelain otherwise. Vabzhih. Poland;
1991 Leningrad Ceramics. Bologna. Lavena. Italy
1991 Pottery Leningrad. Bologna. Italy
1992 1 st exhibition galleries "STANBET". Hall of Directorate of exhibitions and auctions of the International Cultural Foundation. Moscow;
1993 Personal exhibition. Gallery Guild of Craftsmen. St. Petersburg.

Autobiographical notes

I love my work. I try to be sincere. Listen to myself and wait for the correct notes. I believe myself and my feelings.


My first feeling from the work of Natalia Savinova was feeling the heat emanating from them. And although it has a good two decades, and its pottery, new tone, a more professional excellence, this feeling is for me and now the principal in determining the artist's work.
. I think that ceramics Savinov and can not be otherwise, because in fact it is - a cast of her relationship with the outside world, the plastic of his experience
. And because the basis of these relations are initially kindness and intelligence, that spiritual space, and her work bears primarily those qualities.
. Perhaps that is why Savinova alien to work with the pure form, whose purpose - creating an image vnesyuzhetnymi means
. Unusually for her, and loud, global themes. Her genre - intimate, lyrical. Her characters, especially in the earlier works, often close to her people - family, children, friends. The action can confine the house, garden. But it is precisely in these "domestic" plots with particular clarity and force manifests itself is alive, the artist's emotional experience, the ability to see the sublime in the everyday, starting from the concrete to create the image. And the quiet tone of her works, I think, can tell a man no less than any loud arguments on abstract themes.
Pottery Savinova usually tends to be small amounts of plastic. Her favorite form - the vessel vykruchenny on a potter's wheel or fashioned with his hands and keeps them warm. It may be solid or open as the shell-shell, . so you can see the effects, . growing inside him - mostly ordinary everyday story, . made poetry artist; can grow a detail - a figure of girl, . sitting on the lid of the teapot, . towel, . coiled up on his stick,
. And always, these details will be proportionate in relation to the whole and to each other, united by internal connections. Yes, and the vessel populated by people, animals, birds, fashioned from clay, which gives life and takes her, conceived by the artist as a symbol, the source of this life.
Plastic works Savinova generally restrained, but it is surprisingly expressive. Take her cherubs, modeled concisely, conditionally, but how subtle variety of characters, moods, sent stingy, but the precise gesture, turning the head. How pathetic these incorporeal beings, fluttering in the studio, flies into the ceramic window, get along comfortably on the shelves. And as an organic form of supplements painting - light, translucent.
... His works can leave a feeling of complete freedom of treatment with different ceramic materials and technologies. By creating a series of tracks on impressions from travels in India, . Ceylon, . Central Asia, . She uses colored masses, . fireclay, . and rough grainy texture appears here only possible, . so if she is associated with a scorched, . desiccated by the sun the earth, . with dark-skinned people of Eastern women,
. And how artistically and naturally painted Savinova unusual for her porcelain proposed artists to work at a symposium in Poland!
. But for ease of communication with the material - the most respectful attitude toward him, high professional culture of the artist
. Culture, which she absorbed from childhood by parents hudonikov, from the city with a rich artistic tradition, where she was born and grew. The origins of her art and architecture of St. Petersburg, and in a realistic painting of the beginning of this century, and chart the World of Art ", but they are all organically fused into a single vivid and emotional flow - ceramics Natalia Savinova.

G. Gabriel


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Catalog "Keramika Leningrada il gardino dell atte", 1991, Bologna, Italy (in Italian lang.)
Booklet Gallery STANBET, 1992, Moscow.

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Savinova Natalia Glebovna, photo, biography
Savinova Natalia Glebovna, photo, biography Savinova Natalia Glebovna  Artist, photo, biography
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